Luna Platz vs Rouge

Suggested by Sonic Rouge is a skilled treasurer hunter as well as a close combat fighter. She would definitely have the edge over Luna when they are both in their normal modes. The issue for Rouge here is that Luna does have her fused form where she gains several abilities such as super strength and energy blasts. She can also summon snakes which probably wouldn’t help much but every bit adds up. Ultimately this will force Rouge on the defensive and she doesn’t have the striking power needed to turn the tables. Luna Platz wins.

Luna Platz vs Megaman SF

Luna Platz is back, but she won’t be able to win this round! Megaman SF is far too powerful and with a single blast he can take many opponents down. There are few opponents that have been able to hold their own against Megaman SF in the past. He’s just too powerful. Megaman SF wins.

Luna Platz vs Harpnote

Harpnote has always assisted Megaman to the best of her abilities, but she doesn’t have that many good abilities. Luna Platz once merged with an alien being to obtain some decent power that let her surpass Harpnote. Luna Platz wins her first match over at the blog! Luna Platz wins.