Madame Hydra vs Jun The Swan

Suggested by Sonic Madame Hydra is a pretty solid fighter. She’s had a bit of a super strength serum at one point so she’s not someone that Jun can just throw aside. That said, there is still a sizable difference in their respective abilities. Jun has a lot of bombs at her disposal and she’s also faster than Hydra. Both of them have some pretty high tech options to take each other out with, but at the end of the day Jun’s better equipped to win this round. I don’t see her going down against Hydra. Jun The Swan wins.

Saki vs Jun The Swan

Jun The Swan has some pretty good skills, but in the end I think Saki barely takes this. Her skills are just a bit above Jun The Swan’s and that helps her score the win. Jun The Swan will be back one day and will hopefully rise in the ranks. Meanwhile Saki gets to enjoy her win since she may not fight for a while. Saki wins.

Jun The Swan vs Sprocket

Sprocket is a fighter, but she’d not as much of a fighter as Jun The Swan. Jun The Swan was able to get herself into Tatsunoko vs Capcom with her fighting abilities. Sprocket takes another loss and falls down the blog. Maybe one day she’ll come back for a win, but until than down she goes. Jun The Swan wins.