Rouge vs Xana

Rouge is a pretty skilled opponent. While she is not as fast as Sonic or as strong as Knuckles, Rouge is pretty capable in both of those areas and she’s a great all around fighter. Xana is tough as well, but he simply won’t be able to keep up with Rouge and he also wouldn’t be able to endure some of her stronger abilities. Rouge wins.

Xana vs Amy

Xana is back and now he’s up against Amy! This is definitely a closer fight than his battles against Sonic and Silver since Amy’s super forms haven’t looked quite as impressive. Well, at least she still does have a Hyper Mode at the ready and while her speed may not be on par with Sonic’s; it will be more than enough in this round. Amy wins.

Xana vs Silver

Xana won’t really fare any better against Silver than she did in her debut match against Sonic. Silver may not be as fast as the Blue Blur, but his telekinetic abilities ensure that Silver is still a dangerous opponent. He would still be able to speedblitz Xana and overwhelm her with pure power. Silver wins.

Xana vs Sonic

Xana makes its blog debut in this round, but it’s not coming in for a win. Sonic is known as the fastest thing alive and it’s easy to see why. Once he has the 7 Chaos Emeralds in his grasp; nothing can stop Sonic. He has many different super forms that he has acquired over the years and all of them are pretty impressive. I don’t believe that he will need any of them to take Xana down, but it’s always good to have some extra power in reserve. Sonic wins.