Giorno Giovanna vs Sasuke


Suggested by Random Giorno Giovanna is not the most impressive of Jojo characters. His death loop is a decent ability I suppose as you’ll keep on dying for eternity, but he doesn’t have a high level of physical ability needed to take on someone like Sasuke. Sasuke can zip around him with ease and end things with a simple Chidori strike. Giorno won’t be able to react to the attack so it’ll be game over for him. There’s just nothing that he can do. Sasuke wins.

20 thoughts on “Giorno Giovanna vs Sasuke

  1. Giorno Giorvanna would’ve actually won. He has:
    – Life creation
    – Infinite death loop (apparently has multi-universal range)
    – Instant Reaction Speed
    – Attack Nullification/Reverting anything back to zero

    In the JoJo universe, there has been only ONE character that can take him down. And this character (Heaven Ascension DIO) can alter and rewrite REALITY. That’s something.

    • Those abilities are very impressive to be sure. He’s not someone to be taken lightly, but Sasuke can basically move at FTL speeds himself and his attack skills are intense. Giorno can try nullifying the attacks, but it will only delay the inevitable and won’t take away the weakness that he doesn’t have a great arsenal of attacks either. That will end up slowing him down.

      • I know this is an old thread, but I wanna give my two cents. GER as stated within the Jojo wiki is able to nullify the actions of anyone attempting to attack Giorno. This means no matter how fast Sasuke may be, GER has an instant effect. This effect also reverts any Jutsu Sasuke would use to absolute 0, the nullification effect also affects willpower as well. This means Sasuke will lose the urge to fight, and not be able to move. To also add GER is able to be active within Time Stop, or Erased Time, hence why it’s able to activate without Giorno taking notice. So in the end Sasuke is the loser of this fight, no contest. Also, the Sharingan would be useless in this fight since the nullification effect would be active as soon as GER sensed danger towards Giorno. This is all I have to say, if you have any doubts about the facts I stated, read the wiki page for Gold Experience Requiem.

      • GER is definitely pretty crazy for sure. Only additions I would add is that Sasuke is determined enough where he could resist its effects. Additionally while it could nullify Sasuke’s attacks for a time, eventually they would catch up to him and Sasuke would claim victory

  2. Lmao this is unfair. Giorno with Gold Experience Requiem rolfstomps Sasuke so hard. Anything that he makes against Giorno will be nullified. It doesn’t matter how fast or strong Sasuke is, GER will keep negating him until putting him on the infinite death loop like how he did with Diavolo. Just a MUDA barrage and Sasuke is done.

    Also, if I’m not wrong GER has infinite stats (range, destructive power, speed etc). But still, Gold Experience Requiem is broken af and he could solo some anime verses, like the SAOverse. Mismatch and Giorno wins this one easily.

    • The nullification part might not work against Kirito’s will though. Those abilities are made purely to combat such nullifying abilities so I think that would give him a bit of-sorry wrong character.

      Sasuke is definitely going to have a tough time here and the question is whether or not the nullification would work on his Sharingan abilities. I’m inclined to believe Sasuke would be able to resist and his super speed is also great enough to give him an edge here

      • if you think sasuke has any chance in hell against giorno with GER, then you’re just honestly delusional (considering how many people have already pointed out how giorno would easily curbstomp sasuke). GER’s abilities work on anyone and anything and there’s no way around it, so of course it will work against sasuke’s sharingan abilities. even though sasuke’s capabilities when using his sharingan are pretty extreme, it doesn’t give him any advantage at all to giorno whatsoever. sasuke can’t resist any of it because there is no way anybody can resist GER. it will cancel out every and all actions that sasuke take against giorno, and despite sasuke’s otherworldly speed, GER reacts instantaneously, so speed is completely out of the question. giorno will ultimately infinite death loop him and sasuke will be sorry he ever visited italy.

      • Every ability has a way around it though. Sasuke’s Sharingan will be keeping Giorno on the defensive the whole time. He can try resetting time and all but eventually he just won’t be able to keep him in the loop. Sasuke will be controlling the flow here with how he locks everyone in the loop

      • I dunno about that one, to a certain extent you can manipulate the weak willed but the truly strong are not so easily reversed

  3. This dude thinks sasuke can beat some Italian boy with a piano

    Giornos reset to zero is automatic even if Giorno is unaware of it it will still activate sasuke can’t do anything and he spit on the infinite death loop just like everyone else

    • Cmon man, is infinite death loop really the answer to everything? Giorno’s got nothing on Sasuke and that’s something I’ve always believed right up til the very end

  4. Bruh this is really unfair. Even if Sasuke managed to damage Giorno, it will reflect back his attacks to Sasuke. Giorno wins.

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