Yu Ishigami vs Medaka Kurokami

Ishigami may have gotten away with slacking off for a while but Medaka runs a right ship on her student council so you can bet that it would be stopped pretty quickly. She doesn’t mind having a little fun though and ultimately would be able to maximize Ishigami’s usefulness to the group. It’s why she’s a terrific boss but in a fight he stands absolutely no chance. He would be getting crushed the moment that the fight started. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Dawner vs Yu Ishigami

Dawner is one of those heroes you feel bad for because he tries his best to save the day but nobody really appreciates him. This puts the guy in a rather rough spot all the time but he never loses hope. He has even more conviction than Yu Ishigami if you ask me. This guy has good sword skills and speed so he should be able to easily get in there and take Yu out with a decisive blow. Dawner wins.

Yu Ishigami vs Caillou

Caillou is back to get beaten up some more. I’m afraid that he just isn’t ready to take a big win here. Yu has a lot of video game knowledge and while he may not be the toughest guy physically, he can hold his own as needed. Ishigami always strives to improve himself more and more over the years while Caillou has always been very static. Caillou hasn’t increased his power level in a while now. Yu Ishigami wins.