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Officer Jenny vs Marino

Suggested by Anonymous Jenny’s Pokemon are considerably more powerful than Joy’s, but on the other hand Marino is a lot stronger than Cinnamon so it balances out. Marino is incredibly fast and her beam knives are the perfect weapon to use to take down multiple opponents at once. What this means is that Jenny is in a serious pickle here. I wouldn’t count her out right away because she will put up a fight, but ultimately her Pokemon just aren’t quite strong enough. Marino wins.

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Marino vs Rouge

Marino’s personality is pretty similar to Rouge’s as they are both thiefs. That being said, Marino is a reploid and her abilities are all naturally enhanced. Rouge has various bombs at her disposal and she’s a master at hand to hand combat, but it won’t be enough. Marino’s laser blade will be able to deal lethal blows that will end the round. Marino wins.