Carmen Sandiego vs Rouge

Suggested by Sonic Carmen Sandiego is good at escaping anyone trying to catch her. She’s quite agile and even has her own share of gadgets. That being said, it will not be enough to stop Rouge here. Rouge is an excellent treasure hunter who is fast in her own right. Her hand to hand combat will be enough to stop Sandiego and physically her abilities are strong enough to get the job done. Sandiego won’t be able to keep up for long. Rouge wins.

Carmen Sandiego vs Nate The Great

Suggested by Sonic Nate The Great is a very solid detective but he is a little out of his league in this fight. Carmen Sandiego is a lot more skilled in a fair fight and has the edge in all physical abilities. I don’t think Nate would really last for more than a few minutes here. He needs to get older to even have a shot at taking this fight and even then he wouldn’t have the years of combat experience that Carmen has. Carmen Sandiego wins.

Carmen Sandiego vs Inspector Gadget

Suggested by Sonic Carmen Sandiego is a skilled agent. She can fight if necessary and is good at dodging traps. Inspector Gadget is less of a fighter but he does have a considerable amount of gadgets. The real question is whether or not they would be enough to finally catch her. I believe her experience will be enough to win. Her acrobatic skill and agility will ultimately prove to be her greatest assets as she claims victory. Carmen Sandiego wins.

Lina Inverse vs Carmen Sandiego

This is a tribute to Slayers Returns! Lina Inverse made this one a bit close as she had some trouble with the monster at the end, but she was still able to edge out a win here in the end. It’s just Carmen Sandiego’s bad luck to be paired against such a powerful spell castor. Carmen is good at evading the authorities, but stopping Lina is another matter entirely! Lina Inverse wins.

Carmen Sandiego vs Pac Man

Carmen Sandiego may be pretty good at eluding the police, but she’s not ready for Pac Man’s retro attacks. He can throw a high speed key at her or throw Sandiego off balance by utilizing his hand to hand skills. He’s an unpredictable fighter and that’s one of his strengths. His opponents will always be on the defensive and that plays right into Pac Man’s plans. Pac Man wins.

Battra vs Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego is pretty smart, but in the end she won’t be able to take down Battra. Battra is going to continue his streak with this match. Carmen Sandiego just won’t be able to outfight Battra. Battra’s far too powerful and if he needs to, he can shoot some intense energy blasts. Battra wins.

Carmen Sandiego vs Lazerman

Carmen Sandiego is a pretty athletic fighter, but you need more than athletics if you want to take down Lazerman. Lazerman is a being of incredible power and could take down Carmen Sandiego with a single punch. She just isn’t durable enough to take such a hit. Carmen Sandiego drops down the ranks. Lazerman wins.

Carmen Sandiego vs Tengu Shredder

Carmen Sandiego knows how to evade arrest. She’s been doing it all her life. Sadly for her she won’t be able to evade the battle. Tengu Shredder is too strong and fast. With his skills there are none who can defeat him. Carmen Sandiego takes a loss and falls down the blog rankings. Tengu Shredder wins.