Carmen Sandiego vs Rouge

Suggested by Sonic Carmen Sandiego is good at escaping anyone trying to catch her. She’s quite agile and even has her own share of gadgets. That being said, it will not be enough to stop Rouge here. Rouge is an excellent treasure hunter who is fast in her own right. Her hand to hand combat will be enough to stop Sandiego and physically her abilities are strong enough to get the job done. Sandiego won’t be able to keep up for long. Rouge wins.

Luna Platz vs Rouge

Suggested by Sonic Rouge is a skilled treasurer hunter as well as a close combat fighter. She would definitely have the edge over Luna when they are both in their normal modes. The issue for Rouge here is that Luna does have her fused form where she gains several abilities such as super strength and energy blasts. She can also summon snakes which probably wouldn’t help much but every bit adds up. Ultimately this will force Rouge on the defensive and she doesn’t have the striking power needed to turn the tables. Luna Platz wins.

Marino vs Rouge

Marino’s personality is pretty similar to Rouge’s as they are both thiefs. That being said, Marino is a reploid and her abilities are all naturally enhanced. Rouge has various bombs at her disposal and she’s a master at hand to hand combat, but it won’t be enough. Marino’s laser blade will be able to deal lethal blows that will end the round. Marino wins.

Rouge vs Xana

Rouge is a pretty skilled opponent. While she is not as fast as Sonic or as strong as Knuckles, Rouge is pretty capable in both of those areas and she’s a great all around fighter. Xana is tough as well, but he simply won’t be able to keep up with Rouge and he also wouldn’t be able to endure some of her stronger abilities. Rouge wins.

Knuckles vs Rouge

Knuckles has guarded the Master Emerald for a long time, but when it breaks (Which is often) Rouge tries to steal part of the Master Emerald. Because of this they have clashed in the past. Knuckles beat her then and he could beat her now. Knuckles is the stronger fighter and could beat her mildly easily. Rouge has hand to hand skills, but Knuckles super strength wins out on this day. Knuckles wins.

King Boo vs Rouge

King Boo has fireballs and a suit. He also has a….laser blast! Rouge has bombs and temporarily a chaos emerald. She also has a car, not to mention that she’s a pretty good treasure hunter. King Boo is doomed to lose this round, but maybe he’ll get some new feats someday. Rouge wins.