Tome (Hard-Boiled Cop) vs Robocop

This is a tribute to Robocop 3. Robocop is back to losing against everyone in this film. It was definitely not his best appearance. Meanwhile Tome was able to unlock her final form which further boosts her abilities. It’s hard to see Robocop being able to keep up for very long before getting overwhelmed. His robotic parts are a bad matchup against her blows which deal internal damage. He will ultimately fall to pieces here. Tome (Hard-Boiled Cop) wins.

Boyle Samejima vs Robocop

This is a tribute to Robocop 2. In this film Robocop just didn’t seem like his usual self. He was extra slow here and lost to random thugs. He wouldn’t ultimately be a match for Boyle who gained good amounts of speed and power by the end of his series. Mix that in with his aura attacks and Robocop just wouldn’t stand a chance here. His armaments would simply be overpowered and the guy would be broken before long. Boyle Samejima wins.

Risa Aioi vs Robocop

This is a tribute to the first Robocop. Robocop looked good in this one. He proves himself to be a capable fighter who may be a bit slow but had the durability to back it up. Aioi isn’t really much of a fighter, she has a normal gun but that isn’t going to get through Robocop’s armor. While she was a very unique detective, I wouldn’t say that she was a very good one. At the end of the day, she wouldn’t be able to think up a way to beat Robocop. Robocop wins.

Judge Dredd vs Robocop

This is a pretty close fight between two enforcers of the law. Judge Dredd has his cool hoverbike, which is a powerful weapon for justice and he can use it to fire away at Robocop from a distance. To counter this, Robocop has an energy weapon of his own and he does have better physical stats than Dredd. In the end, his array of weapons ranging from an arm cannon to his missiles should grant Robocop victory. Robocop wins.

Original image by nootherthanme and the link to it is below.

Bravenwolf vs Robocop

This is a tribute to Robocop! Robocop is a pretty well known figure and he is always ready to fight for what’s right! Still, it was a little too tough for him to fight the programming and he won’t be ready to face someone like Bravenwolf right now. Bravenwolf is just too powerful and he takes yet another win! Bravenwolf wins.