Steel Massimo vs Demogoblin

Suggested by Sonic Steel Massimo may not be as fast as the other X characters but he can deal massive damage. One direct hit would likely take Demogoblin down for the count. Demogoblin will need to stay from long distance and throw his pumpkin bombs but due to Massimo’s high durability it will take a long time for those to do much. In the end Massimo will definitely get his hit eventually thanks to all of his energy blasts. Once they connect that’s when it will be game over for the goblin. Steel Massimo wins.

Demogoblin vs Batwoman

Suggested by Destroyer Batwoman is a very talented hand to hand fighter with a lot of gadgets up her sleeve. If she can find a way to get some good hits on Demogoblin with a shock batarang or something like that then she has a shot. Otherwise he will definitely overwhelm her with his brute strength and speed. I just don’t think she will really have an answer against him. Demogoblin’s stats are too high and creativity can only take you so far in a fight. Eventually it will run out and your abilities will be the deciding factor. Demogoblin wins.

Demogoblin vs Lazerman

Demogoblin is a pretty fierce fighter! With one good attack he can take down many opponents. Lazerman has the massive speed advantage, but Demogoblin may have more tricks up his sleeve. Either way Lazerman takes this round. His beams are too much for Demogoblin to take. Lazerman wins.

Demogoblin vs Green Goblin

Green Goblin has his Iron Patriot armor and with it he can pwn a lot. His beams are just far too powerful for Demogoblin. Demogoblin just doesn’t have the power to win this round. Green Goblin is just too powerful. With this win he rises up the ranks and shows the world who the true goblin is! Green Goblin wins.

Gladiator vs Demogoblin

Things had really been rough for Gladiator for a while. After 4 straight losses who wouldn’t feel down. Well no more! Gladiator comes back for his first win. Demogoblin is a tough fighter, but Gladiator’s proven himself to be a match for Thor! Demogoblin could never do that on his best day. Gladiator wins.

Demogoblin vs Scorcher

Demogoblin has his intense abilities that give him enough power to take down Scorcher. Scorcher has his fire, but Demogoblin can shoot fire. Not to mention that Demogoblin has a glider that moves at pretty impressive speeds. Scorcher takes a loss in this battle. Demogoblin wins.

Ethan Hunt vs Demogoblin

Ethan Hunt is an agent who knows his stuff. With his gun skills even Demogoblin may think twice about attacking Ethan Hunt in hand to hand combat. Of course all Demogoblin needs is to throw an explosive and Ethan Hunt is down for the count. Ethan Hunt is just not strong enough to win. Demogoblin wins.

Demogoblin vs Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown is one of those guys who won’t stay down. No matter how many losses he gets he’ll always come back and take another shot at winning. Of course he won’t be able to take on Demogoblin. Demogoblin is far too powerful. Demogoblin finally gets himself higher in the blog. Demogoblin wins.