Redips vs Emerl

Suggested by Sonic Emerl has a lot of different abilities that he has stockpiled over the years. This makes him a difficult opponent to take down, but Redips is the man for the job. His durability is enough to negate almost all of Emerl’s attacks. His offensive range is also great so even with Emerl’s speed he will have a tough time dodging for very long. Redips wins.

Necrozma vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous This is definitely a pretty tricky one. On one hand Necrozma is pretty strong and can even corrupt Pokemon with a single touch. He has a lot of unbelievable power although I’m not too impressed with his speed. That’s something Redips is lacking as well. As a result this comes down to their raw power and that’s where Redips has the edge. His final form has automatic healing regeneration as well as a full onslaught of lasers. I don’t think Necrozma is ready to handle such an opponent and would be overwhelmed by that power. Redips wins.

Redips vs Tracey

Suggested by Anonymous Tracey has always wanted to have a good time as he hangs out with his Pokemon. Being a Pokemon Master doesn’t interest him and that’s good because I don’t think he would have been able to accomplish that goal. Still, Tracey is reasonably skilled in his own right. While I don’t think he would be a match for Redips or anything like that, perhaps he would put up a good fight. The issue here is that Redips has too many large scale attacks so even numbers won’t be enough to help Tracey win. Redips wins.

Sephiroth vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Redips is an incredibly powerful Maverick. He was the final boss of Command Mission which speaks a great deal to his power in itself. His speed may not be great but his durability is out of this world. Meanwhile Sephiroth excels in all stats, but his speed is his greatest strength. It all comes down to whether or not you think his slashes would be able to pierce through Redip’s armor. I believe it would be able to and as a result there is no way Sephiroth doesn’t win this match. He is positioned perfectly to do so. Sephiroth wins.

Smithy vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Smithy is a fairly well known Mario villain who has a pretty cool design. The guy can fight well enough, but his specs aren’t nearly as high as Redips. In his final form Redips has enough power to use the Giga elemental attacks and any one of those would cause massive damage to Smithy. I just don’t see how he would be able to stand up to Redips for very long. Redips can crush him with physical power or use his energy abilities. Either one works. Redips wins.

Lance vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Redips is the final boss of Command Mission and so he is definitely powerful. The guy was basically a cosmic threat by the end and he is able to heal as well as use elemental attacks. One on one it is hard to stop him, but Lance has a powerful army of dragons at his disposal. I think they could actually manage to notch out a win here. Redips has great power, but he’s lacking in speed. Lance’s army would whittle down his health slowly but surely and then they would be able to claim victory. Lance wins.

Redips vs Mr Patch

Suggested by Anonymous Mr Patch is a villain from the Banjo and Kazooie games. He’s a pretty neat antagonist and a reasonable fighter. He has some super strength and the sheer size of Mr Patch is enough to cause most enemies to back it up. Redips is considerably larger than Patch though and has a large array of lasers at his disposal. A few quick blasts will be enough to end things here and I doubt Patch would even get close enough to land a hit. Redips wins.

Giselle (Pokemon) vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Giselle is definitely a trainer who doesn’t back down from a challenge. She’s a fierce competitor, but that won’t be enough to take down Redips. Redips is a commanding figure who really took X and Zero to their utmost limits. They really had a tough time dealing with him and he has enough offensive capabilities to ensure that Giselle never even gets close to securing a victory here. Redips wins.

Hydreigon vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Hydreigon is a pretty fun Pokemon, but he is definitely out of his league against Redips. Redips has a powerful super form which made him one of the strongest X characters out there. His onslaught of lasers and special abilities would completely crush Hydreigon before long. Redips also has a solid defense so no amount of counter attacks will be enough to defeat him. You just can’t stop the commander! Redips wins.

Space Godzilla vs Redips

Suggested by Anonymous Space Godzilla is a very powerful Kaiju. It can’t be denied that this guy could literally step on a bunch of the fighters from this site and win matches that way. Still, it will not be enough to take down someone like Redips. Redips turned out to be one of the strongest Mega Man X villains and the guy is a tactical genius. He can just blast Space Godzilla to smithereens. While the Kaiju is huge, that size will be his downfall here. Redips wins.