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Rogue vs Ariel

Suggested by iKnowledge Ariel is definitely a tough mermaid, but does she have enough skills to stop Rogue? It’ll be a very tough battle for her since she’ll need to win without making direct contact. I don’t think that will really be possible for her. Also, Rogue does have her natural super strength and speed which will really serve her well. Rogue wins.

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Haru Glory vs Ariel
Suggested by iKnowledge Ariel is a nice mermaid who always tries her best and isn’t afraid to jump into combat. That being said, she is more than a little outmatched against Haru. Haru is the Rave Master and an expert with the blade. His sword can cause explosions and even without any special abilities it is quite lethal. Haru is fast enough to outmaneuver Ariel and get into prime combat range right from the start. That’s all he’ll need to claim victory. Haru Glory wins.