Nick Fury vs Chunk

Suggested by Sonic The Chunk is a fun Flash villain but he definitely doesn’t have anything on Nick Fury. In their base forms it’s actually reasonable to say that the Chunk would win with his teleportation and gravity but Nick Fury’s gotten quite a lot of tech at various points in his career. We’re talking energy guns, power suits, and anything you can think of. The sheer firepower up his arsenal would be enough to put the Chunk down for the count. Nick Fury wins.

Nick Fury vs Baron Zemo (12th)

Suggested by Sonic Nick Fury recently became the Watcher of sorts and may have cosmic abilities but unfortunately for him we can’t really be sure of his abilities. For all we know he really can’t fight beyond his normal abilities. Baron Zemo would have the edge there with his sword skills. Fury would be on the back foot the entire time and ultimately their super soldier serums cancel out. Fury would just need some kind of boost to win this. Baron Zemo (12th) wins.

Nick Fury vs Mystique

Suggested by Sonic Nick Fury is a master strategist and he has a lot of crazy weapons and gadgets at his disposal. That being said, it will still not be quite enough to turn the tides in this battle. Mystique has obtained many power ups over the years including one that greatly amped up her power and speed. Throw that in with the fact that she is also as top notch agent and Fury has no advantages here. He would be quickly dispatched before being able to put up a proper fight. Mystique wins.

Jules Winnfield vs Nick Fury

Jules Winnfield makes his blog debut, but he won’t be able to take down Nick Fury. Nick Fury has his gun and he’s not afraid to use it. Jules Winnfield may be tough, but he lacks the tech and battle experience that Nick Fury has. Jules Winnfield loses his debut match. Nick Fury wins.

Nick Fury vs Ironman

Nick Fury has his gun at the ready, but I don’t think that it’s going to do him much good! He was never a match for someone like Ironman. One good unibeam could finish this battle in an instant! Maybe Nick Fury will be back to pwn someday..just not today. Ironman wins.

Madame Hydra vs Nick Fury

Madame Hydra got a super form when she came back from the grave. In the end she would have won without it, but every bit helps. Nick Fury may have his guns and hand to hand skills, but he loses this match. In hand to hand skills Madame Hydra is superior. Nick Fury will be back someday….just not today. He loses this match….and to his greatest rival at that. Madame Hydra wins.

Nick Fury vs Enchantress

Well Nick has a gun but it won’t be enough to win this battke. Enchantress is just too powerful with her magic powers and all. She gets herself a win. Fury however gets himself a loss and might not bounce back from it. It’s almost sad for his honor. Enchantress wins.

Nick Fury vs Graviton

Well Nick Fury won’t be able to handle Graviton. Graviton is one of the stronger villains and is not easily defeated. His gravity powers are so vast that he can keep several Marvel characters (over 20 counting Hulk, Thor and others) on the ground while doing other things. Graviton wins.