Steel Massimo vs Terminator

Suggested by Sonic Steel Massimo may not be the fastest member of X’s team, but he does have a ton of raw power. He can fire off massive energy blasts through his axe which will very quickly overwhelm the Terminator. Terminator has more defense and attack power than a normal human but it isn’t at the level of a reploid. Steel Massimo wins.

Steel Massimo vs Goku

Suggested by Dende Steel Massimo is a pretty tough guy. In Command Mission he was always a valuable guy to have on your squad because of how he could end anyone with an energy blast from his axe. He’s not anywhere close to being fast enough to keep up with Goku here though. His power just won’t make a difference if he can’t even land a hit on the Saiyan after all. Goku’s just on a completely different level and it shows here. Goku wins.

Steel Massimo vs Demogoblin

Suggested by Sonic Steel Massimo may not be as fast as the other X characters but he can deal massive damage. One direct hit would likely take Demogoblin down for the count. Demogoblin will need to stay from long distance and throw his pumpkin bombs but due to Massimo’s high durability it will take a long time for those to do much. In the end Massimo will definitely get his hit eventually thanks to all of his energy blasts. Once they connect that’s when it will be game over for the goblin. Steel Massimo wins.

Steel Massimo vs Haxorus

Suggested by Anonymous Haxorus is a Pokémon with a really cool design. He can strike from up close or afar with a variety of energy based attacks. Haxorus definitely has the edge in speed here, but for once I don’t think it will be quite enough. Massimo’s intense defense will still just be too much for him. Massimo can take a lot of hits and his attacks have a wide range so I don’t have any doubts on him eventually being able to land a decisive blow. Massimo won’t need to land many hits to win this one. Steel Massimo wins.

Steel Massimo vs Mongul

Steel Massimo has his axe and his beams. His most formidable power of course is his beam. With it not even Mongul’s safe! Mongul may be powerful, but in the end his brute strength won’t be the clincher. It’s his telekinesis that helps him win the day. He can send Massimo’s beam right back at him. Mongul wins.

Freddy Krueger vs Steel Massimo

Freddy Krueger is a very scary being….for humans! Steel Massimo fears no being as weak as Freddy Krueger. Freddy Krueger takes a loss in this battle. He doesn’t have the power needed to take down Freddy Krueger. Freddy Krueger drops down the rankings while Steel Massimo rises. Steel Massimo wins.

Marino vs Steel Massimo

Steel Massimo is back for his final fight of the arc. Marino is much quicker than Steel Massimo and would be able to attack him dozens of times before he could swing back. Steel Massimo is much stronger than Marino, but strength doesn’t always win. Marino wins.

Steel Massimo vs Redips

Steel Massimo is back for one of his final matches. He may be a tough opponent, but Redips outranks him. Redips was able to take on Zero and X, so Massimo has no hope against him. Redips wins, but he’ll keep coming back to get more and more wins. Redips wins.

Megaman X vs Steel Massimo

Steel Massimo has an axe and with it he can try to take down Megaman X. Of course it won’t work because Megaman X is too fast and powerful. Even if Steel Massimo somehow got a hit in Megaman X would just get up again and finish off Steel Massimo. Megaman X wins.