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Sonic vs Mystique

Mystique may be pretty good with a gun, but that won’t be enough to stop Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic is a very impressive fighter and his speed is second to none. There are few opponents who can even dream of taking him down and Mystique doesn’t have the skills to pull it off. There are very few who do after all. Sonic wins.

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Invisible Woman vs Mystique

Invisible Woman has some pretty impressive force abilities on her side as well as fire abilities. Mystique can shapeshift, but that just won’t be enough to win this round. Invisible Woman has the speed advantage and her barriers could protect her from anything that Mystique could dish out. Invisible Woman wins.

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Two Face vs Mystique

Two Face is back! He was once a hero with big dreams, but in the end he can’t win this round. Mystique has the easy advantage in hand to hand combat and is much quicker than Two Face. Two Face has some interesting powers thanks to other earths, but in the end it’s not enough to win. Mystique wins.

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Ms Marvel vs Mystique

Ms Marvel is back for another win. Mystique’s shapeshifting powers can definitely come in handy during a fight, but against Ms Marvel it’ll make little difference. Ms Marvel has super strength and flight. The basic keys to success in battles. With them it’s harder to lose than normal. Ms Marvel wins.

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Mystique vs Rogue

Mystique makes her blog debut. She has transformed into many characters over the years and her fighting skills have been shown to be pretty advanced. So while she is a very strong opponent, there are some she can’t beat. Rogue is much too powerful for her. Rogue has incredible super strength and is one of Marvel’s strongest fighters.

Rogue has gained the powers of dozens and dozens of beings in the past. Mystique never had a shot at defeating her. Rogue surpassed Mystique a long time ago and takes this win. Mystique will be back someday. Rogue wins.