Pegasus Seiya vs Boyle Samejima

This is a tribute to Saint Seiya: Heaven Chapter. Pegasus Seiya is one of the strongest main characters out there and he’s always ready for action. Even in a weakened state he fought to save the world and Boyle could learn a few things from him on that kind of determination. Seiya is in a class of his own in terms of power so Boyle is definitely going to be out of luck here. One Meteor Fist attack should end this. Pegasus Seiya wins.

Boyle Samejima vs Robocop

This is a tribute to Robocop 2. In this film Robocop just didn’t seem like his usual self. He was extra slow here and lost to random thugs. He wouldn’t ultimately be a match for Boyle who gained good amounts of speed and power by the end of his series. Mix that in with his aura attacks and Robocop just wouldn’t stand a chance here. His armaments would simply be overpowered and the guy would be broken before long. Boyle Samejima wins.