Gladiator vs Hulk

Suggested by Sonic The Hulk is a powerful foe to be sure and one of the most intense beings to ever walk the Marvel universe. He’s got no shot against the Gladiator though. Gladiator has super speed and can fly, two attributes that make him significantly more of a threat to Hulk than the other way around. Sure, Hulk in his strongest versions is more powerful than Gladiator but his speed is never on the same tier. Gladiator will absolutely speedblitz him all the way through to the end. Gladiator wins.

Mirage vs Gladiator

Suggested by Sonic Mirage may have given Batman a run for his money a while back but the guy has been defeated by humans in the past. Gladiator should have no problem subduing this guy with a single punch. They just aren’t in the same league so Gladiator won’t have to try very hard. At least for Mirage this will be over in an instant. Gladiator wins.

Phobos (Starfighter) vs Gladiator

Suggested by iKnowledge Gladiator is an incredibly powerful fighter. While his insane power was only shown briefly in the original X-Men TV show, the guy has consistently proved to be one of Marvel’s strongest fighters. He’s taken Thor down on multiple occasions after all. Phobos is a good strategist and has a solid ship but there’s nothing he can really do here against Gladiator. He’s outmatched in both speed and power which is a deadly combination. Gladiator wins.

Obito vs Gladiator

Suggested by iKnowledge Gladiator is a pretty powerful guy. The fact that he was able to lift the Juggernaut and throw him so far is pretty impressive to be sure. His raw strength is out of this world, but Obito won’t let that become a factor. Obito is much faster than Gladiator could ever hope to be and has a whole arsenal of energy attacks at his disposal to keep the fighter at bay. Gladiator won’t be able to even get close without taking massive damage here. That puts him in a sticky situation right from the start and the match will only get harder from there. Obito wins.

All for One vs Gladiator

Suggested by iKnowledge Gladiator is a powerful fighter who once managed to defeat the Juggernaut. In the comics he has also held his own against Thor in the past so he shouldn’t be underestimated. That being said, All For One has taken on All Might in the past. He has many different abilities, all of which would prove troublesome for Gladiator. Gladiator’s speed and power will let him put up a pretty good fight, but in the end All For One will have an answer to every possible attack pattern and a counter attack to go with it. Eventually the hits will take their toll. All For One wins.

Black Bolt vs Gladiator

Now Black Bolt is facing an opponent who is really in the same weight class. Both of these fighters have battled powerful opponents. Looking at their fights against Thor as an example, we can see who wins this round. Of course, that’s not really how I would judge the match, but I still believe that Gladiator would be able to win. He can overwhelm Black Bolt with his speed and his defense is high enough that he would likely be able to withstand Black Bolt’s vocal attacks. Gladiator is pretty underrated compared to his rivals in Hyperion and Sentry. He may not be quite as powerful as those two..maybe, but he’s still a very powerful fighter. Gladiator wins.

Titanosaurus vs Gladiator

Titanosaurus is back, but this is a quick loss for him. He doesn’t quite have the power of Gladiator behind him now does he? Gladiator is much faster and stronger than Titanosaurus and beats him rather easily. Titanosaurus will be back and hopefully he’ll get some more wins in the future. Gladiator wins.

Gladiator vs Demogoblin

Things had really been rough for Gladiator for a while. After 4 straight losses who wouldn’t feel down. Well no more! Gladiator comes back for his first win. Demogoblin is a tough fighter, but Gladiator’s proven himself to be a match for Thor! Demogoblin could never do that on his best day. Gladiator wins.