Omega Shenron vs Buu

Omega Shenron is known as a pretty powerful character and he was taking on Super Saiyan 4 Goku which is a feat in itself. Buu easily has the better regeneration and I’d also say that he’s a better fighter. Omega Shenron may be physically stronger (maybe) but I don’t think that he can win this round. Buu wins.

Update 1/18/2023: Omega Shenron has his Dragon Ball Heroes mode which exceeds the power of Kid Buu. Kid Buu’s regen will no longer be enough. Omega Shenron wins.


4 thoughts on “Omega Shenron vs Buu

  1. you joking right? Kid it took a super spirit bomb getting energy from earth neo namek and king yemma place, while Omega was an ultra super spirit bomb with the energy of the whole universe, kid buu aint even strongest buu and vegito base would be more than enough to vaporize him while buuhan need it super vegito and omega survived Big Bang Kamehameha of freaking gogeta ssj4. So Omega negs

    • Composite is really what gives Buu he win though. I agree that Omega Shenron would crush DBZ Buu for sure but after that he got his Heroes incarnation where he got a huge power up with the dark dragon balls. Omega Shenron got a dark mode as well but we didn’t get to see much out of it. I do think it’s a really close fight though

      • Well if is Demon Dark Kid buu with Dabura absorbed he one shots GT omega but if his Dark Omega Shenron he still got the dub I mean it took Xeno Gogeta ssj4 limit breaker while Dabura Dark Kid Buu was around Gohanks Ssj

      • You know that’s a fair point. I’ve just overturned the match and updated both of their records respectively. Omega Shenron does scale higher now so he takes the W here

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