Vivi (Hungry Joker) vs Tome (Hard-Boiled Cop)

Vivi has the ability to slice through her opponents with her mercury form and can move through the air at high speeds. Tome can also move quickly with her unique martial arts style but we haven’t seen her have the same kind of feats. Vivi’s gone up against much more powerful opponents and come out on top. It’s just hard to see Tome keeping up here and ultimately she would just fall to Vivi’s power as Tome has no hax abilities that would turn the tides. Vivi (Hungry Joker) wins.

Tome (Hard-Boiled Cop) vs Robocop

This is a tribute to Robocop 3. Robocop is back to losing against everyone in this film. It was definitely not his best appearance. Meanwhile Tome was able to unlock her final form which further boosts her abilities. It’s hard to see Robocop being able to keep up for very long before getting overwhelmed. His robotic parts are a bad matchup against her blows which deal internal damage. He will ultimately fall to pieces here. Tome (Hard-Boiled Cop) wins.