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Hydreigon vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Hydreigon is a pretty fun Pokemon, but he is definitely out of his league against Redips. Redips has a powerful super form which made him one of the strongest X characters out there. His onslaught of lasers and special abilities would completely crush Hydreigon before long. Redips also has a solid defense so no amount of counter attacks will be enough to defeat him. You just can’t stop the commander! Redips wins.

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Space Godzilla vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Space Godzilla is a very powerful Kaiju. It can’t be denied that this guy could literally step on a bunch of the fighters from this site and win matches that way. Still, it will not be enough to take down someone like Redips. Redips turned out to be one of the strongest Mega Man X villains and the guy is a tactical genius. He can just blast Space Godzilla to smithereens. While the Kaiju is huge, that size will be his downfall here. Redips wins.