Axl vs Yoshi

Suggested by Anonymous Yoshi is one of Mario’s most loyal companions. He’s always ready to help out and isn’t a half bad fighter when necessary. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to deal with Axl quite yet. Axl is an excellent shot and has super strength and speed by virtue of being a reploid. Yoshi can throw eggs but Axl would shoot them all down. Yoshi’s attack options would be very limited here and they just wouldn’t be enough to win. Axl wins.

Axel vs Axl

Axel is a pretty tough guy to fight against and he has a lot of weapons. However, Axl is a talented gunfighter and he has the edge in speed. Axel can hold his own in a fist fight, but Axl always has his guns to back him up as well as his shape shifting abilities. I’m going to have to give Axl the win on this one. Axl wins.

Megaman X Command Mission Review

Megaman X Command Mission was a step in a brand new direction for the Megaman series. Instead of the traditional 2D gameplay, this installment used a turn based combat system. This game also marked one of the few times where Sigma was not seen at all. (Even Vile couldn’t make it) Without those heavy hitters the story could have gone south, but did it?

Before I talk about the story, let’s go into the gameplay. As I mentioned earlier, the gameplay is turn based, (Like Pokemon) but there are times when you need to input commands to maximize damage on your super attacks. You can also switch in and out with your characters during the battle depending on what strategy you are planing to use. It is easy to get the hang of the controls, but there is still a lot of strategy involved. One method of getting through the game is to just keep on leveling up over and over again until you can simply overpower the opponents. Another way is to just maximize the items that you possess and determine what the best team strategy could be. Either way the gameplay never gets repetitive and you’ll be content all the way through the game.

Animation wise, Command Mission still holds out pretty well. The character designs were well thought out and everything looks to be in place. The battles that take place during the cutscenes were greatly animated and there’s never any big animation errors or scenes where the animation drastically drops. Command Mission also features a pretty good soundtrack and it’s one of the more memorable ones in the Mega Man franchise.

Now it’s time to talk about the story. Command Mission had an incredible story and it was the highlight of the game. Megaman and co are sent to infiltrate Giga City and stop the maverick leader Epsilon. The heroes realize that this won’t be an easy task when they are ambushed by a group of very powerful mavericks. After the explosive beginning, the game starts to lose a little steam during the Massimo and Cinnamon chapters. Beyond that, the villains keep popping out of nowhere and their are many plot twists that occur. Epsilon definitely stood out as the coolest of the new characters, but Wild Jango and Scarface were also pretty excellent characters. The one flaw that I would have with the story, is that Megaman X and Zero seem to be very under powered. At this point in their career, they’ve already dealt with dozens of mavericks and they should be able to take on most of the newcomers with ease. Zero was actually losing to Mach Jentra, which is something that I find a little hard to believe. The rest of the plot makes up for this flaw and will definitely keep you eager to see what will happen next.

Mega Man X Command Mission is definitely one of the best Mega Man games to date. The gameplay was fun and the story was very exciting. I’d say that Command Mission was a great way to end the Megaman X saga and I would definitely recommend checking this game out.

Overall 8/10 Replay Value 6/10

Beat Game
Got Ultimate forms
Got Ultimate Weapons
Beat all Side Bosses
Got all Movies

Things to do
Get all Action Figures
Get all characters to level 99

Bass vs Axl

Axl has his trusty gun, but even with it he can’t take down someone like Bass. Bass is just far too powerful to lose to any being. Not even Axl can take him down. Bass gets a big rank up with this win. He’s getting closer and closer to 200 wins. Once he makes it there things can get epic. Bass wins.