Madame Hydra vs X 23

Suggested by Sonic Madame Hydra is a talented fighter. She has good hand to hand skills and reflexes but on the whole that’s about it. She hasn’t obtained any massive power upgrades that would put her on the same level as X 23. Due to this, X 23 would have a pretty easy time taking her down. X 23’s regeneration is on point and her claws would be able to take Hydra down with one direct hit. It’s just not possible to survive the strike. X 23 wins.

Madame Hydra vs Jun The Swan

Suggested by Sonic Madame Hydra is a pretty solid fighter. She’s had a bit of a super strength serum at one point so she’s not someone that Jun can just throw aside. That said, there is still a sizable difference in their respective abilities. Jun has a lot of bombs at her disposal and she’s also faster than Hydra. Both of them have some pretty high tech options to take each other out with, but at the end of the day Jun’s better equipped to win this round. I don’t see her going down against Hydra. Jun The Swan wins.

Madame Hydra vs Lazerman

Madame Hydra has a gun and she’s not afraid to use it! Of course Lazerman has lasers that he can shoot to cause some massive destruction! Madame Hydra may be agile, but not even she can handle the power of Lazerman! Lazerman’s beams are far too powerful for many characters. Lazerman wins.

Madame Hydra vs Nick Fury

Madame Hydra got a super form when she came back from the grave. In the end she would have won without it, but every bit helps. Nick Fury may have his guns and hand to hand skills, but he loses this match. In hand to hand skills Madame Hydra is superior. Nick Fury will be back someday….just not today. He loses this match….and to his greatest rival at that. Madame Hydra wins.