Himeno vs Emma

Emma is skilled with a gun but that won’t be enough to defeat a Magical Girl. Himeno has various elemental abilities at her disposal such as ice, wind, fire, and more. Emma can’t deal with a supernatural opponent like that and doesn’t have any real experience against aerial opponents. Himeno will be able to easily dodge any bullets shot at her and then retaliate with her incredible abilities. At that point there’s not much that can be done to stop her abilities from triumphing in the end. Himeno wins.

Katrielle Layton vs Emma

Katrielle Layton returns here but she’s definitely not a match for Emma. Emma may be a lot younger than Katrielle but she lived in a much more dangerous environment. You had to fight in order to survive and that’s exactly what Emma did. She knows how to use a gun and can move quite fast. Katrielle won’t be able to keep up and her detective work won’t impress Emma. Emma has always hung out with geniuses after all and is fairly intelligent herself to keep up with them. Emma wins.