Wonder Woman vs Rogue

Rogue is one of Marvel’s main power hitters from the heroines. A while back I would have said that she was The heavy hitter, but Ms. Marvel gives her some competition for that title nowadays. Rogue is powerful and her ability to absorb other powers is very useful, but I definitely give this round to Wonder Woman. She’s an expert hand to hand fighter who will be able to easily parry Rogue’s attacks and the gap in their actual levels of super strength is very vast. Wonder Woman also has the edge in speed so what this leads to is a big blowout. Wonder Woman wins. (And is more than a match for any Marvel character)

Original image by K-Bol. Link to the original is below.


6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman vs Rogue

    • That’s true and Wonder Woman would definitely make contact at first, but remember that it takes a while for Rogue’s powers to have an effect on stronger foes. Magneto and Apocalypse have shown mild levels of resistance to it. Actually scratch that. Apocalypse was completely immune to its effects in Evolution and in the 90’s show he was highly immune to the point where Rogue’s attacks had no noticable effect. I’d assume that Wonder Woman’s god status would also protect her with a great amount of resistance, similar to how no curse or disease is able to affect her. Once Wonder Woman notices this, she can switch to her magical sword equipment and use that as a way to not make contact.

      • It’s cool, Rogue’s still got a lot of good arguments in her favor as well. She does have Quicksilver’s speed, which can give her a good chance of dodging Wonder Woman and she can try to overwhelm the amazon with Ms Marvel’s energy attacks. I still do consider Rogue to be in the top 3 strongest X-Men and probably top 20 strongest Marvel heroes.I’m naturally a bigger fan of DC than Marvel and still consider it to be the stronger verse, but this is in no way a total curbstomp. It’s always fun to have a powerhouse fight that’s still strategic from both sides.

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