Taskmaster vs Invisible Woman

The Taskmaster is a tough foe and the guy has been able to go toe to toe with guys like Iron Fist and Spider Man. That being said, he has no good defense against the Invisible Woman’s force abilities. A quick force blast will knock him off balance and the Invisible Womanis skilled enough to keep on the pressure. The Taskmaster may not lose in a single hit typically, but there’s also a chance that he really would. Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs Hulk

This looks like it could be a clear win for the Hulk, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. The Invisible Woman has proven that her force attacks can be pretty effective against the Hulk and there are numerous ways that she can use her abilities. With composite rules in effect, the Hulk is easily a planet destroyer, but the Invisible Woman has her Power Cosmic. Captain Universe is a title that can even rival the Phoenix’s abilities and I don’t think that the Hulk will be able to stop her. She just went to a whole new level! Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs Electro

Electro is powerful and I consider him to be one of Spiderman’s most dangerous opponents. That being said, he won’t be able to defeat the Invisible Woman. Invisible Woman became Captain Universe for a time and her cosmic abilities rose her to great heights. There aren’t many opponents who can really handle that level of power and Electro isn’t one of them. Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs Red Ghost

The Red Ghost makes his debut onto the blog, but he is quickly outmatched against the Invisible Woman. Her forcefields will be enough to protect her from any attack that the Red Ghost can dish out. Moreover, the Invisible Woman can use her force abilities to launch devastating attacks on offense. This means that the Red Ghost is doomed either way. Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs Storm

This is a pretty good fight. Storm obtained the Phoenix Force once and she’s already an extremely potent fighter without it. On the other hand, Invisible Woman has the power cosmic and her force abilities are pretty impressive as well. I’d say that this is definitely one of the closer matches, but I’ve gotta go with Invisible Woman on this one. Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs Magneto

The Invisible Woman is back and she’s up against the mighty Magneto. Both of these fighters are very tough opponents and this would be a good fight. Invisible Woman became Captain Universe which amps up all of her stats, but Magneto has taken on opponents like Thor and She Hulk in the past. Still, I think Invisible Woman’s force abilities would help give her the edge. Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs Molecule Man

The Molecule Man was once one of the strongest beings in the marvel multiverse. Even cosmic entities like the legendary Eternity acknowledged him. His cosmic power is definitely intense, but I don’t think that he could win this fight. His hand to hand skills aren’t the best and he lacks speed. Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs Klaw

The Klaw’s sound abilities can definitely be tough to deal with, but the Invisible Woman’s force abilities will be able to give him a good fight. Not to mention that she once obtained the Uni power which amped up her abilities even more. The Klaw is tough, but he just won’t be tough enough to win this round. Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs X 23

X 23 is an incredible hand to hand fighter plus her regeneration comes in handy a lot. Invisible Woman’s force abilities will definitely be tough to get around, but X 23 once became Captain Universe. I think her speed would enable her to dodge Invisible Woman long enough for her to win through sheer power. X 23 wins.

Update! X23’s Captain Universe abilities are good…but the Invisible Woman obtained them as well! Invisible Woman wins.

Invisible Woman vs Mystique

Invisible Woman has some pretty impressive force abilities on her side as well as fire abilities. Mystique can shapeshift, but that just won’t be enough to win this round. Invisible Woman has the speed advantage and her barriers could protect her from anything that Mystique could dish out. Invisible Woman wins.