Gooper Blooper vs King Boo

Suggested by Destroyer I like Gooper Blooper as much as the next guy. He is a strong monster from Mario Sunshine and still one of the coolest looking Mario monsters out there. He can attack from mid range, but King Boo’s crown blasts can fire from farther away and pack more of a punch. Dodging Blooper’s attacks will be easy since King Boo has intangibility at his disposal. King Boo wins.


Gooper Blooper vs Goro (MK)

Gooper Blooper is pretty big and he knows how to fight, but in the end it won’t be enough to stop Goro (MK)! Goro has his fireball which is pretty potent and with it he can deal some pretty impressive damage! Gooper Blooper is strong, but even he wasn’t strong enough for this round! Goro (MK) wins.

Gooper Blooper vs Mario

Gooper Blooper is a pretty tough monster and one of the most memorable ones in all of Mario history! Mario may be a plumber, but somehow he was even able to take Gooper Blooper on and defeat him. If that doesn’t show the true skills of Mario I don’t know what will. Defeating Gooper Blooper is quite the task and only someone like Mario is up to it. Mario wins.