All For One vs Victor

Suggested by Destroyer Victor is powerful and looked really impressive during the Buso Renkin series. That said, I don’t believe he would be able to squeeze this win out. He has a lot of strength but ultimately didn’t show anything to suggest that it would be enough to overwhelm AFO. AFO can handle a level of speed pretty well with how he fought All Might and he has enough stamina to stay in the fight until he wins. All For One wins.

Victor vs Bass

Victor is back. His super speed and strength are to be feared, but Bass can handle anything that Victor can throw his way. Bass is just far too powerful and his abilities are limitless. There are none that can take him down when he’s trying. Soon Bass will crack 1000 wins. Victor will be back someday. Bass wins.

Scar vs Victor

Well Victor rose, but now that he’s temprarily gone where no mortals can go he must be dropped. This time it’s by Scar since he’s badly in need of some wins. Victor’s super saiyan can’t save him now. Scar wins.

Well, now I’m leaning towards Victor. He’s a more impressive fighter. Victor wins.