Napalmman vs Axl

Suggested by Sonic Napalmman has an incredible amount of explosives at his disposal and it shouldn’t be very difficult for him to overwhelm Axl with these attacks at least if they had equal speed. Unfortunately for him Axl is fast enough to dodge these attacks and also has a barrier that can deflect some of these moves. Napalmman is completely reliant on his projectiles so once those are over then it’s game over for him. Axl wins.

Axl vs Yoshi

Suggested by Anonymous Yoshi is one of Mario’s most loyal companions. He’s always ready to help out and isn’t a half bad fighter when necessary. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to deal with Axl quite yet. Axl is an excellent shot and has super strength and speed by virtue of being a reploid. Yoshi can throw eggs but Axl would shoot them all down. Yoshi’s attack options would be very limited here and they just wouldn’t be enough to win. Axl wins.

Axel vs Axl

Axel is a pretty tough guy to fight against and he has a lot of weapons. However, Axl is a talented gunfighter and he has the edge in speed. Axel can hold his own in a fist fight, but Axl always has his guns to back him up as well as his shape shifting abilities. I’m going to have to give Axl the win on this one. Axl wins.

Bass vs Axl

Axl has his trusty gun, but even with it he can’t take down someone like Bass. Bass is just far too powerful to lose to any being. Not even Axl can take him down. Bass gets a big rank up with this win. He’s getting closer and closer to 200 wins. Once he makes it there things can get epic. Bass wins.