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Invisible Woman vs Electro

Electro is powerful and I consider him to be one of Spiderman’s most dangerous opponents. That being said, he won’t be able to defeat the Invisible Woman. Invisible Woman became Captain Universe for a time and her cosmic abilities rose her to great heights. There aren’t many opponents who can really handle that level of power and Electro isn’t one of them. Invisible Woman wins.

4 thoughts on “Invisible Woman vs Electro”

  1. For those who are not aware, Electro defeated Sue rather easily back in Fantastic Four #218. He carbonized the air around her and turned Sue into a living statue. Hence, it would appear that this battle is a toss-up at the very least and the edge should probably go to Electro, at least based upon their only encounter.

  2. I never thought of this match-up but medusarules makes it seem like Marvel portrays Electro as more powerful. Then again, no Spider-Man antagonist will ever beat the only female in Marvel’s first super team in any comic story.

    1. Electro has definitely gotten his props over the years and was even confident when going up against the Avengers, but the Invisible Woman is certainly a strong fighter. Her force abilities are a nice counter to Electro’s powers.

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