Yato vs Goku

Goku is the kind of character who surpasses the gods in his verse with sheer training and ability. So Yato’s title won’t scare him in the slightest. Goku’s not the kind of guy to back down at all and he continues to grow stronger and stronger. Yato will have his hands full just trying to keep up with him. Once Goku goes all out then even that much will be impossible. Goku wins.

Yato vs Dawner

Yato is one of those main characters who is pretty strong but often forgotten about. He has a good sense of humor and makes the most of his scenes though. Ultimately I think Dawner will be on the back foot here. He has some good sword skills and is certainly no quitter but you need more than that in order to beat someone like Yato. Yato can keep moving at high speeds and dishing out damage like it’s nobody’s business. His combos are much too deadly and Dawner may as well give up because he’s not stopping the first strike. Yato wins.

Wesley Gibson vs Yato

Wesley Gibson has some superhuman abilities but he’s not quite ready to take down someone like Yato with them. Yaot is a god of calamity with abilities far beyond someone like Wesley. His pure speed and technique will leave Gibson in the dust. Bullets aren’t going to be particularly effective against Yato’s defenses either. No matter how you slice it, the match will be over quick. Yato wins.

Lan Di vs Yato

Lan Di is an excellent hand to hand fighter and his martial art skills would impress even the most advanced of fighters. That said, Yato still has all the tools that he needs to win this fight. His attack power is considerably greater than Lan Di’s and he’s also faster. The difference in pure skill doesn’t become a factor because their physical stat difference is just too great. This is why Yato takes this round. Yato wins.