Two Face vs Vixen

Suggested by Sonic Two Face is pretty good at stirring up crime and general unease. He’s got a gun as well as other weapons but this won’t be enough to stop Vixen. She is able to harness the powers of animal spirits to amp up her abilities. She used to rely on a crystal to do this but doesn’t even need it anymore. Two Face won’t be ready to deal with the speed of a cheetah or the power of an elephant so he will end up falling here. Vixen just has him beat in pure skill. Vixen wins.

Egghead vs Two Face

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of human villains. Neither one of these guys has any fancy super powers to use at their disposal, but still manage to be fairly dangerous villains in their own right. Personally I would have to go with Two Face here. Put it this way, he at least does have guns that he uses quite extensively. Egghead hasn’t been in nearly as many fights and as far as evil geniuses go he definitely has the worst inventions. He just hasn’t made anything that would be much of a threat here. Two Face wins.

Pac Man vs Two Face

Suggested by Destroyer Pac Man is a national icon and it is fair to say that he may be one of the most influential video game characters out there. He can also fight through various fruits as well as elemental powers. Two Face can flip his coin for a while, but ultimately that will just buy him a little time at best. He isn’t quite ready to deal with someone like Pac Man. Pac Man has an answer for every situation and here he may only need his fire abilities. Pac Man wins.

Elisa Maza vs Two Face

Suggested by iKnowledge Elisa Maza is a resourceful character who has always thought quickly on her feet. She adapts to the situation at hand and is also adept with a gun. In an alternate timeline she became a gargoyle which increases her physical abilities and grants her flight as well. Two Face is reasonably strong and has guns of his own, but he’s never really had any super abilities of his own. It should be a close fight, but Elisa has the edge. Elisa Maza wins.

Two Face vs Mystique

Two Face is back! He was once a hero with big dreams, but in the end he can’t win this round. Mystique has the easy advantage in hand to hand combat and is much quicker than Two Face. Two Face has some interesting powers thanks to other earths, but in the end it’s not enough to win. Mystique wins.

Star Sapphire vs Two Face

Star Sapphire is back and this time she gets a solid win. Two Face may be powerful, but in the end his coin tricks aren’t enough for him to win. Star Sapphire has energy blasts that could take him out pretty fast. Two Face was never one of the stronger villains and loses this match. Star Sapphire wins.

Batman vs Two Face

Two Face is one of Batman’s smarter foes. With the flip of a coin he can decide between impossible choices. Batman has outfought many characters, from Aliens, to Guys with neat costumes. So he takes this match with his experience and his overall stronger skills. Two Face just can’t handle this kind of power. He takes a loss and falls down the charts. They will always be bitter rivals, but Batman will always be the winner. Batman wins.