Omega Shenron vs Boros

Suggested by Sonic Omega Shenron is a being of incredible power. For a while he was the strongest villain in Dragon Ball history. While he no longer holds that title, the guy is still strong enough to defeat Boros. Boros has incredible speed but definitely lacks the raw power that Omega Shenron possesses. In a battle of endurance Boros may have the slight edge with his regeneration but that assumes both fighters are hitting each other equally which will not be the case here. Omega Shenron wins.

Dimaria Yesta vs Boros

Dimaria can fire a lot of lasers and one of super forms reminded me of Boros a bit so I figured it was a perfect match. When you compare their respective power levels though then it’s no match. Boros can kick someone all the way to the Moon and he gave Saitama a really good fight. It’s hard to see Dimaria managing to keep pace with him at all. Boros will be controlling the tempo of this fight from the very beginning. I don’t expect he’ll even need his Meteoric Burst technique but it never hurts to have it on standby. Boros wins.

All For One vs Boros

Suggested by Destroyer All For One is an incredibly powerful villain who took All Might to the brink of defeat. This villain possesses many different quirks which makes him hard to manage. Still, brute strength is ultimately enough to shatter any kind of special ability if one possesses enough of it and Boros has power left to spare. He can zip all around All For One in an instant and his punches will break through all of this guy’s shields. There are few forces that can stop Boros and All For One is not one of them. Boros wins.

Boros vs Esdeath

Suggested by Random Esdeath is a powerful foe whose speed is fairly good and her mastery of ice is very impressive. However, the villains in One Punch Man have a tendency to be fairly strong and Lord Boros is at the top of the food chain. His speed and power are off the charts to the point where Esdeath will have a hard time reacting to Boros at all. The difference in their physical abilities will prove to be too much in the end and that’s not even considering the fact that Boros could return someday in a stronger form. Boros wins.

Superman vs Boros

Superman’s finally back to fight another power hitter, but this won’t go very well for him. Lord Boros is a villain from the One Punch Man series and that title likes to be as extreme as possible. It’s essentially a parody of Marvel and DC or even of Shonen Jump as well. Characters are just insanely strong for the lolz and it reminds me a little of Toriko in that sense. Either way, Lord Boros would crush Superman physically and his speed is on a whole different level. Superman has the feats, but Lord Boros has the practical combat applications. I don’t see Superman lasting very long here at all. Boros wins.

Boros vs Bass

No big villain debut would be right without Bass at the ready. Lord Boros is exceptionally strong and his physical attacks should be strong enough to possible faze Bass for an instant. That being said, Bass can continue to get stronger and stronger to the point where Boros would not be a problem and I also consider the difference in speed between the two to be far too extreme. Boros is certainly fast, but he is simply not fast enough. A few high speed barrages from Bass should be enough to end the fight. Bass wins.