Rogue vs Ariel

Suggested by iKnowledge Ariel is definitely a tough mermaid, but does she have enough skills to stop Rogue? It’ll be a very tough battle for her since she’ll need to win without making direct contact. I don’t think that will really be possible for her. Also, Rogue does have her natural super strength and speed which will really serve her well. Rogue wins.

Wonder Woman vs Rogue

Rogue is one of Marvel’s main power hitters from the heroines. A while back I would have said that she was The heavy hitter, but Ms. Marvel gives her some competition for that title nowadays. Rogue is powerful and her ability to absorb other powers is very useful, but I definitely give this round to Wonder Woman. She’s an expert hand to hand fighter who will be able to easily parry Rogue’s attacks and the gap in their actual levels of super strength is very vast. Wonder Woman also has the edge in speed so what this leads to is a big blowout. Wonder Woman wins. (And is more than a match for any Marvel character)

Original image by K-Bol. Link to the original is below.

Rogue vs Thor

Rogue is back and this time she’s up against Thor! Thor’s been winning a lot lately, but he may have met his match in this round! Rogue has the powers of many characters and by using them all together she can take down nearly any comic character! She already has Thor’s powers plus the Avengers, Xmen, Brotherhood, and others. She’s just too powerful! Rogue wins.

Rogue vs Bass


Rogue has super speed, strength, endurance, etc. Because of this she’s one of Marvel’s strongest fighters, of course Bass isn’t quite marvel level! He’s unstoppable! None in all of media can take him down when he’s trying. Bass is just far too powerful. With one blast he can take down any being. Bass wins.

Mystique vs Rogue

Mystique makes her blog debut. She has transformed into many characters over the years and her fighting skills have been shown to be pretty advanced. So while she is a very strong opponent, there are some she can’t beat. Rogue is much too powerful for her. Rogue has incredible super strength and is one of Marvel’s strongest fighters.

Rogue has gained the powers of dozens and dozens of beings in the past. Mystique never had a shot at defeating her. Rogue surpassed Mystique a long time ago and takes this win. Mystique will be back someday. Rogue wins.

Hikaru vs Rogue

Hikaru has a giant dragon who would take care of Rogue with a giant beam. Rogue may have the powers of a lot of heroes but they can’t take on Hikaru. Hikaru is just at another level. Hikaru just can’t be defeated. Hikaru is the strongest DD character ever. Hikaru wins.

Rogue’s super strength and speed would be too much for Hikaru. Rogue wins.