Omega Shenron vs Boros

Suggested by Sonic Omega Shenron is a being of incredible power. For a while he was the strongest villain in Dragon Ball history. While he no longer holds that title, the guy is still strong enough to defeat Boros. Boros has incredible speed but definitely lacks the raw power that Omega Shenron possesses. In a battle of endurance Boros may have the slight edge with his regeneration but that assumes both fighters are hitting each other equally which will not be the case here. Omega Shenron wins.

Omega Shenron vs Gemini Spark

Suggested by Destroyer Well, I like Omega Shenron as much as the next guy, but he is definitely pretty overpowered. I can’t really see him needing to do much to stop Gemini Spark since he is considerably faster and stronger. He can erase universes after all and while Spark is a pretty good fighter in his own right, he still won’t be able to claim victory here. He will witness true power. Omega Shenron wins.

Omega Shenron vs Esdeath

Esdeath is back, but she’s in way over her head if she thinks that Omega Shenron is a foe who she can defeat. A single blast from this dragon would obliterate her in an instant and he’s also many times faster than her. The match wouldn’t even last half a second, which shows you just how wide the gap is between these two fighters. There are few who can defeat this villain. Omega Shenron wins.

Omega Shenron vs Flashman

Flashman is one of the stronger EXE villains from the anime, but he’s still no match for Omega Shenron. Omega Shenron is the final villain of Dragon Ball GT and he can end solar systems in the blink of an eye. This poses a major problem for Flashman since the thunder navi doesn’t have enough speed to dodge such a fate. Unfortunately, this means that his fate is sealed. Omega Shenron wins.

Omega Shenron vs Vile

Omega Shenron is one of the strongest Dragon Ball characters to ever appear! With one shot he could end all life in the solar system and not even Vile could defeat him. Vile has a pretty good arsenal at his disposal, but it won’t be enough to damage Omega Shenron. Omega Shenron is also far too fast to really be hit by him. Omega Shenron wins.

Omega Shenron vs Buu

Omega Shenron is known as a pretty powerful character and he was taking on Super Saiyan 4 Goku which is a feat in itself. Buu easily has the better regeneration and I’d also say that he’s a better fighter. Omega Shenron may be physically stronger (maybe) but I don’t think that he can win this round. Buu wins.

Omega Shenron vs Goku

Goku has one last shadow dragon to defeat! Of course, this time it’s the legendary Omega Shenron! Omega Shenron is extremely powerful and was even taking on Super Saiyan 4 Goku with ease! Of course Gogeta SSJ4 is far too powerful for him.

Omega Shenron couldn’t even keep up with Gogeta SSJ4’s speed when he wasn’t figting seriously! In an all out fight Omega Shenron would get blown away by Goku. Goku is just superior to him in fighting ability. Omega Shenron will be back, but Goku takes this match. Goku wins.

Nuova Shenron vs Omega Shenron

Nuova Shenron was always one of the strongest Shadow Dragons! Second only to Omega Shenron in overall ability Nuova Shenron knows how to fight with the best of them! He may lose this match to Omega Shenron, but he will be back and he will be getting some wins! Omega Shenron is just too powerful to lose this round and ends his part of the arc with a win! Omega Shenron wins.

Eis Shenron vs Omega Shenron

Eis Shenron makes his blog debut! He never got much of a chance to show his full abilities, but he was definitely an extremely powerful fighter! Of course Omega Shenron brings new meaning to the word tough! With his speed and power Eis Shenron probably wouldn’t be able to stand against him for long. Omega Shenron wins.

Haze Shenron vs Omega Shenron

Haze Shenron makes his blog debut! Omega Shenron has been taking down a lot of opponents lately and Haze Shenron is no different! Omega Shenron outranks him in pretty much all of the stats that count. Haze Shenron will be back, but with all of the tough characters out there things could get dicey for him. Omega Shenron wins.