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Haru Glory vs Ariel
Suggested by iKnowledge Ariel is a nice mermaid who always tries her best and isn’t afraid to jump into combat. That being said, she is more than a little outmatched against Haru. Haru is the Rave Master and an expert with the blade. His sword can cause explosions and even without any special abilities it is quite lethal. Haru is fast enough to outmaneuver Ariel and get into prime combat range right from the start. That’s all he’ll need to claim victory. Haru Glory wins.

10 thoughts on “Haru Glory vs Ariel”

  1. I suggested this because of the Celia/Ursula battle. Just wanted to see if Haru would fight her, knowing his record with Celia. But anyways, another battle idea: Jason Voorhees vs. Al’an Mandragoran.

      1. I’m guessing that Haru is made equal with Ariel in water-breathing for this battle, no? (E.G. Haru temporarily becomes a merman). Or Ariel can use her magic as a human?

      2. Well, it’s always an environment that is fair to both characters. Imagine the Final Destination stage in Smash Bros, but with half of it containing water for Ariel. The size varies depending on the fighters as well. You can really go with either option when thinking about who wins. It’s tougher when the difference would change the outcome, but either way Haru has the edge.

      1. It would definitely make for a good story although I don’t believe any more installments in that series will be coming up in the near future. I also usually base it on views so which battles are popular at the moment. If it happens to be high then there is a good chance.

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