Flaming Carrot vs Judge Dredd

Suggested by Destroyer The Flaming Carrot has returned but I don’t think he will be doing a whole lot here. Judge Dredd has some pretty powerful guns at his disposal and he is definitely not afraid of using them. The Carrot can try to avoid the blasts, but ultimately he will get tagged and then that will be game over for him. Judge Dredd wins.

Flaming Carrot vs King Boo

Suggested by Destroyer The Flaming Carrot is definitely not someone you want to underestimate. His utility belt may mostly only contain pretty weak weapons but at least he has them on hand right? King Boo will most likely still take him down a few pegs but the Carrot is not the kind of fighter to give up. He’ll keep on fighting until Boo blasts him away. King Boo wins.

Flaming Carrot vs Bass

The Flaming Carrot is back, but let’s just say he can’t handle the awesome power of Bass! Bass is the strongest being in all of media and can defeat most beings in an instant! His power is not too be denied and one slash should finish this. At least Flaming Carrot tried! Bass wins.

Flaming Carrot vs One Above All

The One Above All is back and he’s ready to pwn! Sadly for him, The Flaming Carrot will be doing the pwning this time around! His gun is pretty handy and he’s not downright awful at hand to hand either. Hopefully the Flaming Carrot will get popular one day and show the world his stuff! Flaming Carrot wins.