Yato vs Dawner

Yato is one of those main characters who is pretty strong but often forgotten about. He has a good sense of humor and makes the most of his scenes though. Ultimately I think Dawner will be on the back foot here. He has some good sword skills and is certainly no quitter but you need more than that in order to beat someone like Yato. Yato can keep moving at high speeds and dishing out damage like it’s nobody’s business. His combos are much too deadly and Dawner may as well give up because he’s not stopping the first strike. Yato wins.

Dawner vs Yu Ishigami

Dawner is one of those heroes you feel bad for because he tries his best to save the day but nobody really appreciates him. This puts the guy in a rather rough spot all the time but he never loses hope. He has even more conviction than Yu Ishigami if you ask me. This guy has good sword skills and speed so he should be able to easily get in there and take Yu out with a decisive blow. Dawner wins.