Nobara Kugisaki vs Alisa Boskonovitch

Suggested by Sonic Alisa is a strong hand to hand fighter who can also zip around thanks to her boosters and even has some super strength. That makes her a formidable foe but Nobara has tackled stronger opponents. Nobara’s attacks are exceptionally hard to dodge and while she could be overwhelmed in a close combat battle, her cursed techniques will bridge the gap here. I don’t see her allowing Alisa to make this a fight that she can’t win. Nobara Kugisaki wins.

Megumi Fushiguro vs Nobara Kugisaki

Suggested by Super Saiyan These two may be fierce allies but in a fight who would really come out on top? Well, right now I would have to give this to Megumi. He’s got too many different ways to attack which are all counters to Nobara’s fighting style. She is best suited to 1 on 1 fights with how her nails work while Megumi can attack from all sides with his summons and close quarter techniques. She is fast enough to block some hits but not enough to stay in the game while he only needs one good hit to get her screws away. He’s too powerful at this point. Megumi Fushiguro wins.

Yuji Itadori vs Nobara Kugisaki

Yuji and Nobara are both skilled Jujutsu sorcerers but of course only one can ultimately claim victory here. While Nobara’s screws can land a 1 hit KO if things go just right, Yuji’s speed won’t let this happen. He’s also much better in close quarter combat situations so he will be able to force a battle in a pretty bad situation for Nobara. At that point victory is in the bag. Yuji Itadori wins.

Nobara Kugisaki vs Rawhide Kid

The Rawhide Kid is a great shot but I don’t think he’s quite ready for this round. Nobara’s curse abilities will be a touch matchup for him since she can keep spamming those which will keep his guns busy. Once she’s within range it’ll be game over since a single hit from her hammer would prove fatal. Her speed is what grants her a big edge here. Nobara Kugisaki wins.