Madame Hydra vs X 23

Suggested by Sonic Madame Hydra is a talented fighter. She has good hand to hand skills and reflexes but on the whole that’s about it. She hasn’t obtained any massive power upgrades that would put her on the same level as X 23. Due to this, X 23 would have a pretty easy time taking her down. X 23’s regeneration is on point and her claws would be able to take Hydra down with one direct hit. It’s just not possible to survive the strike. X 23 wins.

Drax The Destroyer vs X 23

As impressive as X 23 is in a fight, I would take Drax The Destroyer to win this battle. His physical abilities are just too much for her. He rivals Thor and The Hulk in strength and he can fly at pretty quick speeds. X 23 has a good healing factor, but that can only keep her in the match for so long. Eventually, Drax would win. Drax The Destroyer wins.

Invisible Woman vs X 23

X 23 is an incredible hand to hand fighter plus her regeneration comes in handy a lot. Invisible Woman’s force abilities will definitely be tough to get around, but X 23 once became Captain Universe. I think her speed would enable her to dodge Invisible Woman long enough for her to win through sheer power. X 23 wins.

Update! X23’s Captain Universe abilities are good…but the Invisible Woman obtained them as well! Invisible Woman wins.

X 23 vs Lady Deathstrike

These two are about evenly matched. Lady Deathstrike has fought with Wolverine in the past and knows how to fight. In the end I’d say X 23 is a better fighter. Lady Deathstrike’s never looked like she was that great at hand to hand fighting. With this loss she drops down the ranks. X 23 wins.

Tigra vs X 23

Tigra is back for another loss. X 23 has her healing factor which helps in matches, without a healing factor matches like this are a bit trickier. Tigra’s definitely fast, but so is X 23. Her claws also give her another advantage and help her in this match. X 23 rises up the ranks. X 23 wins.

X 23 vs Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is back, but he’s not much of a fighter. X 23 has more experience in combat and beats him with ease. What Steve Trevor needs is a good power up one of these years. One that will make him more of a notable character. X 23 is just a lot stronger than Steve Trevor and wins this round. X 23 wins.

X 23 vs Wolverine

X 23 is like Wolverine. She has claws and a healing factor. Of course Wolverine is the original and and wins this battle. It helps that he has the Phoenix at his side. Wolverine gets himself a win and climbs up the blog ranks. X 23 takes a loss, but she’s a big enough character to come back someday, and this time it’ll probably be for a win. With her skills it’s tough to take her down. Wolverine wins.