Father vs All For One

Suggested by Destroyer Father has impressive abilities which stem from his alchemy but this will not be enough to take All For One out. Ultimately All For One can definitely outlast Father while also completely overwhelming him in pure power and speed. Father’s stamina isn’t as good and regen can only help you get so far. If he had some better close combat techniques he may have stood a chance but he’s definitely on the losing side here. All For One wins.

Yuji Itadori vs Father

Yuji Itadori is a powerful sorcerer who’s got enough hand to hand skills to tackle many foes. While Father got a pretty powerful body towards the end of the series, I wouldn’t say it was anything nearly durable enough to withstand a barrage from Yuji for very long. Father also isn’t fast enough to keep up with the blows so he will quickly be overwhelmed. Yuji Itadori wins.