Giorno Giovanna vs Sasuke


Suggested by Random Giorno Giovanna is not the most impressive of Jojo characters. His death loop is a decent ability I suppose as you’ll keep on dying for eternity, but he doesn’t have a high level of physical ability needed to take on someone like Sasuke. Sasuke can zip around him with ease and end things with a simple Chidori strike. Giorno won’t be able to react to the attack so it’ll be game over for him. There’s just nothing that he can do. Sasuke wins.


6 thoughts on “Giorno Giovanna vs Sasuke

  1. Giorno Giorvanna would’ve actually won. He has:
    – Life creation
    – Infinite death loop (apparently has multi-universal range)
    – Instant Reaction Speed
    – Attack Nullification/Reverting anything back to zero

    In the JoJo universe, there has been only ONE character that can take him down. And this character (Heaven Ascension DIO) can alter and rewrite REALITY. That’s something.

    • Those abilities are very impressive to be sure. He’s not someone to be taken lightly, but Sasuke can basically move at FTL speeds himself and his attack skills are intense. Giorno can try nullifying the attacks, but it will only delay the inevitable and won’t take away the weakness that he doesn’t have a great arsenal of attacks either. That will end up slowing him down.

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