Color Kid vs Judge Dredd

Suggested by Destroyer The Color Kid is back but Judge Dredd is not the kind of guy who holds back for any opponent. It doesn’t matter if the fighter is a kid like this guy or if he is a hardened fighter. Dredd’s going to go in and make this a quick fight either way. The Color Kid just wasn’t ready for this level of power. Judge Dredd wins.

Color Kid vs King Boo

Suggested by Destroyer The Color Kid doesn’t have much in the way of offensive abilities. He can change colors and such but how will that help in a fight? The short answer is that it won’t which is what will really put him in a tough pickle here. King Boo can easily fry this guy with a laser from afar and that will be the end of the match. King Boo wins.

Color Kid vs Bass

Color Kid us back once again! This time he’s up against the King of the Blog! BASS! Bass can destroy whole worlds with a casual energy ball. He can move much faster than light and is a master at hand to hand combat! Color Kid drops down the ranks with this loss, but he’ll probably be back! Bass wins.

Color Kid vs Leech

Color Kid makes his blog debut alongside Leech! These two are both not known as fighter and can’t fight too well making this a close fight! Color Kid has the size advantage in this fight and is probably a better hand to hand fighter. It’s close, but I’m giving this to Color Kid. Color Kid wins.