Yuji Itadori vs Yusuke

Yuji and Yusuke are both street brawlers. They know how to fight due to their experience in these matches and have continued to hone their abilities through the years. While Yuji continues to grow stronger, at this point he isn’t quite ready to deal with Yusuke. Yusuke’s demonic aura and abilities currently outmatch that of Yuji’s and I see no way for the guy to block the spirit gun. Yusuke wins.

Yuji Itadori vs Choso

Choso is a pretty good fighter but Yuji should have the edge here. His Divergent fist is hard to stop and the guy is just crazy in terms of physical power. There aren’t many who can match Yuji blow for blow. His speed will let him dodge most attacks and he continues to get stronger with each fight. Choso’s just out of luck here. Yuji Itadori wins.

Yuji Itadori vs Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi is a powerful fighter with a lot of useful summons but he won’t be able to take on Yuji. Yuji’s a powerful close quarters fighter which will always have the edge over someone like Megumi who has to rely on his summons. To his credit, Megumi can fight pretty well up close compared to most summon specialists, but he’s still completely outmatched by Yuji in that area. Yuji Itadori wins.

Yuji Itadori vs Nobara Kugisaki

Yuji and Nobara are both skilled Jujutsu sorcerers but of course only one can ultimately claim victory here. While Nobara’s screws can land a 1 hit KO if things go just right, Yuji’s speed won’t let this happen. He’s also much better in close quarter combat situations so he will be able to force a battle in a pretty bad situation for Nobara. At that point victory is in the bag. Yuji Itadori wins.

Yuji Itadori vs Father

Yuji Itadori is a powerful sorcerer who’s got enough hand to hand skills to tackle many foes. While Father got a pretty powerful body towards the end of the series, I wouldn’t say it was anything nearly durable enough to withstand a barrage from Yuji for very long. Father also isn’t fast enough to keep up with the blows so he will quickly be overwhelmed. Yuji Itadori wins.