Judge Dredd vs Nancy Drew

This is a tribute to Dredd as well as Nancy Drew….Sharpshooter. . Judge Dredd definitely looked good here as he took out tons of fighters and wasn’t even breaking a sweat. Nobody could take him down and Nancy won’t be pulling this off either. Ultimately she gets distracted from her mission too much and doesn’t have the level of discipline that he has. Detective skills can only take you so far in a fight. Judge Dredd wins.

Mathias Lund-Helgesen vs Judge Dredd

This is a tribute to the Judge Dredd film. Dredd actually looked consistently good in this film. He may have ultimately been taken down by the corrupt laws at one point but he always got back up. In a fair fight he would easily crush Mathias in an instant. This wouldn’t even be much of a fight as one blast from his Shotgun should definitely do the trick. That will be game over. Judge Dredd wins.

Color Kid vs Judge Dredd

Suggested by Destroyer The Color Kid is back but Judge Dredd is not the kind of guy who holds back for any opponent. It doesn’t matter if the fighter is a kid like this guy or if he is a hardened fighter. Dredd’s going to go in and make this a quick fight either way. The Color Kid just wasn’t ready for this level of power. Judge Dredd wins.

Flaming Carrot vs Judge Dredd

Suggested by Destroyer The Flaming Carrot has returned but I don’t think he will be doing a whole lot here. Judge Dredd has some pretty powerful guns at his disposal and he is definitely not afraid of using them. The Carrot can try to avoid the blasts, but ultimately he will get tagged and then that will be game over for him. Judge Dredd wins.

Larry Appleton vs Judge Dredd

Larry Appleton is never one to stay down for long and now he’s going to get to face off against the legendary Judge Dredd! Judge Dredd is always serious about his adventures and he doesn’t hold back against any foe. That’s bad news for Larry since it means that he won’t even get a chance to comb his hair. The match will already be over by that point. Judge Dredd wins.

Howard Aguello vs Judge Dredd

Howard Aguello is an example of a common criminal and he’s the type of guy that Judge Dredd would go after in a heartbeat. It’s nothing personal of course, but Judge Dredd has sworn to uphold the law at any cost. Merely stepping onto the street will make you lose a few hundred thousand dollars so imagine the penalty for drawing a gun on the Judge? Either way, this will be a very brief bout. Judge Dredd wins.

Judge Dredd vs Robocop

This is a pretty close fight between two enforcers of the law. Judge Dredd has his cool hoverbike, which is a powerful weapon for justice and he can use it to fire away at Robocop from a distance. To counter this, Robocop has an energy weapon of his own and he does have better physical stats than Dredd. In the end, his array of weapons ranging from an arm cannon to his missiles should grant Robocop victory. Robocop wins.

Original image by nootherthanme and the link to it is below.


Judge Dredd vs Bass

Judge Dredd is back and now he’s up against Bass. Bass is far too powerful to be defeated and with this win he rises up the blog yet again. Judge Dredd takes a loss, but one of these days he’ll be back and he’ll hopefully be back to pwn. Bass will be back as well. Bass wins.

Judge Dredd vs Ed

Judge Dredd is a pretty tough guy when he wants to be, but can he take on Ed!? Ed has been shown to be a pretty tough guy back in his day, but he could never take on Judge Dredd…..or could he!? I don’t think so. Judge Dredd takes the win and rises up the ranks. Judge Dredd wins.