Gooper Blooper vs King Boo

Suggested by Destroyer I like Gooper Blooper as much as the next guy. He is a strong monster from Mario Sunshine and still one of the coolest looking Mario monsters out there. He can attack from mid range, but King Boo’s crown blasts can fire from farther away and pack more of a punch. Dodging Blooper’s attacks will be easy since King Boo has intangibility at his disposal. King Boo wins.

Status Quo vs King Boo

Anyone remember the Status Quo? This guy was a pretty intense enemy of Howard The Duck and I had to admire his fighting spirit. This guy didn’t back down from anyone and it’s safe to say that his confidence is matched only by his raw power. That being said, King Boo can just hit Status Quo with a baseball bat or shoot a fireball at him. The Status Quo wouldn’t stand a chance. King Boo wins.

Howard Aguello vs King Boo

King Boo is pretty powerful and one good shot should be enough to take down Howard Aguello for good. Howard Aguello just doesn’t have enough skills to defeat someone like King Boo. King Boo has his giant bowser suit and with it he’s got some intense firepower. Howard Aguello won’t be able to stand up against it. King Boo wins.

Prince Haru vs King Boo

Prince Haru is back once again and now he’s up against one of Luigi’s strongest villains! Luigi may have been able to take King Boo down for the count, but can Prince Haru accomplish the same feat? I’m not so sure guys…I’m just not so sure. King Boo can fire lethal fireballs and that means that Prince Haru is going to face another loss. King Boo wins.

King Boo vs Chunk

King Boo has his fire balls, which can do some pretty intense damage. The Chunk has a gun, but King Boo has a powerful laser. One shot would probably take down the Chunk in an instant. King Boo recently appeared in Luigi’s Mansion 2, so it makes sense that he’d finally come back for a win. King Boo wins.

James Bond vs King Boo

King Boo has his fireballs and one good laser will be enough to knock James Bond for a loop! James Bond may have his gun at the ready, but in the end it’ll hardly be enough to stop the King of the Boos! James Bond put up a good fight, but he couldn’t win this round. King Boo wins.

Arthur vs King Boo

King Boo has his fireballs and with one good hit, he would take down Arthur. Arthur can run pretty fast and I’m pretty sure that he could land a good punch…actually I am sure! Arthur’s landed a pretty solid punch in the past and it was one that I’ll never forget. King Boo wins.

King Boo vs Luigi

King Boo is a tough cookie all right, but in the end he’s no match for Luigi. Luigi has thunder and other special abilities that would help him take down King Boo easy. King Boo may be a powerful warrior, but Luigi has the vaccum cleaner. King Boo and Luigi are archenemies, but like many rivalries the Hero is the one who stays at the top. King Boo will be back someday to pwn, but that time isn’t right now. Luigi wins.

King Boo vs Meddy

King Boo is back, but this time he’s fighting a pretty tough character. Meddy may not look like much of a fighter, but once she gets crackin she’s a dangerous opponent. King Boo has his fireballs, but they wouldn’t be enough to save himself. Meddy is just too powerful as she rises up the ranks with this win. Meddy wins.