Star Sapphire vs Livewire

Suggested by Sonic Livewire is strong as she often gives Superman a tough run for his money but at the end of the day her powers are a lot more limited than Star Sapphire’s. Sapphire can block any electricity with her barrier and counter with a variety of energy attacks. I don’t think Livewire will be able to dodge long enough to break through these defenses. Star Sapphire wins.

Star Sapphire vs Two Face

Star Sapphire is back and this time she gets a solid win. Two Face may be powerful, but in the end his coin tricks aren’t enough for him to win. Star Sapphire has energy blasts that could take him out pretty fast. Two Face was never one of the stronger villains and loses this match. Star Sapphire wins.

Star Sapphire vs Green Lantern

Star Sapphire has powers that are similar to Green Lantern’s. The big difference in this fight is experience. Star Sapphire hasn’t fought in nearly as many battles as GL. Another factor is that Green Lantern got incredible powers and became The Spectre. Star Sapphire is outmatched in this fight, but at least she has joined countless other fighters in the blog. Green Lantern wins.