Father vs All For One

Suggested by Destroyer Father has impressive abilities which stem from his alchemy but this will not be enough to take All For One out. Ultimately All For One can definitely outlast Father while also completely overwhelming him in pure power and speed. Father’s stamina isn’t as good and regen can only help you get so far. If he had some better close combat techniques he may have stood a chance but he’s definitely on the losing side here. All For One wins.

All For One vs Victor

Suggested by Destroyer Victor is powerful and looked really impressive during the Buso Renkin series. That said, I don’t believe he would be able to squeeze this win out. He has a lot of strength but ultimately didn’t show anything to suggest that it would be enough to overwhelm AFO. AFO can handle a level of speed pretty well with how he fought All Might and he has enough stamina to stay in the fight until he wins. All For One wins.

All For One vs Ginjo

Suggested by Destroyer All For One is back but he’s up against an incredibly powerful opponent in Ginjo. The fact that this guy was able to hold his own against Ichigo for a little while there is crazy. His speed and power are both leagues ahead of anything AFO would be able to do. AFO would not be able to defend against this level of attack of dodge them. In every major category Ginjo has the edge here and it’ll be difficult for AFO to bridge the gap. Ginjo wins.

All For One vs Shishio

Suggested by Destroyer All For One is a pretty powerful fighter and we’ve really seen what he can do against the strongest fighters in his verse. As good as Shishio’s sword skills are, there’s still no way that he would be able to take AFO down. AFO’s barriers would block his strikes and his air bullets are fast enough to tag Shishio and knock him down for the count. Good skills just aren’t enough to make up for the difference in abilities here. All For One wins.

All for One vs Gladiator

Suggested by iKnowledge Gladiator is a powerful fighter who once managed to defeat the Juggernaut. In the comics he has also held his own against Thor in the past so he shouldn’t be underestimated. That being said, All For One has taken on All Might in the past. He has many different abilities, all of which would prove troublesome for Gladiator. Gladiator’s speed and power will let him put up a pretty good fight, but in the end All For One will have an answer to every possible attack pattern and a counter attack to go with it. Eventually the hits will take their toll. All For One wins.

All For One vs Orochimaru

Suggested by Destroyer All For One is a powerful villain from MHA and he can even stop someone as strong as All Might. Orochimaru is very talented, but physical strength isn’t really his forte. He won’t be able to break through All For One’s defenses and he also won’t be fast enough to dodge the villain’s attacks for long. Before you know it the snake will be down for the count. All For One wins.

All For One vs Zabuza

Suggested by Destroyer All For One has returned and this time he is gearing up for a win. Zabuza is a fairly skilled fighter who debuted in the first arc of Naruto, but still stayed relevant after that. He is at a disadvantage here though since there is no way for him to react to All For One’s onslaught of abilities. All For One has too many tricks up his sleeve and Zabuza will be hard pressed to counter almost any of them. All For One wins.

All For One vs Boros

Suggested by Destroyer All For One is an incredibly powerful villain who took All Might to the brink of defeat. This villain possesses many different quirks which makes him hard to manage. Still, brute strength is ultimately enough to shatter any kind of special ability if one possesses enough of it and Boros has power left to spare. He can zip all around All For One in an instant and his punches will break through all of this guy’s shields. There are few forces that can stop Boros and All For One is not one of them. Boros wins.