Giorno Giovanna vs Sasuke


Suggested by Random Giorno Giovanna is not the most impressive of Jojo characters. His death loop is a decent ability I suppose as you’ll keep on dying for eternity, but he doesn’t have a high level of physical ability needed to take on someone like Sasuke. Sasuke can zip around him with ease and end things with a simple Chidori strike. Giorno won’t be able to react to the attack so it’ll be game over for him. There’s just nothing that he can do. Sasuke wins.

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  1. Giorno Giorvanna would’ve actually won. He has:
    – Life creation
    – Infinite death loop (apparently has multi-universal range)
    – Instant Reaction Speed
    – Attack Nullification/Reverting anything back to zero

    In the JoJo universe, there has been only ONE character that can take him down. And this character (Heaven Ascension DIO) can alter and rewrite REALITY. That’s something.

    • Those abilities are very impressive to be sure. He’s not someone to be taken lightly, but Sasuke can basically move at FTL speeds himself and his attack skills are intense. Giorno can try nullifying the attacks, but it will only delay the inevitable and won’t take away the weakness that he doesn’t have a great arsenal of attacks either. That will end up slowing him down.

      • I know this is an old thread, but I wanna give my two cents. GER as stated within the Jojo wiki is able to nullify the actions of anyone attempting to attack Giorno. This means no matter how fast Sasuke may be, GER has an instant effect. This effect also reverts any Jutsu Sasuke would use to absolute 0, the nullification effect also affects willpower as well. This means Sasuke will lose the urge to fight, and not be able to move. To also add GER is able to be active within Time Stop, or Erased Time, hence why it’s able to activate without Giorno taking notice. So in the end Sasuke is the loser of this fight, no contest. Also, the Sharingan would be useless in this fight since the nullification effect would be active as soon as GER sensed danger towards Giorno. This is all I have to say, if you have any doubts about the facts I stated, read the wiki page for Gold Experience Requiem.

      • GER is definitely pretty crazy for sure. Only additions I would add is that Sasuke is determined enough where he could resist its effects. Additionally while it could nullify Sasuke’s attacks for a time, eventually they would catch up to him and Sasuke would claim victory

  2. Lmao this is unfair. Giorno with Gold Experience Requiem rolfstomps Sasuke so hard. Anything that he makes against Giorno will be nullified. It doesn’t matter how fast or strong Sasuke is, GER will keep negating him until putting him on the infinite death loop like how he did with Diavolo. Just a MUDA barrage and Sasuke is done.

    Also, if I’m not wrong GER has infinite stats (range, destructive power, speed etc). But still, Gold Experience Requiem is broken af and he could solo some anime verses, like the SAOverse. Mismatch and Giorno wins this one easily.

    • The nullification part might not work against Kirito’s will though. Those abilities are made purely to combat such nullifying abilities so I think that would give him a bit of-sorry wrong character.

      Sasuke is definitely going to have a tough time here and the question is whether or not the nullification would work on his Sharingan abilities. I’m inclined to believe Sasuke would be able to resist and his super speed is also great enough to give him an edge here

      • if you think sasuke has any chance in hell against giorno with GER, then you’re just honestly delusional (considering how many people have already pointed out how giorno would easily curbstomp sasuke). GER’s abilities work on anyone and anything and there’s no way around it, so of course it will work against sasuke’s sharingan abilities. even though sasuke’s capabilities when using his sharingan are pretty extreme, it doesn’t give him any advantage at all to giorno whatsoever. sasuke can’t resist any of it because there is no way anybody can resist GER. it will cancel out every and all actions that sasuke take against giorno, and despite sasuke’s otherworldly speed, GER reacts instantaneously, so speed is completely out of the question. giorno will ultimately infinite death loop him and sasuke will be sorry he ever visited italy.

      • Every ability has a way around it though. Sasuke’s Sharingan will be keeping Giorno on the defensive the whole time. He can try resetting time and all but eventually he just won’t be able to keep him in the loop. Sasuke will be controlling the flow here with how he locks everyone in the loop

      • I dunno about that one, to a certain extent you can manipulate the weak willed but the truly strong are not so easily reversed

  3. This dude thinks sasuke can beat some Italian boy with a piano

    Giornos reset to zero is automatic even if Giorno is unaware of it it will still activate sasuke can’t do anything and he spit on the infinite death loop just like everyone else

    • Cmon man, is infinite death loop really the answer to everything? Giorno’s got nothing on Sasuke and that’s something I’ve always believed right up til the very end

  4. Bruh this is really unfair. Even if Sasuke managed to damage Giorno, it will reflect back his attacks to Sasuke. Giorno wins.

  5. alr so if you haven’t watched jojo giorno has an ability to reverse any actions done by him and will power. as seen with diavolo who was outside of time when he erased time. Giorno wasn’t aware of what was about to happen and when diavolo was distracted giorno killed him. but not really. when giorno killed him he put him to a difference universe in which diavolo would keep on dying infinitely forever. his ability is passive btw there ain’t a way to bypass his ability unless you have a reality warper. hence dio overheaven who was able to rewrite his ability with the world overheaven who’s ability is to reality rewrite anything

    • Yeah but every ability has its weaknesses and limitations. Giorno can only rewrite time so many times before he is taken out. Physically he is much weaker than Sasuke so I don’t see him being able to do much there. The guy will speedblitz him to the end

      • I’m starting to think your just trying to troll at this point cause there is no way you don’t get it. Return to zero is a ability that has ZERO limits with only people that can rewrite reality or have similar abilities to return to zero can even stand a good chance agiants Giorno. no matter how fast Sasuke is, no matter how determined he is, he cant get past return to zero, no one in the naruto universe that we know of yet can. Return to zero has no cooldown, activates automatically and is able to revert ANY action thats a threat to giorno. Its only a matter of time before sasuke runs out of chakra and loses once agian to another blonde hair anime protagonist

      • That’s the thing, no ability has 0 limits. GER isn’t going to be an exception to that. Sasuke just has to beat him enough times and it will stop triggering. That’s why when you have the physical advantage you will rarely lose

  6. Once agian, I still think your clueless here, Having the physical advantage is good but agiants ger, its not gonna do you any good. For one even if he can most likely see ger cause of his rinnegan he cant hurt ger since he is not a stand user, but thats just the small details, you say no ability has 0 limits but there are numerous characters who have a infinite limit. Sasuke cant just push him constantly and hope to get a hit in cause he is never gonna hit giorno. return to zero will always be able to nullify anything sasuke does no matter what sasuke has. no level amounts of genjutsu or susanoo attempts are gonna get passed return to zero. Return to zero is just one of those abilitys that cant be defeated, unless you have abilities that can threaten a universe or multiverse in which case not a single naruto character has. Sasuke at best can destroy a continent. He does have better power and physical power over ger, but its not like its gonna do any good if he cant hurt ger anyway, hell return to zero is there so sasuke cant even lay a finger on giorno. Just accept the fact that sasuke loses to another blonde anime protagonist instead of trying to vouch for your favorite anime. The world would appreciate it 🙂

    • Nooo, I don’t want that. Sasuke losing to another blond anime protagonist? I want him to keep winning for 10 years at least. Also, every ability can be defeated and overpowered so that’s where we disagree on Return to Zero. He can pull it off a few times but ultimately Sasuke will just keep punching forward until he has just surpassed those abilities

      • Revert to Zero is a passive ability that works whenever one takes an action against Giorno and GER. Even when Giorno is motionless and unable to attack regularly within King Crimson’s time deletion state it automatically activates. So it will activate whenever Sasuke attempts to attack regardless of willpower and what type of attack he whips out. It will never stop triggering since all of Sasuke’s abilities that he would implement against Giorno are actions. Since they’re actions they will be reverted. Return to Zero doesn’t just stop working because you say it will. Unless you can list an attack that doesn’t count as an action by any definition of the word then this point is moot.Again OP passive abilities don’t stop functioning because you say they will. Especially since you haven’t provided proof of this whatsoever.

      • All abilities stop though, you just have to keep going until they do. So for Sasuke he would just keep slicing Giorno up. Perhaps the first 10, 50, 100 slashes will get voided but eventually they will start landing and that’s it. GER can’t keep going forever and instead of returning to 0 it will be Sasuke returning to victory. The problem for Giorno is that he’s physically outmatched here

      • That’s just simply not how it works Dreager. You asserting that it has a limit when such a limit has never been established is simply idiotic. It works regardless of physicality. Like I said before it worked even when Giorno was physically incapable of attacking. It’s a passive effect. It will be an endless loop of Sasuke attempting to attack against an automatic rewind machine. I don’t necessarily think that means Giorno wins full stop, I see this as more of a tie. GER isn’t all that physically impressive even as. A Requiem so it would take a lot for it to actually defeat Sasuke. But Sasuke has no counter to something that can reverse everything he does whenever it has an action taken against it. regardless of physicality or willpower.There is no reason to believe beside your own assertion that it will stop functioning as normal after any amount of time. This ability DOES NOT STOP. Prove that it does with actual evidence and I will believe you. If you continue to simply assert the same point after this, I will consider that as proving my point and proving me right

      • Passive abilities aren’t endless either though. Even Vanessa’s reality warping cat ran out of energy eventually and same with aura in RWBY or nen in HXH. Every ability and concept has its limits in combat and GER would not be an exception here. Eventually Giorno would run out of energy and that would be curtains for him. He can only reflect for so long and would then get crushed. He isn’t fast or strong enough to change that.

      • You see Jojo doesn’t really run off of something like Aura in RWBY or Nen in HxH. There’s nothing indicating that Giorno’s taking his own energy to use this ability in the same way other animes do. There’s no known finite energy source that he’s working with. It’s simply not the same type of passive ability as other animes. Speed/power doesn’t matter with Return to Zero, it’s functionally limitless based on it’s portrayal in Jojo. It really just sounds like you haven’t watched or read anime, which I know you’ve admitted in the past. Those limits that exist for other abilities have clear precedents in their universe, Return to Zero isn’t the same as them and it doesn’t have that precedent. They simply aren’t the same type of abilities. I don’t know how many different ways I have to say it to get through to you.

        It’s not like Aura, Nen or any other magic system you’re probably thinking of. I repeat there is Zero indication that it’s drawing energy from Giorno to use this ability. And therefore any argument stating this isn’t going to prove your case

      • Right but every ability and technique has a limit, that’s what I’m trying to get across here. What you’re stating is more of a no limits fallacy where since we haven’t seen a limit, you’re saying there isn’t one. It’s like people who say Saitama’s strength is unlimited because we’ve never seen the limit but we know that it still has plenty. Toon Force isn’t unbeatable, nothing is. Everyone has limits and their abilities run out eventually. I just think Sasuke is strong enough to get past those limits.

        I haven’t read or watched Jojo’s but I played as one of the characters in that Jump fighting game and I was not impressed. Also I looked up the stats and Giorno’s just don’t stack up to Sasuke’s which is what hurts him here

      • I’m literally describing how the ability works. It’s supposed to essentially be no limits fallacy: the ability. That’s literally how it works. That’s why it’s put at the end of Giorno’s part of the anime/manga. It could literally make any other Stand User in Part 5 unable to defeat him. The ability is designed to have no limits, reversing any action whenever Giorno feels like it. I know it seems like absolute bullshit, but that’s the entire point of it. It is a reset button that does not have limits. That’s simply how it works, I’m sorry if you don’t like that. As long as Sasuke is doing something to Giorno/GER that is considered an action, the effect will happen. I really don’t like using a no limits fallacy but that’s literally how the ability works. It’s absolutely broken, and honestly not a great showing of writing from the Mangas writer. But that’s what it’s made for. Simple as that.

      • Right, I get that it’s meant to have no limits but it still does. There are plenty of statements with absolute statements that still don’t work. Zeno is said to be unbeatable and can destroy universes with a snap but that doesn’t mean he can beat Goku. The One Above All is said to be invincible but I could name hundreds of characters who could beat him. No limits fallacy exists for a reason and effects all abilities. This is no exception and that’s why Sasuke wins

      • After some thinking there is only one limit I can think of. If you can demonstrate Sasuke hard countering or being straight up immune to reality warping similar to this, then I’ll be fully willing to give it to him.

        I should’ve said that Return to Zero doesn’t have limits that Sasuke specifically can exploit, like an immunity to reality warping.Or at least you haven’t demonstrated that he does. Provide an example of him doing that and I’ll be happy to support a Sasuke win. If you can’t then we’re back to square one, where every attack he does will count as an action and get reverted.

      • Sasuke did counter being hit by Naruto’s full tailed beast bomb and other techniques so that should definitely count for something. I would say the main thing to focus on here is a little different though. Remember that every time Sasuke hits Giorno, it should be reversed right? So what you really want to count is how many slashes Sasuke gets in before Giorno is out of power. I see that happening really quickly by the way because Sasuke’s instant teleportation redirect here can cause an infinite loop. Every time it’s reversed Sasuke will do it again until Giorno runs out of energy. At the same time Sasuke won’t be losing any energy since it’ll be like it never happened for him

      • Like I’ve told you it doesn’t draw off of Giorno’s own energy, there is nothing that indicates this is the case whatsoever. It doesn’t draw off any known power source. It just activates whenever anyone takes an action against Giorno. That point needs to be thrown in the garbage because it’s simply not applicable here. It’s not like other magic systems that have a distinctive and limited power source they need to draw from. Prove that GER will eventually run out of energy. If you don’t have any evidence for it, dismiss the point entirely. I repeat there is zero evidence that Return to Zero draws upon any energy from Giorno or any other known source. So you cannot simply say Giorno will just run out of energy eventually. There’s nothing indicating this is the case at all.

        And tanking a attack the the one he took from Naruto is not at all equivalent to dealing with reality warping that nullifies attacks. Provide an example of him countering direct reality warping or being flat out immune to it please.

        To summarize these are the two things I want answered. If you can give me a satisfactory answer for either of them I will be happy to side with Sasuke here. If you cannot, you cannot prove your case here.

        A) Provide evidence that GER will run out of energy or that it relies on it. If you cannot do this, dismiss the point altogether.

        B)If you can’t answer Point A to my satisfaction provide an example of Sasuke directly either being able to counter reality warping or being outright immune to it. Make sure to include direct evidence from any version of Sasuke that you can find doing this. Any non reality warping attacks being used as evidence will be dismissed. If you cannot do this, you cannot prove that Sasuke can deal with Return to Zero

      • No problem I’ll address both A and B real quick.

        For A this one’s easy. All abilities have a limit to what they can do and how long they last. Same with GER so after Sasuke keeps on attacking, his actions will stop being reset after a while.

        B. For Sasuke, the best instance of this is when he was actually able to use the Sharingan to create the Amatarasu flames from another dimension. He created them out of nothing and could cause them to dissipate so as a last resort he could do this too

    • “For A this one’s easy. All abilities have a limit to what they can do and how long they last. Same with GER so after Sasuke keeps on attacking, his actions will stop being reset after a while”.

      This isn’t evidence, I asked for direct evidence Dreager. Simply repeating the all abilities have limits line isn’t going to convince me. Provide evidence from the manga or anime that GER has this limit or dismiss the point. Again I phrased this poorly earlier, but I don’t think GER literally has no limits. But it is never shown to rely upon any energy source whatsoever. There’s nothing indicating that it will stop arbitrarily because “all abilities have limits”. That limit is simply one GER’s never been shown to have. I will repeat, provide direct evidence from any JoJo media that proves this any sort of standard and I’ll be far more likely to consider your argument.

      B. For Sasuke, the best instance of this is when he was actually able to use the Sharingan to create the Amatarasu flames from another dimension. He created them out of nothing and could cause them to dissipate so as a last resort he could do this too

      Ok so this isn’t at all what I asked of you. Him creating powerful flames is not an instance of countering reality warping. The flames pretty much function as regular flames offensively and their other major function is to get into an enemy’s face and block their vision. Creating the flames and using them offensively counts as an action and will get reversed. And GER is automatic, so having a visual of Sasuke or the attack doesn’t really matter. And I also asked you to provide evidence from the source material, which as usual you again completely fail to do.

      I will post my requirements to prove your case again and I implore you to take more consideration and do more research into them. I will keep posting this until you prove your case for both points to my satisfaction. You’re not even close to doing it so far so please attempt to put more effort into it next time.

      A) Provide evidence that GER will run out of energy or that it relies on it. If you cannot do this, dismiss the point altogether.

      B)If you can’t answer Point A to my satisfaction provide an example of Sasuke directly either being able to counter reality warping or being outright immune to it. Make sure to include direct evidence from any version of Sasuke that you can find doing this. Any non reality warping attacks being used as evidence will be dismissed. If you cannot do this, you cannot prove that Sasuke can deal with Return to Zero

      • There is no better evidence to show that it doesn’t work than to show that all abilities stop after a while. Sasuke just has to keep on going and eventually the ability will stop. We’ve already agreed that Giorno isn’t fast enough to do much of anything in response so he’ll be forced to use the ability constantly until it just breaks down and then it’s game over for him. There’s no other way around this problem for the guy.

        Fine, here’s your direct gif from the series

        Sasuke creates flames that cannot be put out and they’re magical in nature. It’s something that shouldn’t exist in this realm and yet it does which is absolutely insane. What kind of fighter can actually hope to fight against something like that? Even GER would have trouble reversing this and even if it does, it will take a lot of energy and can’t do it more than a few times.

        All right so I’ll debunk A and B again.

        Goku’s Ultra Instinct is the ultimate combat technique and yet it came undone after his battle with Jiren. This shouldn’t be possible and yet it was because all abilities have a limit. That’s check mate if you ask me. Seriously there’s no other way to look at that other than that his abilities ran out when it was time for the clutch factor.

        For B, I’ve attached the Amaterasu gif above so I’ll put a Chidori one here

        Sasuke is able to create electricity that he can then use in combat. That’s not something that a normal person can do so you can pretty much say that it’s reality warping. Either way it is enough to beat Return to Zero because that ability will run out of juice. We don’t have to call it energy if you don’t want to, but its source of power is finite and that’s a weakness

      • “There is no better evidence to show that it doesn’t work than to show that all abilities stop after a while. Sasuke just has to keep on going and eventually the ability will stop. We’ve already agreed that Giorno isn’t fast enough to do much of anything in response so he’ll be forced to use the ability constantly until it just breaks down and then it’s game over for him. There’s no other way around this problem for the guy.”

        So you admit that you have zero evidence from the source material to indicate GER runs off a power source or anything similar to that? None whatsoever except characters from entirely different universes using entirely different powers? Nothing indicating that GER will break down and therefore be game over for him? Cool,so you can never satisfy point A to any meaningful standard. So with that this point is in my favor and you have admitted you cannot answer it. I’ve succeeded on Point A since you cannot provide evidence from the source material.

        “Sasuke creates flames that cannot be put out and they’re magical in nature. It’s something that shouldn’t exist in this realm and yet it does which is absolutely insane. What kind of fighter can actually hope to fight against something like that? Even GER would have trouble reversing this and even if it does, it will take a lot of energy and can’t do it more than a few times.”

        Creating and using these flames offensively counts as an action. GER reverses all actions. ALL actions, Dreager. You are pulling GER struggling with this completely out of your own ass here. Again, there is no evidence pretty much by your own admission that this is the case. This is purely conjecture based on no solid evidence whatsover.

        “Goku’s Ultra Instinct is the ultimate combat technique and yet it came undone after his battle with Jiren. This shouldn’t be possible and yet it was because all abilities have a limit. That’s check mate if you ask me. Seriously there’s no other way to look at that other than that his abilities ran out when it was time for the clutch factor.

        There’s something indicating Goku has a hard limit in utilizing Ultra Instinct (i.e that GIF you’ve provided), and if this was Goku vs Sasuke then I would completely agree. Ultra Instinct is directly shown to have this limit. But Ultra Instinct and GER do not come from the same universe and do not function in the same manner. It’s very easy to see even as someone who hasn’t watched DBZ. It’s not checkmate unless you can prove that this applies to GER. And again pretty much by your own admission, you cannot. So again, Point A is in my favor and i’ve succeeded on Point A. Don’t bother to address this point again, you cannot convince me of it with out the self-admitted non-existent evidence that GER functions this way.

        “Sasuke is able to create electricity that he can then use in combat. That’s not something that a normal person can do so you can pretty much say that it’s reality warping. Either way it is enough to beat Return to Zero because that ability will run out of juice. We don’t have to call it energy if you don’t want to, but its source of power is finite and that’s a weakness”

        This is the absolute loosest definition of reality warping one could possibly come up with. When I say reality warping, I don’t mean stuff like that. Electricity generation is powerful don’t get me wrong, but it’s simply not the same as what i’m talking about. I mean stuff like shaping, rewriting, creating and erasing reality itself. Rewriting reality so that all actions are reversed is not the same as electricity generation, and I would be hard pressed to consider it true reality warping.

        And I too don’t really care what word you use, energy, power source etc. you yourself have admitted you don’t have evidence from the source material for your claims on Return to Zero. There’s nothing indicating it has a power source or a finite one at that.

        Posting point B) because you still have a chance to prove your case on that one. You’re not going to convince me on A unless you can get evidence FROM THE SOURCE MATERIAL. And that’s final Dreager. If you continue with the same line of reasoning for A, I will ignore it and only answer B related points.

        B)If you can’t answer Point A to my satisfaction provide an example of Sasuke directly either being able to counter reality warping or being outright immune to it. Make sure to include direct evidence from any version of Sasuke that you can find doing this. Any non reality warping attacks being used as evidence will be dismissed. If you cannot do this, you cannot prove that Sasuke can deal with Return to Zero

      • I think I’ve still won point A though. Put it this way, all abilities and concepts have limits. Keeping that in mind, we have to assume that GER has a limit too and that means it is game over. Look, Sasuke is just stronger and faster than Giorno so that’s really the end of his chances. Sasuke will just keep swinging until Giorno runs out of energy or messes up and uses the ability wrong. Then it’s game over. I would say that proves the point because it shows that GER would run out quickly.

        The fire would still take him out though because GER would have to try to keep reversing it over and over again until it ultimately ran out of mana/nen/juice/energy/stamina. Since fire is continuous, that means he would be down for the count real quickly.

        Same points as above. GER just can’t take it in the long run. It doesn’t have the drive. Trust me, GER is not going to be paying the bills on this one. Return to Zero won’t work for very long and that’s why I claim Point A as my own.

        Well for reality warping I feel like we should count all the stuff about Sasuke teleporting and taking names. In a way that’s like countering such an ability right? Or when he fought Madara and almost stabbed the guy. Madara was using Limbo and Sasuke still gave him the hands while teaming up with Naruto so that should be enough to show that his physical abilities are on another level and nobody would be able to keep up.

      • “I think I’ve still won point A though. Put it this way, all abilities and concepts have limits. Keeping that in mind, we have to assume that GER has a limit too and that means it is game over. Look, Sasuke is just stronger and faster than Giorno so that’s really the end of his chances. Sasuke will just keep swinging until Giorno runs out of energy or messes up and uses the ability wrong. Then it’s game over. I would say that proves the point because it shows that GER would run out quickly.”

        Ignoring this, i’ve told you why.

        “The fire would still take him out though because GER would have to try to keep reversing it over and over again until it ultimately ran out of mana/nen/juice/energy/stamina. Since fire is continuous, that means he would be down for the count real quickly.”

        Ignoring this i’ve told you why.

        “Same points as above. GER just can’t take it in the long run. It doesn’t have the drive. Trust me, GER is not going to be paying the bills on this one. Return to Zero won’t work for very long and that’s why I claim Point A as my own.”

        Ignoring this, I’ve told you why

        Provide evidence from the source material, then i’ll address it.

        “Well for reality warping I feel like we should count all the stuff about Sasuke teleporting and taking names. In a way that’s like countering such an ability right? Or when he fought Madara and almost stabbed the guy. Madara was using Limbo and Sasuke still gave him the hands while teaming up with Naruto so that should be enough to show that his physical abilities are on another level and nobody would be able to keep up.”

        This is by far the closest I think you’ve come to proving your point here. Since Limbo seems to be some sort of twin reality with the Naruto universe and Sasuke is teleporting all over the place to deal with this.My problem is that this isn’t reversing anything or doing anything much more than having Madara whip some shadows out and attacking Sasuke here. I really want to give it to you on this one, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet. I actually really want you to prove this point in particular because like I said before GER is complete BS and some of the author’s weaker writing in my opinion. So if you can meet this requirement I will be more than happy to give this to Sasuke. But I need just a bit more on that front.

      • So on the first part, I think I have to remind you that every ability has limits so GER would run out of juice after being slammed over and over by Sasuke’s attacks. Remember that Sasuke has the massive edge in technique, skill, power, speed, and everything else. What’s to stop him from just absolutely devastating Giorno with countless attacks? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. That’s why Giorno is going down here. GER is not an ability that would scare Sasuke at all and to be honest, I don’t blame him. Sasuke’s been through a lot here.

        Now for the reality warping part. We can’t go too much deeper here since Sasuke tends to obliterate everyone before they can use his moves but Sasuke was able to land hits on Naruto even while Naruto was in his final forms. Sasuke can teleport and that implies moving through matter and existence so why not just use that momentum to stab Giorno? Potentially he could stab him so quickly that the ability would not have time to activate.

  7. Theres a flaw with what you said there, ultra instinct is very powerful and it does have a limit except we have seen ultra insinct with a limit while ger has not been clarified that return to zero as a limit and tbh i dont think it plans to have a limit any time soon. ger the stand itself specifically says that no matter what attacks and abilities may be thrown at him he will always be able to nullify them
    as for b you say sasuke being able to create electricity is somewhat reality warping, that is by far the stupidest claim to ever make. That electricity is made from chakra something that every living thing posseses in the naruto world, that is legit the most basic thing in naruto. you say sasuke being able to create electricity is reality warping? Clearly you have not watched naruto shippuden to its fullest. kakashi explains that there are 5 types of chakra natures and sasuke has 2 being fire and lightning. thats why he is able to create both fire and lightning style jutsu, cause he has fire and lightning chakra natures. You should know if you even watch naruto. and your quote being”Either way it is enough to beat Return to Zero because that ability will run out of juice” There is no evidence that ger has a limited supply of juice in the first place. while chakra is a limited source and is what keeps sasuke alive. while return to zero has no known weakness and i dont think araki plans to have one for ger. now for your ameterasu claim, its the same thing that i explained. ameterasu uses up chakra, chakra is not something that reality warps its just a ability that he can use that does not have any reality warping effects, so of course ger can easily nullify it. it also goes to show that ger cant get tired of using abilities. there sno energy source that ger is drawing from. so long story short your claims suck balls and you need to get it in your head

    • Hey I think my claims were actually pretty valid to be honest. I get what you mean about chakra natures but that’s still not natural. I couldn’t walk outside right now and summon electricity after all. For the Ultra Instinct part, yeah it’s got a limit but that’s why it’s a perfect example. If even an ability which the gods have trouble using has a limit, then what makes you think Return to Zero wouldn’t have one? They all have limits like this and that’s the best way to illustrate it. So we’ve come full circle. Giorno has no way to hit or hurt Sasuke and he will just be getting absolutely devastated for the entirety of the fight once his ability runs out. Then that’s game over for him

      • Yeah no shit its not natural. But lemme tell you something its a FICTIONAL world, where in the naruto world you can go outside and with the training can manipulate chakra. as for ultra insinct part. im making the claim that ger return to zero has no limit cause there has been no proof of a limit while goku ui has one. You cant say something has a limit if it has not been proven to have one.

      • There is a limit though. Okay here’s an example you can even test out in your room right now. Grab two rulers and put them exactly 10 feet apart. You can get the two rulers to connect by laying down a row of M&Ms until they reach each other but if the gap is too long then you will run out. That’s the same for GER. It can work for a while but then it won’t. Everything in existence and even fiction has a limit


    • You’re making the mistake of using Jojo’s as your only source. Put it this way, all abilities and concepts have limits. Keeping that in mind, we have to assume that GER has a limit too and that means it is game over. Look, Sasuke is just stronger and faster than Giorno so that’s really the end of his chances. Sasuke will just keep swinging until Giorno runs out of energy or messes up and uses the ability wrong. Then it’s game over.

      • Im using the jojo universe as my claim cause thats where the rules come from. NOT EVERYTHING HAS LIMITS. SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE TOLD YOU THAT AND YOU STILL DONT GET IT.
        using outside references to the real world wont work here as this is a reality warping ability that does not involve numbers or physics or calculations in any sort of way besides the number 0 cause thats what the ability does.just cause the real world has a limit does not mean in other worlds it follows the same rules. ger does not follow any sort of rule in the real world. no physics rule no science rule nothing.

      • Everything has limits though that’s the thing. Even in real life, no matter how hard I believe that I can eat 3 bowls at Chipotle, that doesn’t mean I can actually pull it off. It’s the same thing here, there’s just no way for this ability to keep on working.

        My proof is the rules of reality itself. Everything has an end and that’s one of the sobering parts of fiction. Each character will be defeated at one point and in this case Sasuke has the edge because he can spam attacks until he wins

      • You know what’s going to convince us Dreager. Provide evidence from the source material that Return to Zero has this specific limit. That is all that’s going to convince me and wat here. wat, keep repeating that until he either provides it or concedes that he has no evidence from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure source material. You aren’t going to convince anyone using other abilities and concepts as examples Dreager, and it’s pointless to keep repeating that.

      • But I’ve been providing lots of evidence from other series. Let me tell you, that’s the best way to prove a limit most of the time because if you stick to one series then you won’t be getting the full picture. Trust me, you want to see it from other sides since all abilities have limits

      • And we’ve been telling you that isn’t convincing to us.I told you in plain English what will convince us. Using other series isn’t convincing because they have entirely different power systems that operate off of different rules. Please do what we ask Dreager, and find evidence from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that proves this. And you know you shouldn’t be saying “trust me”, we’ve had that discussion as to why that’s unhelpful before.

      • Right, you don’t need to trust me on this one but you’re underestimating Sasuke and overestimating Giorno. Let me put it in a different way then. Every ability has limits and that even includes Giorno’s ability. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. So Sasuke could just keep on spamming Giorno with attacks and that would be the end of that. Not much Giorno could do at that point because his ability would run out

  9. You cant use another series to provide backup to another series’s claim. LIke you cant just use the dragon ball universe to compare a naruto universe claim. Your proof being the rules of reality dont apply with things like the jojo universe. cause some stands could do some crazy reality breaking feats. Like stopping time or hell erasing and rewriting an entire universe, far beyond the rules of reality.
    I see your repeating the same idea of return to zero having limits however allow me to explain it so some idiot can understand.
    1 Return to zero has been shown to not have any limit or cooldown currently.
    You may think it has a limit cause of rules of reality but let me break it down for you

    We know what aliens are. and we know the area 51 raid about aliens.
    we dont know if aliens truly are in area 51. maybe they were not? Maybe there are. The point is
    It has not been proven yet.
    Here another example
    In the real world we currently know only 1 universe.
    However there could be more out there
    more universes.
    But like i would say
    It has not been proven
    we dont know if there is more then 1 universe out there in the real world.
    there could be but it has not been proven.
    we cant say there is more then 1 universe out there cause theirs no real hard evidence of it.
    What im trying to say is if it currently cant be proven through sheer means then we are to assume its one way for now
    Like with giorno’s return to zero, we currently dont know if return to zero has a limit to how much it can be used. Cause its never proven. From what araki tells us, all he tells is the explanation of return to zero, but he never mentioned a limit to return to zero.

    And im using the jojo universe only cause its the only universe we can use if we are debating this kind of thing.
    If we were to debate how physically strong ger was THEN we could use real world comparisons to determine how strong ger would be. Of course its not 100% accurate but it still is better proof then what you have been saying.
    Saying that ger’s return to zero has a limit is not a good argument to make.
    Cause without clarification from the writer nor any on screen or manga proof we cant assume that
    Remember we can only use jojo universe proof cause its the only prof we can use
    Using real world proof like rules of reality cant work like that.
    The jojo universe is semi realistic to our own.
    Same physics same nature same almost everything but with a twist of reality breaking ghost.
    The point is without proof of limits to return to zero you cant say that it has limits just cause the real world does.

    Unless i get real proof of return to zero having a weakness
    then i wont be saying sasuke is winning agiants giorno anytime soon

    • Here’s why you are going to agree with me that Sasuke beats Giorno. Every ability has limits. You don’t need proof of that because it’s just a fact of the universe. Everything has limits and there are no exceptions. It feels bad in a way because it does hurt some abilities but I think you would agree with me in the end that this is for the best because otherwise some characters would be absolutely broken. Think of the Saitama and Bugs Bunnies of the world where people would be saying they had no limits.

      So I get what you’re saying but you’ve overthinking this. The ability has limits because that’s just the way it is. I don’t like having to bring this up but I’m going to have to. People thought Goku had no limits when he first went Super Saiyan and then he got absolutely demolished by Android 19. It just goes to show that everyone has some limits eventually

      • You repeated yourself again, you keep saying that giorno’s return to zero has limits and i keep telling you that there is not a known limit to giorno’s power, so we cant assume his return to zero has a limit.Return to zero or well ger altogether is a truth manipulator. They are able to manipulate the truth overall rules of reality altogether with return to zero. You cant say return to zero has limits cause its just the way it is cause return to zero does not draw off of giorno’s power, ger says that giorno does not even now about return to zero or the effects. Even if he even had a limit which is the most unlikely thing. Sasuke just wont be able to kill giorno in time to figure out how to counter it. return to zero reverts all actions to zero not only that but it can also negate sasuke’s willpower aka sasuke’s will to even fight giorno or hell move. meaning giorno can go for the kill easily from the very first return to zero move. and its not like sasuke can speed blitz giorno anyway since ger has been stated to move at infinite speeds. I dont think the speed of light stacked with sharingan is gonna be able to track those movements.

        sasuke could not track baryon mode naruto’s movements anyway so its even more unlikely he would be able to pull off some sneak attack agiants ger anyway

        This would give giorno time to exploit sasuke’s weaknesses better then sasuke could with ger. Sure its most likely he can see ger thanks to rinnegan but he sure as hell cant hurt ger

        check this out here

        From the writers themselves with that photo

        Sasuke would suffer the fate of the infinite death loop just by being effected by ger’s attacks or return to zero

        Why is stats are unknown?
        its cause there either a meant to be unknown
        or b there above the scale of stats then what the series has shown

        No matter how fast or strong or how determined sasuke is

        Ger would revert sasuke’s first action to zero as well as his will power
        ger would hit sasuke with the stand rush while he is stunned and get put in a death loop which will last forever.
        All giorno really needed was one punch to activate the death loop
        and return to zero to protect him to end up defeating sasuke

        So there you have it, even IF ger had a limit of how many return to zero’s he could spam. All he really needed was one return to zero and a punch to end up beating sasuke

        Sasuke’s will power would be negated by return to zero and sasuke would not be able to move. for proof watch the fight between giorno and diavolo and notice how diavolo says he never moved from the beginning.

        Another thing is that giorno does not have to kill sasuke to activate the death loop. All giorno has to do is land a punch on sasuke and he is in the death loop.

        So there, even if ger has a limited times to use return to zero sasuke would still lose.

        Keeping in mind we dont know ger’s full extent of abilities yet.

        Theres is nothing sasuke can do now

        my point is now proven

      • I’m only repeating myself to emphasize the point. All abilities have limits and that includes GER. GER will run out of juice quickly when Sasuke starts to beat Giorno up the whole time. The reason for this is that resetting the action will really drain all of his stamina right out of the jump. I’m not happy about that either but it’s just the way that it has to be. You know what I’m saying? A part of me wouldn’t even mind if Sasuke were to lose so he could have some humility but it’s not going to happen.

        Now you mentioned the whole resetting his will to 0 but that’s not going to happen. Sasuke fights for his friends and family so nothing’s going to take that drive away. If Giorno tries wasting any time to reset his willpower to 0 then that’s just going to come back to bite him all the harder. You never mess with an Uchiha…ever! That’s rule number 1 in my playbook.

        His will power will just keep on going all the way until he wins. I would flip the situation on you and say that there’s nothing Giorno can do. He’s stuck in a loop of using GER until it runs out and then he’ll get one shotted

      • Dude return to zero will activate once sasuke makes his first move to try and attack giorno, and therfore the events that i said will play out, if sasuke stands still then return to zero would activate and would be able to beatdown sasuke and inf death loop him. There is no winning for sasuke agiants giorno.

        Just accept sasuke has lost this battle cause theres legit no more evidence you have that prove you right about this matchup
        The same would go for naruto as well.
        Both sasuke and naruto would lose to him.
        Sasuke has been stopped by way less
        and has been shown that his chakra is shit

        AND HELL if we talk about current sasuke then he is even more screwed cause he does not have his rinnegan so now he cant even see ger making the chances of him winning way less.

      • Nah man we agree on the beginning but then you’re missing a part. Return to Zero will activate when Sasuke makes a move but he’ll just keep making moves until Giorno runs out of power. Any attempt he makes to get close to Sasuke will end up with him getting absolutely devastated. He can’t get close to the Uchiha. No way, no how. That’s just how that goes. Naruto would definitely win. I already explained, Giorno is basically trapping himself in an eternal death loop if he tries to use GER

  10. I already told you that the very first return to zero that sasuke is effected with is gonna revert his action to 0 as well as his will power making him unable to move, giving giorno the easy chance to stand rush him and death loop the edgy emo boy. And no he cannot keep making moves until giorno runs out of power
    1 Like i said for possibly the 10th time return to zero would negate sasuke’s will to fight and sasuke would therfore be stunned in place where he never moved to begin with, return to zero makes the move sasuke used something that never happend.
    2 what power? Ger does not draw off of giorno’s power and stands dont really have a limited supply of power depending on what stand it is. For ger, there is no power that ger draws off of.

    Naruto would lose cause he would not be able to approach giorno either. Even if sasuke and naruto were facing giorno together they would still lose.

    Both naruto and sasuke are not equipped to take on giorno.

    can you hurry up and admit your precious sasuke would lose to giorno cause its getting repetitive.
    The claims you try to make dont make sense to how sasuke would just keep attacking until ger runs out of power. when you have
    1 not proven ger is drawing off of someone or something’s power
    2 Not shown how sasuke would just continue making moves cause you still dont understand the concept of return to zero and how it works
    3 You act like if sasuke landed a single hit on giorno that would end up killing him when sasuke has struggled agiants a off brand obito with a bunch of kids with mangekyo sharingan.

    • Nah you’re mixing up the events. Let me break it down here. So when the match starts Sasuke is going to zoom right over to Giorno and try to stab him through the heart. GER will automatically activate and reset Sasuke back to where he was. Sasuke will then repeat the action again. This loop will continue until Giono runs out of power and Sasuke stabs him. The key part here is that with every action reset, Giorno has no time to actually move. Once the resets are completed, Sasuke will just take him down for the count. It’s all just a waiting game and that’s why Giorno is doomed here.

      Keep in mind that Sasuke’s my favorite Naruto character but I’m saying this as an extremely impartial debater. It’s not that I want Sasuke to win but that I know he will win, if that makes sense.

      I’ve told you Sasuke is too powerful. I’ve explained the concept of GER in detail now so I think you’re finally going to agree with me here. Also, a single hit from Sasuke would beat Giorno because that guy just isn’t very tough. He’s certainly not at the level where he could give Sasuke a run for his money. The difference in their abilities is absolutely massive and that’s the problem. There’s no way to stop him.

      • Omfg you missed the part where i said that return to zero would negate sasuke’s will to fight did you?
        READ the entire paragraph that i say god danmmit. Sasuke would not be able to repeat the VERY SAME ACTION YOU KEEP SAYING cause his will power to fight would be returned to zero, this would stop all of sasuke;s thoughts to make another move in the first place and that would leave him helpless, HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE NOR THINK OF HIS NEXT ATTACK CAUSE HIS WILL TO DO SO HAS BEEN NEGATED CAUSE OF RETURN TO ZERO.

        And yes giorno by himself is not very tough but giorno has survived losing limbs and being stabbed before so i dont think a single attack from sasuke is enough. Giorno can move when return to zero was used cause he is unaware of it anyway.

        I have been arguing with your stupid ass since march and you still dont understand.

        Its obvious your entire website on debates is just one big troll to trigger people

        Do us a danm favor and quit debating if your this delusional to understand

      • You missed my part where I said Sasuke’s drive is too tough to stop. Giorno would not be able to negate it because Sasuke is just way too powerful. He’s got abilities that I can barely even dream of. So the instant he is negated he would quickly launch an attack because all he can think of is beating the opponent in front of him. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for years. Trust me on this, Giorno is not getting anywhere close to Sasuke.

        Sasuke will just keep on attacking until GER runs out of energy and that thing’s going to run out of juice real quick with how Sasuke’s attacking. There’s just no way to get around his attacks and that’s why this will be game over. It’s no use! Now do you understand why Sasuke would win this one? The guy is an Uchiha who will always claim victory from the jaws of defeat

  11. what i dont understand is how mentally stupid you really are.
    i have explained return to zero’s effects SO MANY DANM TIMES

    I saw the part where sasuke is determined to win but to that i say, fake
    cause return to zero would get rid of that detremination anyway.
    No sasuke cannot get hit with return to zero then launch another attack cause his will to fight would be gone from return to zero and it would be shown that he never moved from the start of the match.

    • You need to read it again then because Sasuke’s will to win is enough for him to do this. He will just know that he has to beat the guy in front of him and will keep on going. He won’t just stand there in place. Sasuke will be the one dominating the competition from the start and showing Giorno why they call him the best in the business. Yeah that’s right, Sasuke will be taking names from start to finish. It’s why they call him the golden fighter. One hit out of Sasuke and Giorno is toast. No time resetting or GER can beat him and I’ve already explained why that is the case

      • How about you go on reddit, make an account, say that sasuke beats giorno and lemme know how much hate you get from 7 billion people around the world

        all of them will be saying the same thing as i said

      • I do have a reddit account though. Google “Dreager1 reddit” and you’ll see my account and how I be spitting out facts all the time. Trust me, if I say that Sasuke beats Giorno then he does. I always be taking wins and they’d agree with me

  12. dude the people who agree with you are either
    also trollers

    sasuke fans who dont want sasuke to lose

    or people who dont understand the concept of ger
    some people say its a stalemate
    some say its giorno who would win
    and some are idiots who think sasuke can speed blitz

    but enough of this im done with this bs

    • Sasuke would speedblitz though. You overestimate GER, it just can’t do much of anything to a man like Sasuke. Sasuke is too powerful and I laugh whenever I remember how he used to just be some kid. Look at him now, one of the most powerful Shinobi in the whole franchise. Honestly it’s all just really impressive tbh. Definitely the kind of character you can look up to

      • I dont overestimate ger, infact i think your overestimating on what sasuke can do to ger, i have said that ger moves at infinite speed, way faster then sasuke can. Yes sasuke is impressive and is without a doubt a very strong character. If it was giorno with just gold expirence and not gold expirence requiem sasuke no doubt would win. Sasuke is not losing cause he is not powerful enough, far from it, sasuke’s power output exceeds ger greatly, But if you have an ability that can negate actions and will to the point where someone cant move or react to the next attack then well sasuke is out of luck here.
        Sasuke cannot speed blitz giorno, that is something you need to understand.
        He also cant just keep pushing until he can land a good hit on giorno cause the hit wont happen if he cant even make it past the first return to zero.

        Im not trying to favorite giorno here, giorno can be defeated. For example kamijou touma is oneof the characters that can beat giorno. Why? cause he has abilites that are similar to giorno’s return to zero. while sasuke has none of those. Now i 100% bet you dont even know who kamijou is. And lemme tell ya he is a character that too can beat sasuke cause he posses powers that sasuke just wont be able to beat

        Sorry bud theres nothing thats gonna convince me that sasuke would beat giorno. Cause this whole comment thing is a infinite death loop, you repeat the same thing again of how sasuke would speed blitz him or how he would just keep trying until ger runs out of power when ger has not been proven to draw from some source of power.

        I want a convincing argument on how sasuke would beat giorno, speedblizting or constant attacking is not gonna work as i just atablished no matter how many times you plan to explain it.

      • I know Touma and he’s weak. The guy’s hand can nullify but his stats are human level so Sasuke would blitz him just like he blitzes Giorno. I’ve said it in the past but constant attacking works because GER can only trap Giorno in a constant loop of having to activate it. There’s nothing else he can do and that’s why he would be crushed here. I don’t want him to be crushed but it just be like that sometimes. There’s no escape for this guy anywhere.

        I’ve already explained why Sasuke wins. GER would run out of juice and Sasuke just speedblitzes until that happens

      • Invalid response, Already said no matter how determined or how strong sasuke’s will is its all gonna be negated by return to zero, no excuses, sasuke does not have super determination

        Try agian 🙂

      • All right, lets just break this down. Even if Giorno tries to reset his will, it’s just too strong. Sasuke will keep on going until he has claimed his victory. There’s no way to remove his will

  13. invalid response, he is not removing his will, its negating it. its negating his will to fight giorno and would leave him in the exact same position he was in. Sasuke’s will is great but you cant classify it as a special trait. cause in debates like these, things like the power of friendship or will basically your typical anime bullshit is completely irrelevant. Your gonna need more then will to take down giorno.

    Try agian 🙂

    • Negating won’t work when you’re really focused here. Remember when Reiner told Eren to fall asleep and he didn’t? That’s because he’s made of sterner stuff and the same is true of Sasuke. Giorno can try his powers but they won’t work because Sasuke is just built different. I’m trying to tell you here but Sasuke just doesn’t roll like that. He will keep fighting until one of them is down for the count

      • invalid response
        Return to zero would set sasuke’s will straight to zero no matter how much he wanted to push on. Return to zero sets all his actions and will to the point of zero hence the name. The claim with reiner telling eren to fall asleep is invalid, cause once agian its in a different universe and two reiner is not using any mind controlling powers to try and make him fall asleep, giorno is resetting sasuke’s will to zero where sasuke has 0 will to fight giorno.

        Try agian 🙂

      • Sasuke’s will is too strong to be reset. In his own words, Sasuke mentioned how he would avenge Itachi no matter what and that nobody would stop him. Remember that even Naruto Uzumaki was unable to stop him. I think that tells us a whole lot about just how powerful Sasuke is, wouldn’t you say? I certainly thought it told me a bunch anyway. This is not someone to be underestimated at all and Giorno can’t stop him.

        Effectively Return to Zero would put Giorno in a losing loop because the instant it doesn’t work…Sasuke wins.

  14. invalid response.
    No matter how strong sasuke’s will is its gonna be reset you dumbass.
    Said it already plenty of times that no matter how much or how strong sasuke’s will is, agiants reality warping ability’s, its useless.

    try agian 🙂

    • No, not when the willpower is that strong. I’m telling you, Sasuke’s not going to fall here. Whenever Giorno resets him, Sasuke will come back even stronger. That ability will run out of juice quickly!

      • invalid response
        Sasuke’s will power is not strong. sasuke is not gonna come back so well from return to zero, if sasuke’s will was thats strong he would have succeeded in beating naruto in that final battle. The fact that you bring up his will to keep fighting means your out of evidence to give since there is none that you can give and you just plan to hope that sasuke’s will is strong enough to push forward againts an ability that legit resets actions and will power to zero. and hell i specified that return to zero has no limits however i put it into a perspective where it does and i proved my point on how giorno would still win

        Will power is not a valid argument for sasuke beating giorno

        Try agian 🙂

      • Nah let me put it this way. Sasuke’s will was so strong that he was able to avenge the Uchiha clan and kept on giving everyone the business. Giorno can’t counter that because it’s just way too powerful. Remember that Return to Zero only sticks Giorno in a loop where he cannot hope to win. There’s nothing he can do there because Sasuke’s in a completely different league! Look, a part of me doesn’t want that to be the case but I really don’t see any way around it. That is his powers and will power is enough.

        Don’t forget that Sasuke is still faster and stronger than Giorno too

  15. invalid response
    You cant say that sasuke’s will is enough to beat him, yes sasuke is stronger then giorno but when it comes to speed ger takes the cake, i legit said ger can move and react at infinite speeds. and no you dont seem to grasp what return to zero does. Return to zero is an ability that reverts all actions and will to 0. let me lay this out
    in the fight theres gonna be a point of zero. the point of zero would be where sasuke is not moving and he has no intention of fighting giorno. when sasuke tries to make the move and has the will to kill giorno, return to zero would then activate. resetting all of sasuke’s actions and will back to the point of zero. the point of zero i specified. Return to zero is not reversing time. Its reverting all actions and will back to the point of zero.
    It does not matter how strong sasuke’s will is. Sasuke’s will cannot bend his destiny nor get past reality warping abilities. Sasuke’s will is irrelevant to this match and thats something you need to grasp. I know danm well you wont even listen to that cause your dumb but i just need you to grasp that.

    Try agian, and try it agian without bringing up sasuke’s will cause his will is irrelevant now

    • Sasuke’s will is too strong though. Just look at the example you gave. When the actions go to 0 then Sasuke would just do them again. As a result GER is trapping Giorno in a loop of losing. There’s nothing he can do there because Sasuke’s in a completely different league! Look, a part of me doesn’t want that to be the case but I really don’t see any way around it. That is his powers and will power is enough.

      Don’t forget that Sasuke is still faster and stronger than Giorno too. GER has good reaction times but nothing that would actually stop Sasuke or do more than make him sneeze. There’s a reason why we all refer to Sasuke as a genius. He has beaten every challenge in front of him and Giorno would be no different

      • invalid response
        Since you dont understand the concept of return to zero or how it works and you cant accept that sasuke’s will would be negated then i dont plan to accept your dumb responses

        Try agian

      • Wait I think you misunderstood something. Return to Zero can’t overwhelm Sasuke’s willpower. It’s too powerful so all that does is put Giorno in a cycle where he loses. The ability will run out of juice and then it is really curtains for him. It feels bad I know, but that’s just how it is

  16. I now know the true intentions of your debating website, its meant to just piss people off.
    Return to zero Can negate sasuke’s will power? cause for one i know sasuke’s will cannot bypass reality warping abilities. hell it never should have been brought up in the first place

    and like i said before return to zero has no cooldown or known limit but im adding a limit cause i also have the proof that giorno can still win

    you however have not proved to me that sasuke can actually do anything to giorno.
    instead you decide to repeat the same thing over and over.

    A debater should know these basic things and a debater should not be repeating the same thing over and over agian saying it will work when the other person has proved that it will

    • We have a 100% accuracy policy here on the blog though. That’s why I know Sasuke wins this one because otherwise that would mean the blog made a mistake. Sasuke’s willpower can absolutely beat return to zero and it would do so quickly. Like I said though, Sasuke wins either way. He is faster and stronger than Giorno. Return to Zero just creates a losing cycle for Giorno

      • yes i did see the guy that said he could beat goku, and he is not wrong. giorno can beat goku, actually giorno can beat alot of your well known anime protagonist. luffy, gojo, gon, kirito,ichigo,mob,yusuke, hell even saitama, you may think its me overestimating him but im not, Thats just how busted giorno with golden expirence requiem is. Like fr dude watch the jojo anime, from part 1 all the way to part 5 and you will understand.
        Look at how many people agreed with my verdict in that link.

        Still dont believe me?

        Watch this video on why golden expirence requiem is that broken and overpowered

        Then look in the comments of this video and see how many people agree with his verdict

      • Nah man Goku would crush him and even take out the whole verse. Look, Giorno is good but nobody in that series is beating Raditz let alone Goku. Their abilities don’t scale that high and all GER does is put him in a losing loop. You can’t use that to beat anyone who is stronger and they’re all in a different league. I understand the hype and that people like Giorno a lot but he is completely out of his league here and I would say that you’d want to keep him far away from guys like Sasuke or Goku because they would go in and go for the win straight up

  17. Something i must also clear up, he does mention that if ger kills you, you get trapped in the death loop, i wanna clear that up and say that is false, cause ger never actually killed diavolo but instead trapped him in the death loop after getting stand rushed.

    • That’s fair and also works against Giorno. Like you’re saying, the ability has a whole lot of weaknesses to it and that’s what will make it difficult for him to even try and stop Sasuke Uchiha

      • what weaknesses does return to zero have?
        Besides of course the supposed number of times giorno can use it in which case is not true as ger can use it as much times as it likes cause there is no confirmed limit

      • The weakness is that it can’t let you defeat an opponent who is more powerful than you are so in a way the ability doesn’t have a use. Anyone who is already faster or stronger than Giorno will always beat him since they will act as soon as the loop ends. There is no way for it to work

  18. Not how it works. Yes sasuke is stronger in terms of power but the fact that return to zero is there means sasuke will never get the chance to actually land a single hit on giorno no matter how fast he is.
    i said that ger has
    -infinite speeds
    -instant reaction time
    -death loop
    -life manipulation
    -return to zero
    Infinite speeds and reaction time means that ger surpasses all of sasuke’s speed feats.

    Return to zero is not putting giorno in a loop of defeat, if it was then giorno would be considered very weak as hell.
    strength and power do not matter in this fight cause sasuke wont be able to land a hit on giorno cause return to zero would revert that action and sasuke’s mind back to the neutral state before sasuke made his first move.
    If ger punches sasuke once or hell he does not even need to touch sasuke at all. ger can put sasuke in the infinite death loop with no escape

    Thats how it would go out and the community of debaters would agree

    • I think you’ve got a misunderstanding of return to zero so let me straighten things out here. It resets Sasuke but can’t do more than that. So every time it resets Sasuke, it buys Giorno a little bit of time. Unfortunately it can’t do more than that so as soon as the loops end then Sasuke will win. This happens infinitely fast so Giorno has no time to move at all. That’s why I say Giorno is the one trapped because before he can make a move then it’ll be all over. Sasuke wins in every scenario because he already has the better stats and GER doesn’t go against that.

      • Dude you cant say i misunderstand return to zero when you have seemed to watch a total of 0 jojo episodes while i have watched all of them and read the part 7 and 8 manga.

        Sasuke would not be able to move after return to zero cause his mind set would not allow him to do after after being negated. that gives giorno the time to death loop him. and ger has the speed to beat sasuke cause i said he has infinite speeds

      • I’ve never read or watched Jo Jo’s but I think that’s why I’m in a unique position to understand his ability better since I read it purely through text and don’t have to see the context. Ger doesn’t have infinite anything, only that his ability activates instantly. Sasuke would still be slapping the life out of him as soon as he’s out of the loop and you can quote me on that

  19. The note being he cant get out of the loop no matter what, you may think that but your mind is far from the truth.

    at least watch jojo to understand why alot of people think this.

    • I will watch it someday for sure but no the loop does end eventually and in the meantime nobody can move so it doesn’t help Giorno. Then once it runs out of juice the match is over for Giorno. He wouldn’t stand…a ghost…of a chance!

      • Im telling you to watch it cause you dont understand how return to zero works.
        If sasule were to be effected by the first return to zero hit his will to fight would be reverted to the point of 0
        The point of 0 being the neutral state of him doing nothing and him not thinking about attacking giorno.
        Even diavolo was aware that he could not move when he was hit by return to zero

      • No that’s not quite right. Put it this way, I’ve been talking for years about how hype everything is including the skills of Sasuke Uchiha. The will to fight can be lowered for an instant but then it’ll shoot right back up the way that a bowl of corn does after a long day of washing the fields. Giorno is stuck in a loop where he can’t win

      • bozo, Giorno Legit has GER and can beat sasuke, these 2 people are telling you that Giorno can beat sasuke that is true if sasuke attacks Giorno would just would just reverse the attacks, I prefer you to watch Giorno vs Diavolo to know who wins, dont just think think sasuke will win, the problem here is that you being a bozo and not watching jjba, legit Giorno has better power than sasuke, do you think that Sasuke can see Giorno’s stand? well NO OF COURSE NOT SASUKE IS NOT A STAND USER, your just a fan of sasuke

      • I’m telling you that Giorno should not be underestimated but GER can’t handle things as well as you think. Put it this way, Sasuke will always be one step ahead and that’s not even counting his immense power. A single shot from an Uchiha is enough to bring most opponents to their knees. Giorno will be no exception here unfortunately

  20. Something you dont understand is that sasuke is not losing cause he is not strong enough, in terms of power and physical strength sasuke surpasses ger’s strentgh capability’s.
    But since sasuke is not a stand user he cannot hurt ger in the first place, and thats me not counting the power of return to zero.
    Im not saying ger has no weakness. Ger just has weaknesses that sasuke cannot apply to this battle.
    His power is useless when ger can use return to zero to negate the attack, and ger can do this over and over again non stop. Cause return to zero is a passive move and activates without giorno’s thought to use return to zero.
    And return to zero does not draw off of any known power source so there is no known limit to how much he can use return to zero. and there really should not be a limit if its a passive ability.

    You also seem to think that sasuke being an uchiha means he would win. Just because sasuke came from oen of the strongest clans in all of naruto, does not mean he is gonna win all his fights outside of the naruto verse.

    And you say that he is always one step ahead but just how though, agian your not explaining anything really your just saying how amazing sasuke is.

    This fight is really a boy who has a strong will and powers and has struggled to the top and has known weaknesses, agiants a entity who is unknown, has reality warping abilities and is seen to not struggle one bit at all.

    So far you have given 0 actual convincing evidence on why sasuke would win.
    You constantly say how amazing sasuke is and his struggle to the top, and you keep saying things that have not been proven by actual lore yet.

    How are you gonna make a debate where you know everything on one character but not know actual jack shit about the other.
    You even admitted to sasuke being your favorite character. Your biased on this debate.

    • My guy, Giorno Giovanna with GER can legit place Sasuke in a death loop by RTZ, and u r always defending Sasuke but Sasuke just lost, Sasuke cant just escape the death loop he would just yknow, die infinitly, like who thinks Sasuke can see GER, better watch JJBA my guy or ur just a big Bozo, Sasuke may be fast but Giorno can RTZ so Sasuke cant even get out even he is fast, so Giorno Giovanna stomps Sasuke.

      • No the death loop won’t work on Sasuke. Remember that the instant GER runs out of juice it’s over. Giorno isn’t fast enough to keep up with Sasuke or strong enough to endure his blows so he would be getting stomped here. I say this as both a Sasuke fan and as someone who knows all of the JoJo memes. It’s just a done deal

    • “Wat” is telling the truth while u dreager just there say “oh sasuke can defeat giorno” but wrong, giorno can beat sasuke, sasuke may be fast but GER has very high reaction time, so that means GER has its own state of mind, some stand has their own minds and can also talk unlike other stands, but GER is the requiem version of GE, so Giorno does not need to control it, allowing GER attack with out giorno commanding him, don’t even think sasuke will escape the death loop he will just die non stop, even sasuke is in his powerful state he can’t escape the death loop, making Giorno
      stomp Sasuke.

      • Sasuke can defeat Giorno though. GER has good reaction times but isn’t fast enough to dodge Sasuke’s attacks. The loop will never have time to effect Sasuke because he will be on the offensive the whole time. There’s just no stopping this guy, he’s on a completely different level on all fronts. That is the power at his disposal

    • I’ve been dominating here though. Also, while Sasuke is my favorite character I’m doing this impartially or I would have really said that he stomps. I think there’s a fundamental disconnect on how GER works. First off, Sasuke would be able to hurt a stand. Their whole not being able to be touched by someone doesn’t work on an Uchiha. Why? Because that’s a supernatural thing in their area but it wouldn’t apply here. Sasuke can use the Chidori to just zap him over and over again. Also, doing the whole loop thing won’t work because as I said, Sasuke will just be attacking again as soon as he leaves it.

      The whole fight boils down to this. Is Sasuke fast enough to hurt Giorno and is he motivated enough to keep getting fired up when his willpower is negated. Both of the answers to that are yes which is why he wins

      • Ger’s reaction is pretty much instant. Infact its been stated to move at infinite speeds.
        Like just explain to me how is sasuke supposed to outspeed something that can react at infinite speeds
        And also no, sasuke cannot hurt stands. Only stands can hurt other stands.
        Why do you bring up sasuke being an uchiha? uchiha’s dont have any known abilities to hurt or reality warp.
        Once agian watch jojo or go on google and search up how return to zero works. Sasuke cant break through return to zero.
        And also, if you have not watched jojo dont think you have any right to say how ger works.
        The way you think ger works is absolute bullshit that its pretty much laughable.
        The answers to your final comment?

        No sasuke is not fast enough to get a hit on giorno and no sasuke’s will is not gonna be any game changer to this fight, besides rtz would set his will to 0.
        And its permanent until giorno hits sasuke or does something to sasuke.
        Sasuke’s will wont regenerate when he is hit by rtz, really its only gonna come back once giorno lands a solid hit on him. cause diavolo could not move when he was hit by rtz even when he clearly saw ger coming towards him.

        All in all sasuke wont be able to land a single hit on giorno cause every action he takes to hurt him will be negated straight to 0, where then he will recieve that ger beatdown before being put into a death loop for all eternity.

      • So here’s the thing, the ability activates instantly but the Stand itself isn’t super fast like that. So he can do the whole GER motivation loop but once it runs out of juice then Sasuke goes on to win as usual. The issue with that ability is nobody can move during the loop so all it does is buy Giorno some time.

        As for the Uchiha point, I just like the name. Sounds pretty hype. As for the ability, I have looked it up and it’s not all that impressive. Whether it could even hold Sasuke in a loop is another question.

        Giorno can’t land a hit because once Sasuke’s out of the loop it’s over with the speedblitz. The negating his actions will only work for so long and then that’s it. All GER does is delay the inevitable which is why it does not win fights.

  21. Once agian your not really in any position to say how ger works since you never seen it in full action nor read about it in some articles.

    To sum up Ger’s ability
    Its basically one word
    Sasuke running in with a chidori?
    Sasuke casting a genjutsu?
    Sasuke slicing with his susanoo sword?
    Sasuke trying to land ameterasu?

    The keyword No for this example is that whatever sasuke tries to do, Ger would be like No to that action and therfore negate the action itself

    Another example

    Lets say sasuke once agian comes running in with a chidori or in this case tries to speedblitz giorno.
    it turns out that sasuke never actually moved from his spot.

    That is return to zero.
    You may think sasuke tried to speedblitz giorno but it turns out he never did, nor think of trying to just go in for the speedblitz.

    Return to zero negates the action to the point where it never actually happend.
    Sasuke will never speedblitz giorno cause he never could in the first place, even if he tried.
    Sasuke will never be able to hit giorno cause with return to zero, Sasuke would never try it.

    That is what makes ger’s rtz so broken.

    Besides if you knew giorno was outmatched for sasuke
    Then why make a debate on him?
    Hell why make a debate on him if you know nothing about giorno and just assume his abilities.

    Thats the problem if you make a debate and claim online without doing research, cause if you go in knowing all about one character and not know about the other character and your claim was wrong.

    Your gonna look stupid.

    • “wat” is legit telling you many times that giorno is stronger but u never listen, the reaction of GER is much faster than sasuke’s reaction making sasuke not landing a hit on giorno, not even sasuke’s range attacks can hit giorno, GER has its own state of mind and can talk as well unlike other yknow, even white snake and spicy girl has their own state of mind, the death loop cant be escaped, making sasuke stuck forever in the death loop, sasuke may be faster but GER’s reaction is much faster, if GER was in its awakening state, oh well sasuke will not stand a chance againts it, GER’s awakening mode buffs GER’s strength and endurance, making GER stomping sasuke, you did not even brought a single evidence.

      • No I’ve been explaining why that wouldn’t work. Check my earlier comments, GER can only delay the inevitable with its negations but can never take the lead. It’s why I’m not a big fan of that ability, it will always let you down in the end which is really tragic when you think about it. Once it runs out of juice then Sasuke will win in an instant. He just has to repeat his actions until then

    • No, I have read about GER but I’m not impressed. All it does is delay a loss but it can’t actually help you. It can negate actions for a while but Sasuke just has to repeat those actions over and over until GER runs out of energy. Additionally, Sasuke does outmatch both of them. You asked why make a fight when there’s a clear winner but that’s the whole point of debates. I’ve had Dora the Explorer fight Superman in the past, that’s an even bigger one sided match but all of these fights have to happen someday. It’s just how it is and I think I’ve done a good job of explaining why Sasuke stomps here

      • You are stupid on so many levels.

        For one your in no position to explain how rtz works since you clearly dont know how it works or what it does. Nor have you ever done research and understand it. i can tell you that 95% of people who do this debate know that giorno beats sasuke cause he does.
        You however are too stupid to understand and make examples that are irrelevant to the topic or make fake examples that dont apply to the topic.

        The fact that you went out of your way to do a debate on Dora vs superman proves how stupid you really are.
        Dora’s a fucking child while superman is pretty much a god.
        What the hell were you thinking back then?
        I dont think any person in the world needs an explanation on why its so pointless.

        But back to this debate.

        If ger were to use return to zero on sasuke here is what would happen

        -Sasuke’s action that threatens giorno will be reverted back to the point of 0
        -Sasuke’s will would also be reverted to 0 meaning he has no will to fight.
        -After that sasuke would not be able to move a muscle until giorno lands a hit on him.
        -Sasuke would get a beatdown before getting put in the death loop.

        The point of zero is the default state of sasuke, where he is not moving and has no will to fight giorno, Thats what i mean by point of 0
        Thats what the name is

        No sasuke cannot just be hit by return to zero and then just be restored back to normal to attack agian. Diavolo was effected by return to zero and could not move or attack until giorno hits him. Therfore he receives a beatdown before being put in a death loop.
        Heres what i need you to do

        1.Prove that rtz has a limit,prove that rtz is being drawn off of some power source, fail to do that and therfore rtz can be spammed as much as possible
        Keep in mind rtz is a passive ability
        2.Understand the full concept of rtz, cause you clearly dont.

        3.Prove that sasuke would be able to power through rtz

        4.Prove that sasuke can outspeed ger even though ger has infinite reaction time
        Like what speed feat does sasuke have that can outspeed infinite reaction time?
        This is not even including his life beam which fires at light speed and creates life
        or the fact that sasuke cant hurt ger cause he is not a stand user.
        Its arguable that he can see ger thanks to rinnegan but he has not proven or shown any abilities of hurting things like stands.

        Like fr just search up giorno vs sasuke on google and just look at the sheer amount of people who say giorno would win, cause their right, Giorno can beat alot of anime characters like sasuke and naruto.

        Its hard to believe cause giorno is not as popular as many of the other anime characters.
        It hurts but hey some random ass boy with a right hand could beat giorno, as well as giorno’s father with over heaven.

      • Yoooo that stings bruh. But put it this way, I’m one of the first to realize that Giorno can’t win this fight. He is strong for sure but let me tell you…he’s not in Sasuke’s league!! Less goooo. Okay but in all seriousness here are my answers to your questions above.

        Dora vs Superman was necessary because that bag is usually completely invincible so could Superman stop her from using it or would it be game over? It was a fun battle to be sure.

        Okay so point 1, GER has a limit because everything has a limit. It’ll run out of juice eventually and when that happens it’s over.

        Point 2: I know the concept of RTZ, perhaps even better than most JoJo fans at this point. There’s a clear and easy reason as to why it won’t work here for long. Like you said, it’ll revert Sasuke to 0 but it can’t keep him there. Even Itachi wasn’t able to choke Sasuke for long with his paralysis.

        If RTZ tried for too long it would reverse on itself.

        The problem with RTZ is that it can bring you to 0 but it can’t actually keep you there. That’s because its power has more limits than I ever could have dreamed of. That’s just the way that it is tbh.

        As for number 3, Sasuke can power through it because he has strength of will. He would be able to find his motivation and just keep it moving. That’s part of what makes Sasuke so impressive. He will always rise above and keep on snagging wins until he can’t anymore. It’s why he is the ultimate fighter and a member of the Uchiha clan. No matter how many times Giorno resets him, it won’t be enough.

        As for number 4, GER isn’t infinitely fast at all. His ability activates instantly but in terms of pure speed he’s only a little better than average. Trust me when I say that Sasuke won’t be scared at all here. He’s just in a completely different league right off the bat.

        So I think these answers should finally convince you.

      • “Okay so point 1, GER has a limit because everything has a limit. It’ll run out of juice eventually and when that happens it’s over.”

        Provide evidence from JoJo source material.Provide evidence from JoJo source material. Provide evidence from JoJo source material. Provide evidence from JoJo source material. That is the only thing that will be convincing. All other arguments are will be treated as worthless, because they are. You’ve been told what will convince people that aren’t siding with Sasuke on this one. Do the one thing that is asked of you.

        “Point 2: I know the concept of RTZ, perhaps even better than most JoJo fans at this point. There’s a clear and easy reason as to why it won’t work here for long. Like you said, it’ll revert Sasuke to 0 but it can’t keep him there. Even Itachi wasn’t able to choke Sasuke for long with his paralysis.”

        Inducing paralysis does not equal reality warping. They aren’t even remotely the same thing. This point is unhelpful to the core. Also no, you do not understand RTZ better than people who have actually watched the anime or read the manga. You’ve made that very apparent with your complete misunderstanding of how it functions

        “As for number 3, Sasuke can power through it because he has strength of will. He would be able to find his motivation and just keep it moving. That’s part of what makes Sasuke so impressive. He will always rise above and keep on snagging wins until he can’t anymore. It’s why he is the ultimate fighter and a member of the Uchiha clan. No matter how many times Giorno resets him, it won’t be enough.”

        From two JoJo wikis:

        “Gold Experience Requiem’s ultimate ability is to revert all actions and WILLPOWER back to the state of “zero”, completely nullifying them and preventing them from becoming “real”. For simplicity’s sake, it’s comparable to performing Ctrl-Z (undo), completely denying any causality.”

        “Gold Experience Requiem’s ultimate ability is to revert actions and WILLPOWER directed against Giorno back to the state of “zero”, completely nullifying them and preventing them from becoming “real”.Hence, it is virtually invincible, as all “supposed” actions created by an opponent would have been reset (back to point zero). Once struck by this effect, there is no escape from it, and the opponent will have every action they perform reverted back to “zero”. ”

        From a translated description of the Stand:

        Another translated description of the Stand:

        Explanation from Game Rant:

        All of these descriptions make it very clear that willpower is irrelevant to RTZ. All of them. And you’ll find this to be the case on basically every description you can find of GER’s ability. You can go on and on about willpower all you want. But all of these descriptions of the same ability will directly contradict you.

        “As for number 4, GER isn’t infinitely fast at all. His ability activates instantly but in terms of pure speed he’s only a little better than average. Trust me when I say that Sasuke won’t be scared at all here. He’s just in a completely different league right off the bat.”

        I’m not going to talk about infinite speed, because that gets into a level I don’t want to get into. The problem is that you directly admit that its an instant activation ability. And since you’ve yet to provide evidence from the source material that GER works off of an energy source, there’s nothing stopping this battle from essentially becoming a loop.

      • For the limit, I don’t need a JoJo’s source because this is true across all of media. Everything has limits and there are no exceptions to that, trust me on this one. That’s always been the case ever since the start because if there were no limits then that would just be broken. You have to go with the upper limit that you’ve seen but can’t really go beyond that. It can be no fun but that’s how it goes.

        Your examples from the wiki just help my case. Lets use the ctrl-z example they used. You’re undoing Sasuke’s action so he can just keep on doing it again and again until GER runs out of juice. There is no way to stop Sasuke, only to delay him. That’s why these characters are so doomed because they are completely out of their league here. The loop only prevents Giorno’s loss for a while.

        It is an instant activation ability however that means you can only spam it until it runs out of energy. If GER is hitting the ctrl-z option then Sasuke is effectively slamming ctrl-v each time. It’s an infinite loop until GER runs out of energy and Sasuke wins. Sasuke wouldn’t grow fatigued or tired because each time it’ll feel like it was the first time for him. That is GER’s biggest weakness

      • “For the limit, I don’t need a JoJo’s source because this is true across all of media. Everything has limits and there are no exceptions to that, trust me on this one. That’s always been the case ever since the start because if there were no limits then that would just be broken. You have to go with the upper limit that you’ve seen but can’t really go beyond that. It can be no fun but that’s how it goes.”

        I’m talking about providing proof of a specific limit Dreager, i’ve repeated this multiple times. I KNOW EVERYTHING HAS LIMITS AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THAT. Let me make that very clear. It cannot use other abilities beyond RTZ and Golden Experience’s standard abilities. That is a hard limit. But you need to provide evidence from a JoJo’s source that RTZ runs off of a power source. Can you show some common courtesy in this debate and at least attempt to find some evidence from the source material that this SPECIFIC limit exists. Again this is about you providing evidence for a SPECIFIC limit that you are simply bullshitting into existence to prove a nonexistent point. This point is irrelevant, find evidence from the source material or you’ve lost the argument, period.

        “Your examples from the wiki just help my case. Lets use the ctrl-z example they used. You’re undoing Sasuke’s action so he can just keep on doing it again and again until GER runs out of juice. There is no way to stop Sasuke, only to delay him. That’s why these characters are so doomed because they are completely out of their league here. The loop only prevents Giorno’s loss for a while.”

        Again provide evidence from the source material that this SPECIFIC limit exists. You aren’t allowed to just assert that RTZ runs off of a power source without direct evidence from the source material. I’ve already listed limits for GER that satisfy your point about everything having limits. GER has limits, it’s very obvious to see, but you haven’t provided proper evidence from the source material to prove this SPECIFIC limit exists. Find evidence from the source material or you’ve lost the argument, period.

        “It is an instant activation ability however that means you can only spam it until it runs out of energy. If GER is hitting the ctrl-z option then Sasuke is effectively slamming ctrl-v each time. It’s an infinite loop until GER runs out of energy and Sasuke wins. Sasuke wouldn’t grow fatigued or tired because each time it’ll feel like it was the first time for him. That is GER’s biggest weakness”

        *insert complaints about the first and second paragraphs here, it’s literally the same argument said a different way*

        Be courteous and at least attempt to provide evidence from the source material when asked Dreager. It’s been made clear what will convince us time and time again. Listen for once and actually do what your asked to do.

      • I’ve been very courteous the whole time tbh. I don’t yell or use any swear words but granted I’ve always lived my life not doing those things so it comes naturally. I’ve also been explaining why I have absolutely dominated this debate so far.

        Check these links out:

        GER has so many limits that even Jo Jo fans are saying that people are overestimating it. That’s what I’ve been saying from the start. The ability’s not bad but it’s definitely not good enough to turn the tables here. Not by a long shot, it just isn’t going to be a top tier ability in combat because all it does is delay Giorno from winning all the time. Take that away and what does he have left? Not much if you ask me.

        So that takes care of the limits and I’m using sources and articles from big fans of the series so that should work. With that in mind then Sasuke absolutely dominates on all of the fundamental stats and skills. There is just no stopping him and the man is an Uchiha after all so it’s not like that’s super surprising. He’s just not losing like that

  22. it seems that dreager decided to make another alt thinking that it would convince me
    Either that or someone is smart and dumb at the same time

    Alright lemme break this down for you

    For number 1
    Stop saying everything has a limit, most things do have a limit but for ger’s rtz it has not been proven yet, you cant just assume rtz has a limit to how much it can be used just cause of the irl claim of nothing has a limit, stands have been capable of bullshit that surpass anything irl based. hell the concept of stands itself have already surpassed it anyway.
    So no you still haven’t proven to me about that

    Number 2 I highly doubt you know the concept of rtz, For somoene who admitted to never watching a single full jojo season or hell most important golden wind, then no you have no clue what your talking about.
    Yes rtz will keep him there,even when diavolo was aware of him being effected by rtz he still couldn’t move even afterwards cause his will to attack was gone.

    Number 3 this is not some anime character power of friendship bullshit, No matter how strong sasuke’s will is, rtz will reset it to 0 and it would stay like that until giorno hit him.
    Like legit i had to explain that possibly more then 10 times.

    Number 4 yes ger can react at infinite speeds, or even then its definitley faster then light speed or anything sasuke can scale to with speed.besides one of his attacks is a legit laser that creates life, and lemme tell you that laser is powerful, its only used once and we see it being crazy op.

    Yes its a stand activated ability but its a stand passive ability. So yes ger is faster and any action sasuke will take to attack giorno will be negated by rtz.

    Hell in one of the articles they say ger is not seen agian.
    Araki legit had to write out ger, not just cause he was a side character but cause if he was included in any other part, it would kill the story cause ger’s rtz ability is just that fucking busted.

    -sasuke cannot power through rtz
    -sasuke’s will is not gonna help him in this fight
    -ger has infinite reaction speeds
    -ger so far has not been proven to have a limit to how many rtz he can use. after all, jotaro and dio dont have a limit to how many time stop’s they can use, Of course they do have weaknesses with time stop but its a PROVEN thing while ger’s rtz has so far 0 evidence on weaknesses besides that rtz only reverts actions that harm giorno.

    • What is this alt you’re talking about? It’s just me on this end and each of the other comments are supporting Giorno so….not sure what you’re getting at.

      For number 1, everything has a limit. Again, GER is no exception to this because there are no exceptions. He’ll get taken down just like everyone else because there is no way to stop this kind of absolutely insane power. It can’t be done and many have tried. Even characters like Goku who can shatter all realities have their limits.

      For RTZ, I understand it perfectly and that’s what I’m trying to say. It can slow Sasuke down and keep things in a loop for a while but not forever. That energy will stop and when it does, Sasuke will be going for the gold. He won’t stop until he’s achieved victory. Giorno has no way around that

  23. FOR GOD’S SAKE, u legit made an frickin alt, how we know? you always say “Giorno will run out of juice” i mean like bruh its very cringe making an alt thinking we will change our minds smh.

    • He says giorno will run out of juice cause he thinks everything has a limit, yes rtz has a limit but not in how much it can be used in a battle.
      Rtz’s limit is that it can only revert actions that harm giorno.
      Key word being actions, so if sasuke were to just stand still and do nothing then rtz cant do anything.

      However though this weakness or well limit for rtz is not that bad.
      considering its gonna revert all actions that are attempting to harm giorno, like sasuke even trying to harm him, making this weakness kinda irrelevant.

      But for the rtz has a limit thing he still has not proven shit. and when he does, its Shit evidence that does not make sense.

      Like he compared goku’s ultra insinct having a limit cause it had a limit before.
      But i dont think his dumbass understands that ultra instinct is fueled on ki,every person in the dragon ball universe(maybe counting out zeno) has a limited supply of ki, Its a PROVEN thing by the dragon ball universe. unlike with stands where giorno’s stand does not take up stamina or energy from him, nor does it draw power from giorno. cause there’s no evidence of it.

      How can you say something has a limit or some weakness if its not been proven by the rules of that universe.

      He is comparing real life rules to fictional universes.

      Like yes sure comparing things like strength speed durability are acceptable and there are some circumstances where yes comparing real life rules to fictional universes are ok.
      But things like,”since everything in the real world has limits then that must mean giorno’s rtz has a limit”

      Thats not how it works.
      Giorno is bending reality with his stand.
      In which nobody in the real world has done,

      Like i cant just stab myself with a arrow and get a stand in real life.

      Overall he is completely the worst debater i have ever seen, and im pretty sure alot of people would agree, he says that alot of people agree with him too but considering how this so called annoymous came in to support his answer i have high expectations for the people who agree with him to be alts.

  24. your pretty dumb dreager, trying to use alts to change our mind, and now your saying is not your alts? for gods sake, we know your using alts is just due to you just saying “limits” and “juice”, is that you? OFC it is we are not dumb enough to think that is your alt, thats very pathetic that you are using alts to change our mind.

    • You seem very confused right now so I’d recommend taking a nap and then looking at the comments again. If you click control-f and type in limit or juice, you’ll see that every comment is from me. Again, don’t see where you’re seeing any alt so just take a nap real quick and get back to me 🙂

  25. pretty much i slept at night early, so thats making you not having a single evidence, Giorno and beat sasuke but, Giorno cant beat Dio over heaven just due to reality overwrite and Dio over heaven can just hit sasuke once with reality overwrite making sasuke lost, sasuke cant just move in TS (time stop) even sasuke’s speed cant move in Dio over heaven’s time stop, Giorno can summon living things, when giorno summons a scorpion and then when sasuke attacks it, the damage will be inflicted hurting sasuke, like Diavolo just hit Giorno’s scorpions, GER is the 2nd strongest stand in Jojo (i think) while The world over heaven is the top strongest stand in Jojo, so Giorno and Dio over heaven can beat sasuke, many people just voted for Giorno to win and i think it was 14% voted for sasuke to win, you just let sasuke win just cuz your a sasuke fan boy.

    • Okay glad we got that settled. Now for the evidence, I’ve been saying from the start that Sasuke has powers and abilities far beyond that of any mortal fighter. With the Sharingan at the ready there’s no way Giorno can sneak up on him. The reality overwrite won’t be doing much here either because Sasuke is just too fast the whole time. I know I was at least one of the 14% but the poll’s finished by now so the numbers are all stuck. Hear me out here, even Diavolo would not be able to defeat Sasuke Uchiha

  26. Once agian your a fucking dumbass.

    Like bro we get it you love sasuke, marry him while your at it but dont vouch for him on debates where he cant win

    To debunk it all

    First of all yes you really can only use one media that being the jojo media.

    Cause the jojo universe has its own set of rules, yes there similar to the real world but not 100%
    as real.

    What your trying to explain for it is the same as

    Comparing the naruto universe to the dragon ball universe like there connected somehow.

    Ki does not exist in the naruto world and vice versa with chakra in the dragon ball world.

    Stop saying trust me on this one cause lemme tell you legit nobody trust’s you on your claim.
    Cause you have not proven shit
    All you said was
    -everything has a limit.
    That is shit evidence, and i even explained what ger’s rtz limit is and its quite a irrelevant one.
    you have given 0 evidence on rtz having a limit to how much it can be used.
    You keep sending examples like goku’s ui has a limit so that must mean rtz has a limit too.

    The difference is that ui runs on ki, and we know everyone has a limited supply of ki, and like all of other goku’s forms that must mean it runs on ki too, of course this is just an example if we did not know if ui had a limit. we know it does cause IT HAS BEEN PROVEN BY THE DRAGON BALL MEDIA, UNLIKE RTZ WHICH THE CREATOR ONLY SPECIFIED THE USE OF RTZ NOT ITS LIMITS OR WEAKNESSES.

    You also dont understand that rtz is legit going to reset sasuke’s will to 0
    You cant accept it.
    Your so mad that you legit cant.

    what your explaining is this

    “sasuke’s will is so strong that it can restore his will even if it got reset”

    That makes no fucking sense.

    And thats what your explination is in nutshell/

    Your ctrl+z example is shit
    Cause “ok ctrl+z the action back to normal”

    Think of it this way
    and im using your stupid dumb examples.

    Your writing an essay and sasuke is the delete button, and you accidently delete your entire essay
    For this battle it would be sasuke attacking giorno.
    Ctrl+z is ger’s rtz
    You use ctrl+z and boom your essay is back
    This would be where rtz reverts sasuke’s will and action
    So what do you do next? Delete the fucking essay agian? like how you keep saying sasuke will attack agian.
    No the fuck you dont
    You continue writing the essay and then save it.
    This would be ger stand rushing sasuke before putting him in a death loop.

    See i used your stupid ctrl+z example agiants you
    How does it feel?

    Next up is how the fuck you think rtz has a limtit to how much it can be used

    You want rtz’s limit you ask
    Its limit is that it can only revert actions that harm giorno.
    Boom thats the limit to rtz’s power.

    First of all you have given shit evidence that makes no sense and is not backed up by the jojo media, and you also seem to include other media’s as well which makes no fucking sense whatsoever.
    irl evidence is really only acceptable when trying to calculate someones strength speed reaction time and durability.

    But it cant be used when trying to figure out if rtz has a limit cause theres no evidence there.

    Unlike sasuke who has a limit to how much chakra he can use. and we have seen previously how sasuke runs out of chakra FAST. he even got his hands thrown by some budget version akatsuki member when he was an adult.
    So yeah sadly i dotn think sasuke has the chakra needed for this fight if he is gonna fight giorno, cause him using his sharingan is already draining his chakra.
    His chakra is going to run out faster then giorno’s so called limit. But of course giorno’s rtz has no limit anyway so sasuke is dead.

    • You’re coping right now. Look, I’m a big Sasuke fan but I’m looking at this objectively. In response to your ctrl z response, I would try to rewrite the essay. Why wouldn’t I? It’s the only way I have to keep on going and to secure the wins as soon as possible. That’s why Sasuke would keep doing this until GER runs out. He wouldn’t run out of chakra because to him this is the first time it happens since GER negates everything including chakra consumption. It’s why Giorno’s just running his tires here since he will be running out of energy while Sasuke will be squeaky fresh.

      I won’t ask you to trust me, but trust me when I say that Sasuke has this in the bag. I’ve debunked every single one of your points methodically. It wasn’t easy I’ll give you that but I pulled it off. Sasuke has the edge in every single statistic imaginable so how can he lose? It’s not happening, no it’s definitely not happening at all. He has the skills and tools in order to win. If Giorno looks into his eyes it’s over too.

      • Your clueless, absolutely clueless

        You have no idea what your saying right now.
        for the ctrl+z
        your telling me you would rewrite the essay instead of ctrl+z the whole thing back?

        I think your saying that so that your precious sasuke would win
        Ctrl+z is rtz and sasuke is the delete button.
        sasuke deletes the essay
        Rtz brings it back
        Do you delete the essay agian or do you continue writing the essay like nothing happend?
        Of course you continue writing the essay.
        That would be ger stand rushing sasuke rn
        and the save button is sasuke in a deathloop

        What your saying is this
        sasuke deletes the essay
        Ger uses ctrl+z to bring it back
        Sasuke deletes it agian?
        that makes no sense
        Why delete the essay agian if you just used ctrl+z to bring it back?
        Thats what your stupid explination is in a nutshell

        You also have not proven that rtz has a limit so idk why the hell you keep saying it will.

        Like sasuke losing chakra is a proven thing while ger’s rtz running out does not.

        And no you have not debunked all my points in fact all you have done is repeat the same shit agian
        Here is a list on what shit you have been repeating
        -everything has a limit
        -sasuke can speedblitz
        -sasuke’s will is too strong
        -ger will run out of juice

        what the hell have you debunked?

        You said sasuke had every edge?

        Sasuke cannot cope with ger’s reaction speed.
        i legit said ger is way faster and like i also said rtz is passive.
        and lemme tell you this

        If ger was still able to activate rtz even when diavolo used erase time, where only diavolo is in control.

        Then its easy to say that rtz would activate upon sasuke attacking giorno


        Your such a sasuke fan that its so unbelievably funny how i found the most stubborn sasuke fan.

        Its freaking hilarious how your so desperate to get sasuke to win that you even resorted to saying sasuke’s will would be strong enough to win the fight

        That’s desperation right there.

        Despite all i said you still believe sasuke would win.

        If the world saw this they would be laughing at you for how stupid you are.

        There really is no convincing a die hard sasuke fan

        as giorno would say
        Its pointless
        completely pointless

        Even jojo agress that your an idiot.

        You thought sasuke would win to a freakin time stopping reality warping stand.
        Thats how dumb you are.
        No actually thats how big of a sasuke simp you are.

      • Let me bring this back to reality for a second. Sasuke is much stronger than Giorno but that doesn’t mean I’m desperate. If anything that shows that I’m keeping things reasonable right here. His will is enormous, he’s an Uchiha after all! Uchiha power is legendairy for all the right reasons. Put it this way, if I was in a dark alley right now I would much rather run into Sasuke than Giorno. Like it’s not even a contest because at least I’d get knocked out quick.

        Not sure why you’re still talking about RTZ. Sure, Giorno can activate it right away but it’s not going to actually do anything to Sasuke. It’ll just delay the win. Lets go back to the ctrl z example. So I’ve written an essay and Giorno uses ctrl z to remove it. All I have to do is type it out again the same way I would the first time. Because the action has been negated I’ll think that I just did it for the first time. You just made my point!

        Yoooo!!! You actually just made my point there. Sasuke will still be fresh each time while Giorno is wasting more and more time. I think that’s game set and match. You just agreed with me by mistake that Sasuke absolutely wins this round.

        I’ve debunked everything and all of my points are still valid. I think the one thing keeping you from agreeing with me is that you think GER has no limits so let me ask you this…why do you think that? It’s clear that it does, less gooooo

  27. Something your wrong about is that no rtz does not refresh sasuke’s power, only his action to harm giorno as well as his will. You would know this if you knew how rtz worked and were not a sauske simp.
    Theres proof of this cause diavolo’s finger that was cut off before ger used rtz did not regenerate when rtz was used. So no rtz does not replenish sasuke’s power.
    Sasuke would just waste his chakraby attacking him. Like i said rtz only reverts actions that harm giorno. meaning that sasuke’s chakra would not be reverted, only his attempted to harm giorno would. meanign that yes sasuke would just keep burning out his chakra.

    And no you have not debunked anything at all, and no your points your giving are not valid and i believe everyone who has commented on this debate can agree.

    second yes sasuke is stronger but his strength wont matter awhen he cant hurt ger or even get past rtz anyway.

    His will is enourmous you say?
    And you say its because he is an uchiha.
    Last time i checked i dont think uchihia’s have the power of will on their side.
    Will is almost irrelevant to this match cause of rtz

    And you keep saying that rtz is just delaying sasuke’s win, it is not, if it is then he would have lost to diavolo.
    Its pretty much impossible for you to understand the concept of rtz
    You may think you understand it but you really dont XD

    Sasuke may look cooler and more powerful but then agian
    Zeno does not look threatening at all, and yet he is pretty much the strongest dragon ball character there is.

    I want you to look through the comments and show me one guy currently that has sided with you.

    Afterall i gave you a link to a website where they do this debate and Legit almost everyone there said giorno would win.

    Giorno can easily deal with any character form naruto anyway, including naruto

    Check that video out and that is legit how the fight would almost go.
    And it would be the same fate for sasuke.

    Then look at the comments and just look at the SHEER amount of people that agree with the battle

    And hell

    Once you do that let me know how much hate you get from it

    • Sure I left a comment saying that Naruto solos tbh. Trust me, he easily takes out Giorno. Naruto’s a little stronger than Sasuke even so you really don’t want to start comparing those two. It’s just a no win situation for Giorno.

      Check these out

      Giorno is getting stomped and I didn’t want to have to say it but that’s just the truth man. He’s not ready to catch these hands. Now lets get down to tacos.

      Sasuke has more power in a single Chidori than GER has shown across the multiverse. How do I know that? Good question but lets go further into this. GER can reset things but Sasuke can just do them again so it’s an infinite loop that he will win. If you are saying that chakra would be drained then it’s not a loop and Sasuke wins too. So no matter how you slice it, Sasuke’s winning this battle real quick. There’s a reason why he is known as the strongest ninja around after all. He has the Sharingan!!! Yeah that’s right, he can use that at any point and copy abilities. How do you think GER is going to fare against another GER? Every negation will be negated and Sasuke wins. I haven’t even brought up the Mangekyo Sharingan yet which takes things to another level.

      I didn’t want to have to bring in the heavy artillery for this debate but now you see what I’m talking about. Game set and match sir

      • Dude in the reddit is either people say giorno win or they say its stalemated or people who are completely wrong about rtz.
        As for the video i showed you did you see the SHEER amount of people who agree with it?
        Its cause they know how rtz works and how naruto could not do shit.

        It does not matter if sasuke has more physicall strength or power cause rtz would revert it anyway so it would not matter

        GONheeZy is one of the types of people who really want naruto to win the fight.
        Tbh the naruto fan base is known for trying to figure out anyway for their naruto characters to win.

        And tbh i dont have the time to search through thousands of comments to find yours buried deep underneath the ones that say giorno would win, hopefully someone finds it and once agian proves my entire point.

        Once agian you failed to understand rtz

        Actions that harm giorno.
        It does not revert his chakra back to normal. Cause rtz does not do that, it only reverts the action of sasuke.
        And dude your wrong about the sharingan copy ability thing, i know all about it and it only can copy simple jutsu’s and taijutsu movements. Tbh if your this crazy of a naruto fan you should know that the sharingan’s copy ability is limited, thats why it pretty much got pushed away from the entire story all together. Kakashi even explained that he could not copy haku’s ice jutsu. How the hell do you forget this stuff. If it really did copy anything, then legit any sharingan user in the naruto verse would be pretty much unbeatable by anyone else.

        Im starting to think your mentally dumb at this point cause theres no danm way, a sasuke simp forgets such a simple thing about the sharingan.

        And sasuke’s mangekyo is not very useful to this fight either. amerterasu would just get reverted and his other ability just controls ameterasu’s shape so it really does not make a difference.
        Nope sorry reverted agian by rtz.

      • A lot of people did think Giorno would win so I’ll give you that one but they’re all wrong. Naruto would absolutely dominate in this match. Can you imagine how mad he would be if Giorno tries to reset his will? Naruto could just keep on getting madder and madder until Giorno runs out of energy.

        As for Sasuke, well his fire would instantly vaporize Giorno. The guy’s only hope is to reset the timeline again but he can only do that so many times before he goes down for the count. That’s why I don’t see him winning here. Ultimately he will falter and that’ll be game over. By reverting an action it would revert the chakra too so not sure what you’re saying there.

  28. Dreager for gods sakes, will just accept defeat, Giorno can easily beat sasuke then it will be all over for sasuke, so Giorno stomps

  29. sasuke cant even defeat Johnny Joestar because Johnny’s stand Tusk act 4 has unlimited energy if sasuke was caught in tusk act 4 beatdown oh well sasuke will die.

  30. Naruto would get mad if he reset his will to fight? dude naruto would not even know what the hell happend.
    If rtz reverts his will to fight giorno then how is naruto supposed to get angry in the first place?
    And hell
    Why does naruto’s anger play a role in this fight?
    His anger is legit the same as any other person getting mad
    Sure yes his anger in the past has troubled or benefited him but all of that was related to kurama being unwilling to cooperate and hell even escape from naruto’s body. or at least take full controlof his body, now that naruto and kurama are on good terms it really does not matter anymore.

    As for sasuke no ameterasu does not vaporize people, it burns them
    and 2 ameterasu cant hurt a stand so its not gonna do shit, hence i mention rtz agian for the 100th time, and thats ameterasu will be reverted.

    And the fact you said timeline for trying to summarize rtz is enough evidence to prove my point that you have learned almost nothing about what rtz is capable of.
    Once agian ddue, you have not proven rtz’s power reserve limit
    If you cant prove it with evidence from the manga or anime or form the jojo universe then im never going to believe you.

    And no dude you dont grasp the concept of what an action is.
    Rtz will revert all actions done to giorno, this means anything that is gonna harm giorno.
    Sasuke’s fucking chakra supply is not hurting giorno is it? Sure he is using chakra to perform a certain attack but that would be reverted and it would just be gone. therfore sasuke wastes his chakra.
    Theres proof of this
    Diavolo’s finger got cut off and when rtz was used, his finger never healed back, only the blood.
    Why the blood? cause diavolo previously used it in his erase time to try and blind giorno and ger to block off their attack points. Thats why the blood was reverted back to diavolo’s hand, cause the blood was a action meant to harm giorno.

    Listen man im sorry that your sasuke kun is getting shit on by some italian blonde guy, But its really true and legit the whole internet knows it. at least the people who are not virgin naruto fans.

    • I accept your apology on Sasuke getting beat here but it’s not needed because Sasuke actually does win this one. Put it this way Sasuke’s attack is linked. So every time he tries to stab Giorno with Chidori then Sasuke’s getting his chakra back since the move is linked with it. There’s just no way to back it up one way without the other and that’s why this is an unwinnable matchup for Giorno. There’s just not much of anything that Giorno can hope to do to take this guy down. Trust me, I’m not thrilled about that myself since I see how dedicated you are as a Giorno fan but it won’t be enough. Sasuke’s too powerful…the ultimate Uchiha of legend!! Lets gooooooo.

      Naruto’s anger isn’t normal though. Every time Naruto gets mad entire continuities feel the fear. He was able to unlock just enough power to win every fight and Giorno would be next. The fight’s about Sasuke though so we shouldn’t get too far into why Naruto would win this fight.

      For GER, it’s all about how everything has limits. I don’t know how else to say it but…Sasuke’s got this in the bag. I’m not just saying this as a Sasuke fan by the way but it’s just how I see things playing out. Giorno will run out of energy way too soon to try and win here

      • Jesus
        You act like a virgin naruto fan who cant let defeats be defeat.

        Sasuke’s chakra and his chakra supply are not linked. Sasuke is just flowing chakra to whatever body part he needs to use a jutsu at to perform it
        For chidori it would be him flowing his chakra to his hand and then shaping that chakra into his attack.
        With rtz, its just gonna be reverted and sasuke ends up losing chakra
        Cause its the chakra he is using to attack giorno with. Not his chakra supply
        Idk how hard it is to understand that.

        And no dude naruto’s anger is not that special, hell it barely matters anymore.
        His anger is completely irrelevant to this matchup
        If we are talking about someone who uses emotion for his powers then yes it would matter.
        Take people like hulk, who legit needs to be angry to transform
        Or mob who’s power resides based on his emotion, the angrier mob becomes the more powerful his psychic abilities become.
        For naruto, back then when he did get angry, it would release a bit of kurama’s chakra he uses to wield in battle, Naruto with his anger went out of control after orochimaru angered him, so therfore he turned to the 4th tailed form of the ninetails. when naruto saw hinata legit almost die, he transformed to the kurama mode with 6 tails and eventually it kept rising until 9. But now, in this fight, it hardly matters, since naruto and kurama are on good terms, His angered based way wont matter much now, even when he does get angry it hardly makes a difference. Its not one of naruto’s special powers.

        And since you failed to give me a reasonable excuse for ger’s rtz having a limit to how much it can be used. Im legit never gonna buy your stupid lies and excuses.
        You honestly thought saying sasuke would use his copy ability with the sharingan would allow him to copy ger’s rtz, Either you tried to play that claim and thought i would not know jack shit or your stupid and you dont even know how it works.

        And finnaly, first of all yes i am a giorno fan, but he is not my favorite character among the jojo verse.
        sure he is in my top 10 but definitely not my favorite. my favorite is jotaro in the jojo verse.

        I like how you say this quote
        “Sasuke’s too powerful…the ultimate Uchiha of legend!! Lets gooooooo.”

        Cause it proves to everyone how much of a naruto virgin you are.
        its no surprise this matchup is biased.
        Even this JoJo guy thinks your claims are stupid and he is not wrong, glad that everybody here except you has at least more then 1 braincell to spare and knows how this matchup would go.

        Tell me this how are you gonna prove rtz’s use of limits if it has never happend?

        And this is without saying “everything has a limit”. Not every universe has limits.

        Not to mention i legit told you rtz’s limit and you still dont understand

      • I am a big Naruto fan but that’s more of a complement than an insult tbh. Naruto is the bread and butter of the entire manga industry. Without it we’d all still be sobbing and reading Astro Boy. I’m not bias but I couldn’t help but use that quote. Sasuke’s just so awesome! You see how he just walks in and takes names? That’s how you do it and Sasuke always shows me what it means to be a powerful fighter.

        As for Jojo, I’m not a fan of the series yet but I like the memes. Sasuke still destroys him though. RTZ has limits though, no ability can keep going on forever. Imagine you’re running around the race track. NO matter how small the track is, eventually you will get tired and have to stop. It’s the same concept here and why I really think Giorno is absolutely doomed here. It would run out of energy quickly.

        Naruto has used his anger to surpass his limits. The guy’s like a younger version of Asta when it comes to how he can utilize his endless power. There’s a whole lot to like about the way Naruto fights. It’s a thing of beauty and he is really just very admirable. I could go on, but like you said the match isn’t about Naruto.

        Back to Sasuke, the chakra wouldn’t be lost. It would be like how the guy got his blood back, the chakra would go back too. That’s why Giorno is in a tough spot here because he can only delay the inevitable. Once he runs out of steam then Sasuke’s going in for the win. Good luck trying to reset his will. The man was born for vengeance after all and keeps on fighting until the end. It’s kinda crazy tbh but that’s how it goes.

        As for the Sharingan, if Giorno isn’t careful he’ll be caught in an illusion for the rest of time

  31. Im getting tired of doing this

    Ok first of all no dude you act like the naruto series is the core of all anime, your more out of tune then you may think, there are several other shonen anime’s just as great as naruto, one piece and bleach just to name a few.

    And you act like sasuke is this undefeated god.
    Like jesus christ bro we get it, you like the naruto series.

    Once agian your claim for rtz having a limit is legit the same thing you have said before, things in the real world have a limit so ou think rtz should as well.
    Your even more out of tune then i thought.

    No dude naruto has not used his anger to surpass his limits. it was his determination and will that allowed him to push through and become a strong shinobi. Not that would matter since rtz reverts will and determination anyway.

    And no the chakra that sasuke has will run out, cause for god sake dud ei explained it already, HIS CHAKRA SUPPLY IS NOT A ACTION THATS MEANT TO HARM GIORNO.

    Dude with rtz its gonna look like sauske is charging towards giorno with something like his chidori.
    He never moved nor attacked him, and it would be just giorno running up to him before stand rushing sasuke.

    And no dude, genjutsu of sasuke’s level does not work on giorno, cause once agian for the last danm time

    You keep failing at trying to come up with hard concrete evidence

    • Nah man check this out.

      Return to Zero has so many weaknesses and limits that it isn’t going to do much against Sasuke. Here’s the problem, in the end Giorno has no way to go on the offensive here. All he can do is bide his time and hope that he can pull off a win. That’s definitely not the way to try and secure victory. Sasuke’s genjutsu is on the highest level so personally I see Giorno getting swept away by it really fast. Not a knock against Giorno though, like I said I like the guy. He’s a hard worker and always tries his best. It’s just not going to be enough.

      As for the chakra, it’s still embued with the attack so by nullifying the attack you’re also giving Sasuke back his chakra. Same with the willpower and how Sasuke will fire it up again. That’s why Sasuke has the edge here. He is an Uchiha, the clan so feared by the village that they had to be taken out. When Sasuke was just a child he already had more potential than the average guy I see down the street. That’s how insanely talented Sasuke was.

      I’m not taking anything away from Giorno here but at most he can delay the inevitable. RTZ just creates a loop of losses for the guy and that’s hard to break away from.

      • Ight first of all yes he is accurate with the matchup he had.

        And hell he even pointed out facts that I HAD EXPLAINED BUT YOU NEVER FUCKING LISTENED.

        For one, yes rtz has weaknesses specifically to joker, cause joker has resistance to hax based abilitys, meaning that rtz would not work as well on him,
        2nd he never mentioned rtz having a limit when it comes to how many times it can be used,

        Another thing is that he EVEN SAYS THAT GER HAS INFINITE SPEEDS.

        And he mentions joker’s will wont be reverted cause HE HAS AN ABILITY THAT STOPS IT FORM HAPPENING


        Tbh i like this dude, he goes in depth about rules of how the debates should go and overall he is a great debater, Hell its Most likely certain he would agree with me in this term.

        Joker has shown ability’s that can counter rtz’s effects. World arcana to protect joker form his will being reverted,.
        And hell joker even has resistance to these kinds of hax in the first place.

        As for sasuke, he has none of those things, therfore his will and action would be reverted.
        Oh whats that?
        Sasuke can still attack even if his will was reverted?
        He did mention that diavolo could summon his stand even fater being hit by diavolo, but he never said attack him. diavolo only was able to attack right after he got hit by ger.

        Hell man even did the math with ger’s strength. pretty nice

        And im not even gonna explain the chakra thing cause you dont listen and are too stubborn to understand

        HE SAID




      • I’m a master debater tbh. Look, chakra will always reside in the heart and Sasuke has the will to make it happen. There’s a reason why he is the ultimate fighter. I feel really confident right now in Sasuke winning because it all makes sense. GER isn’t able to negate Sasuke’s incredible abilities or his determination. GER will run out of juice and then it’s game over. Sasuke is the man who even without a family went on to change the world and make a name for himself. That takes drive, heart, and passion. Without any one of those things Sasuke would have been doomed but he wasn’t and I think we know why. It’s because he’s an Uchiha. A man who will do whatever it takes whenever he needs a win. That’s why Sasuke’s so cool.

        I’m not just saying that to sound like some kind of mega Sasuke fan either. I’m just spitting out facts right now

  32. OK, so you think GER has a limit on its powers/energy? Then I contend that the upper limit bound of GER’s energy is far far greater than what Sasuke can endure – there’s absolutely no way that GER is going to run out of energy before Sasuke. Giorno’s fighting spirit > Sasuke’s chakra/fighting spirit.
    Also Jojo characters are durable as fuck – even if you punch them directly in the heart, they can end up surviving.

    • There not just durable there also VERY SMART. Like im telling you almost every stand user in jojo pulls off the most bullshit plans and moves to win fights.

      And also for dreager

      Chakra does not reside in sasuke’s heart.
      Just cause he had a harder life and more endured more harder challenges that does not mean he is gonna win. experience does not always win over raw abilities.

      You still have not proven ger’s rtz limit to how much it can be used so overall your claim is false.

      How can you say ger cant negate his abilities or determination without any sort of proof.

      And stop lying when you say your a spitting facts here.
      Sasuke is overrated among the anime community and for good reason. He is a good character in the naruto universe but the problem is that he gets overestimated too much.

      Just cause he had a harder and more better story then giorno does not mean he will win.

      Be honest you are a die hard naruto fan, the fact that you went out of the way to explain how cool sasuke is and how naruto is the core of anime and without it we would be miserable?
      Like wtf
      No normal naruto fan does that.
      Only die hard virgin naruto fans would.

      • JoJo characters are far, far stronger than a lot of Naruto characters. Gold Experience Requiem is a pretty strong stand, maybe even in the top 5 stands of all time, but there’s even stronger ones than him (in my opinion).
        I’ll preface this as a spoiler for anyone who has not read the most recent story arc in JoJo, so here we go.
        The main Villain in this arc uses a stand called “Wonder of U.” It’s… pretty broken, even by JoJo standards. It has the ability to manipulate Fate, luck, chance, whatever you want to call it, it can CONTROL it. It can cause many “Calamities” to the people who try to follow it, learn more about it, or simply even for those who THINK about trying to fight it. For example, if one tried to follow Wonder of U and learn who its stand user is, the person will fall to the ground and break their leg. Or, they will cut their foot on some glass or something and contract an awful skin eating bacteria, killing them in very little time. This is just one very basic example, but there are potentially unlimited ways its power could be used. Essentially, one will keep getting hit with “Calamities” or unfortunate events until they’re dead. Even if you try to glance at it, you’re marked for death. It also does not require a stand user in order to exist, as it is thought to be the embodiment of calamity itself. You could refer to it as misfortune or bad luck in stand form. I’m gonna take a guess and assume that Gold Experience Requiem is the stronger stand of the two given how broken “Return to Zero” is, but I think that Wonder of U has far, far, far more applications. That’s just my thoughts.

      • That sounds pretty strong tbh. I wouldn’t put the JoJo guys above the Naruto ones but they definitely have a lot of cool abilities.

      • I’ll just say this as a massive Naruto and JoJo fan… Sasuke loses. Badly. I would consider this a spite thread for real. I prefer Naruto over JoJo, but JoJo is by far one of the most unique titles I’ve ever read, plus there’s so many different levels of powers and hax it’s insane. I also say all of this as a massive Sasuke fan, given that he’s my favorite character from Naruto. Well, Sasuke and Tobirama both are probably tied for my top favorite Naruto character, but anyway… (Part 5 of JoJo was also the best part in the series, I don’t care what anyone says.)
        Unless Sasuke knows about how stands work before the fight begins, he’ll lose. Heck, most stands move at FTL speeds or higher when you scale from The World and Star Platinum, which puts Sasuke at a severe disadvantage. I’d also argue that Sasuke can’t even SEE let alone touch Gold Experience, given that only stands can interact with other stands. He has his Susano’o to fight with, but even then that’s a generous stretch. So, what can Sasuke do? Well, he has Amaterasu… which probably can’t touch Giorno’s stand. Also, Giorno can just spam his life giving ability to make as many bugs or birds to act as shields, why? Because as soon as those black flames touch those animals, then the flames are getting sent back at Sasuke… which will wear him down. A lot, I bet. Actually, chidori senbon, raikiri, chidori eiso and even his Katons are all getting reflected back at him. Even air slashes from his Perfect Susano’o are getting sent back. So, how about taijutsu? Well, Gold Experience can just punch Sasuke while infusing him with enough life energy to expend his life span in a manner of minutes or less. So, that’s out. Genjutsu? Well, Gold Experience Requiem covers any weaknesses for Giorno. It can move through “erased” or stopped time, and given that we’ve never seen Sasuke do anything even remotely similar to that feat, I’ll assume that GER is way faster than him. If he takes any offensive action against Giorno, then GER resets that action and Sasuke loses all will to even fight, let alone defend himself. Sasuke could maybe, MAYBE, use Izanimi to reset himself back before his will was reset, but that will cost him his eye and he’ll be back at square one the instant he tries to attack Giorno… so yeah. The sole Uchiha is done for.
        I prefer and like Sasuke more as a character and fighter compared to Giorno, but Dio’s son has got this in the bag. He’ll beat this Uchiha “avenger” with ease, and then go back to sipping wine and chilling with Guido Mista.

      • Yeah Sasuke’s definitely really cool. I agree with a lot of your points about how great he is but at the end of the day that’s not the only reason why he wins. I think the main thing we’re not o n the same page about here is GER. I’m saying that it can trap Sasuke in a loop for a while but the instant the loop ends then Sasuke will be taking the win. There’s just no way to stop him after all and that’s what makes him such an absolute powerhouse.

        Sasuke can get his willpower back instantly once it’s gone. Look, just picture Sasuke activating the Chidori and stabbing Giorno straight through. The guy would be so shocked that he would go down like a rock.

      • The Master Emerald resides within the heart. It’s true that Chakra is not there but it’s close and your spirit helps to bring it out. You have to be spitting facts to see how Sasuke wins this one. He had a lot of hard challenges in his life and keeps on pushing through. I was really impressed with Sasuke and thought he was kind of cool because of that. I never could have dreamed that he would go on to become one of the best characters out there.

        I am a big Naruto fan but that’s kind of a complement tbh. I love me some Naruto episodes and I watch them all the time. Look, GER has a limit since everything does so his loops will end eventually and then that’s it for him. Game Set and Match.

    • Giorno would run out of energy first because Sasuke’s only being reset and not actually losing his energy. Sasuke would just keep on taking names and wrecking Giorno until the loops stop and he wins. That’s why Sasuke can’t lose here. He just has to use his latent Uchiha potential and that’s it. It would be game set and match for all of them.

  33. LOL, Dreager your not a master debater, your just a dumbass, GER has RTZ, sasuke cant hit Giorno due to GER’s own state of mind, Giorno is fricking OP legit can solo sasuke and naruto, Many people explained that Giorno will win while you dreager just saying sasuke will win, sasuke cant bypass RTZ but The world over heaven can, Giorno can control his stand a little bit (I think), when Giorno is using GE (golden experience) he is pretty weak but not that weak, but when Giorno use the requiem arrowit will be OP, if I am correct sometimes when someone hits Giorno, Giorno will counter them with nullification (if im correct), so before posting the “Giorno vs Sasuke” first, watch both anime to understand.

    • I feel like everyone calls me a master debater though. Maybe it was just me and I forgot though. Either way Sasuke is definitely landing hits here. Giorno can only reset him so many times before Sasuke lands the hit. Why? Because Sasuke never gives up and he has better base abilities. Pure fundamentals will always beat cheesy special attacks when the going gets tough

      • Lol i highly doubt your even a master debater, at best your average or lower. You cant even provide basic evidence when asked. and when you do its either poorly described, you use references from different universes which is not something you should be doing, and you dont even understand both characters abilities.

        What do you mean giorno can only reset him so many times before sasuke lands a hit?
        Rtz’s legit purpose is to revert his actions and will to 0 meaning sasuke would have never moved in the first place to make an attack.

        Yes sure sasuke has a much more variety of abilities, but that does not mean its gonna stop rtz. Cause none of his arsenal can counter passive reality warping or fate changing abilities.
        Hell i would like you to give me evidence for this
        And it has to be good evidence like fr research it first.
        Of course i highly doubt you will find anything,
        either that your you make some bullshit up like you did with the copy ability,
        You left the copy ability out of context for its limits
        Thats how desperate you were XD

      • Do you know why they call me the master debater? It’s because I be spitting out facts with every comment. Put it this way, if I had to debate 10 people at the same time right now I’d be able to do it because I got these feats on point.

        So for the resets, each one will send Sasuke back to his starting point but after that he is heading back in for the win and let me tell you that he’s going to be fighting angry. The reason I say Sasuke will land a hit eventually is because RTZ is going to run out of juice. It ultimately only delays the inevitable. Sasuke just has to use his sharingan and that’s game set and match. Imagine if he ends up copying RTZ and using it against Giorno? That’d be it

      • Do not tell me that you… think… that Sasuke can copy Return to Zero? Please tell me you do not honestly believe that…
        Good grief. First off, the sharingan only allows the user to copy techniques that the user is PHYSICALLY CAPABLE OF REPLICATING. Here’s a good example. Sasuke can copy any fire style jutsu that Madara used because fire is one of his nature affinities. He cannot, however, copy wood style techniques, why? Because one needs cells from Hashirama first to use them. He cannot copy abilities that he physically cannot do. (On the other hand, he does have cells from Hashirama thanks to Kubuto, but due to plot he cannot use wood style jutsu, although he should be more than capable of doing so). Another example, he cannot turn his body into water as Suigetsu can. Why? That ability is exclusive to Suigetsu’s clan, not the Uchiha clan. If his copy ability was that powerful, then he could have copied Isshiki’s dojutsu and use all of its abilities. But he did not do that, remember? Why? Oh wait, I know… because it is physically IMPOSSIBLE. If you do not believe me, Zabuza told Kakashi way back in the land of waves arc that Kakashi could only copy techniques that he sees, and that he needs proper levels of Chakra and physical ability to perform those techniques. The sheer absurdity of what you are implicating is astonishing to say the least. I will never see a better definition of the “No Limits Fallacy” ever again, truly…
        Wait, wait… if Sasuke can replicate the abilities of JoJo stands, then he must be able to copy any and all abilities! Now, Sasuke can solo all of fiction on his own and has finally proven himself to be stronger than Naruto ever was!! The Beyonder, The One Above All, The Phoenix, Galactus, Molecule Man, The Presence, Darkseid, High Father, Thor, Odin, Dr. Manhattan and all other God level characters in media better watch out for the mythical and unstoppable SHARINGAN.

      • Sasuke is incredibly strong and there is an argument for him being stronger than Naruto. He easily beats the rest of those guys you listed though like Thor, One Above All, Phoenix, etc. Those guys are a lot weaker than the Naruto verse and I’ve been saying that from the jump. I agree that the Sharingan has limits but Sasuke makes up for those with his incredible abilities and never ending stamina.

  34. Tbh im really fucking surprised that this was an answer he gave me that the sharingan could copy rtz.

    Either he is trying to lie to get us to believe him or he is legit stupid, cause if he is gonna rant about how great naruto is and what a big fan of it he is and not know this simple thing, Then he should be banned from debating

    The copy ability purpose was only used in the original naruto and after season 5 of naruto came out it was barely used or mentioned, then throughout the whole story it was pretty much forgotten. Sure it was mentioned but mostly because of kakashi being called the copy ninja while other times it was just for small references and purposes. Overall never used.
    But even then
    If dreager is gonna go through a paragraph worth of lecture on how great the naruto anime is.
    Then its expected for him to know alot about it.
    For him to not even know the basics of a simple thing like the sharingan ability that should not even need that big of an explanation?
    Then you need a reality check

    • Naruto is amazing though. It’s one of the greatest shows of our time and I’m just trying to point out that Kakashi, the man of a thousand ninjutsu or something like that did it with sharingan. It’s an insane ability that’s super awesome and I don’t see Giorno being able to put a stop to this guy. The power is just too crazy

    • I don’t even understand how he can refer to himself as a “master debater.” Maybe in his own head, yeah, he’s a master debater, but otherwise that’s simply not the case.
      Bear in mind that this is the same person who believes that Bass.EXE is somehow stronger than all of fiction put together. The character who can supposedly come back to life over and over again with the same powers as the one who defeated him.
      Also, if he really doesn’t get how broken most stands in JoJo are… I really don’t know what to say. The World Over Heaven, Gold Experience Requiem, Made In Heaven, Tusk Act 5, Dirty Deeds Done for Cheap / Love Train, and Wonder of U all could solo the Naruto verse with ease.
      Hell, a mid-level D&D wizard could solo most of Naruto with medium difficulty. A high level one could simply get a God or some other deity to erase the Naruto verse for them.

      • A D&D wizard? Nooooooo their verse doesn’t even get into the conversation my friend! They are completely outmatched here and it pains me to say this. Because deep down I like magicians. That said, it’s the same for the JoJo characters. They’re good but they’re no Naruto lesss gooooo

      • You really know nothing about D&D and JoJo. I wonder how taxing it is to be that willfully ignorant?
        A high level D&D wizard (either 5e or 4e, doesn’t really matter too much) can perform almost any feat you can imagine. They can create near unlimited items, be it Gold, weapons, armor, and so on. They can also apply special effects to said items, as well as open portals to other dimensions and store anything they want there. They can stop, rewind, fast-forward and even exist outside of normal time. They can attack beings who exist on higher planes, provided they have enough time to enact their spells. They also can use the spell “Wish,” which can do almost anything, although there are costs to the wish and the wording has to be precise.
        I really, truly, honestly wish that you wouldn’t act this way, and act as if Naruto characters are somehow invincible and stronger than all of fiction. I don’t like Narutards at all, and seeing how you “debate” only makes me dislike them more.

      • Naruto characters aren’t invincible but they may as well be against comic book characters. Put it this way, Sasuke and Naruto could speedblitz all of these guys.

        As for D&D, the verse isn’t as strong as you think it is. Those guys have some decent spells for sure but they lack in speed and reaction times. Sasuke would win such a battle in an instant at this point.

      • Are you ever going to provide evidence to back up what you’re saying? You insist that D&D characters are not that strong… yet provide no evidence. You call yourself a “master debater,” yet provide no scans. No feats. Nothing. Just the usual “SazsSukE’s iz mor stringer tHen AnYThing herp derp.” The fact that you constantly avoid any real debate is laughable. You just say any Naruto character can win, let the other opponent be damned. All of your “arguments” break down to this, “X character wins this match because I said so.” I really do dislike the fact that you do this to Sasuke and how you ruin the idea of battle-boarding. It’s very sad and the lack of any real discussion is disappointing.

      • D&D characters are all hype and no substance. Nothing against those characters but they’ve never impressed me and trust me…I want to be impressed! I want to go out there and see the strongest characters around but they can’t handle Sasuke’s incredible power. Sasuke is an Uchiha and someone who lived his life for revenge. His determination and drive are far greater than what I have seen for virtually any character. Honestly it’s scary just how skilled he is. Sasuke……now there’s a character we won’t forget.

        We’ve got feats and scans but I feel like we’ve used them all up on both sides

  35. Jesus
    I have seen alot of narutards but dreager here is by far the biggest one i have met.

    Its hilarious how narutards do everything they can to keep there precious characters from losing.
    Its crazy insane how determined dreager is for trying to get sasuke to win this match,
    Its fucking hilarious how narutards do that. XD

    • I’m getting irritated mostly because this only makes Sasuke look as though he’s getting wanked like crazy… when anyone with 2 brain cells can see that Sasuke can’t win.

    • I am a big Naruto fan tbh but don’t forget that without Naruto we wouldn’t have any of the big fighters at this point. That’s just how crazy strong this guy is. Sasuke could take many foes down in an instant!

      • You act like rtz is some kind of genjutsu.
        Its not
        Sasuke has no way of breaking out of rtz.
        rtz is like a nullifying reality warping kind of ability.
        rtz nullify’s sasuke’s will and action therfore he ends up in the place before he made the attack

        Say this

        Giorno is in point c
        Sasuke is in point a
        Point a will be his original position and state.
        Sasuke will try to move in for a attack, like say chidori.
        That is gonna be known as point b
        if sasuke reaches point c, he can damage giorno.
        But with rtz, Sasuke stays at point A the entire time.
        While giorno moves form point c to point a to stand rush sasuke.
        Sasuke being effected by rtz means he cant leave point A nor try to react to giorno’s attack in time.
        Since sasuke’s will is reverted straight to 0. This means he has no will to fight back. This would also mean that he cant gain back his will to fight, Cause he is stuck under rtz’s power.
        Point a is known as 0.
        Since sasuke has no will left, and he cant gain back his will no matter how strong.
        Sasuke would just be stuck in point A the entire time.
        That is how broken this ability is. The opponent thinks they made a move agiants giorno, when in reality, they never moved nor have any intentions to attack giorno.
        Its not a loop. your mixing it up with ger’s infinite death loop.
        Rtz is a passive ability that sasuke has no way of getting through.
        He cant just keep pushing on until he manages to hit giorno.

        Like what your thinking is that he is under the effects of ger’s rtz, but you act like its some genjutsu that sasuke can break out of.

        Rtz even worked agiants diavolo in erased time, in erased time, diavolo was in the 4th dimension.
        Meaning its a higher plain then of course the other 3.
        Since sasuke does not really have anything that truly controls 4th dimensional space. He cant get pas rtz, he cant get past it with will or any kind of power really

      • I get what you’re saying but I can’t get on board with that. For example, lets say Sasuke is at point A. The instant Giorno leaves his safe spot at point C and joins him, Sasuke is free to take the guy out because now they’re both in point A and it’s no longer a closed loop. At that point I would say that Giorno has wasted his advantage. His best bet is to just stay at point C and hope for the best but this only delays the inevitable since once the ability ends then Sasuke goes back to winning.

        Likewise with the willpower, it can revert it to 0 but then Sasuke will recover it so this is also an infinite loop until the ability runs out. Giorno’s main issue here is that with these abilities at best he may be able to get a free hit but then Sasuke will instantly recover and start laying down the ground rules. He holds the territory edge in all forms of combat.

        It’s still a good ability but more so for escaping or dodging than for actually taking an opponent down like this. If the other fighter is stronger then GER just delays the outcome

  36. nope the energy is unlimited making sasuke die non stop, the loop deactivates sasuke’s powers and the loop also have unlimited energy.

  37. the loop wont need energy sasuke would just die non stop so he cant use his power cuz the loop deactivates his powers making him weak.

    • The loop will end eventually because Giorno will run out of juice. As soon as that happens the Sasuke takes him out. Sasuke will be at full power since thanks to the loop, it’s as if it never started in the first place

  38. LOL YOU DUMB ASS, the loop wont need any juice or energy, sasuke needs reality overwrite to bypass RTZ but sasuke does not have the reality overwrite, is a infinite death loop it wont need any juice or energy sasuke would just die non stop, if sasuke got killed by giorno, sasuke will be sent into another dimension where he cant escape cuz his power are deactivated forever.

    • Nothing is infinite though so that loop’s gonna be over real quick! Trust me I’m gonna feel bad for Giorno too because Sasuke’s gonna exit that loop with a vengeance. Yes sir, he’s gonna be real mad at that point and will be swinging for the fences. That loop only delays the inevitable

  39. nah bro the loop is always infinite is not gonna stop when sasuke dies he will be brought back alive but in another universe so basically sasuke cant escape the loop he just dies infinitly.

    • The loop will end though because he runs out of juice. That’s when Sasuke’s going to run in and start taking some names. Nobody can stop him! Not even the powerful Giorno

  40. Giorno does not needs juice but what sasuke need to bypass RTZ is reality warper, your really capping so much, infinite is infinite so the loop does not need energy or juice, GER is automatic so if sasuke tries to hit him then the passive will be activated automatically, Giorno does not need energy did you even watch where GER beat down Diavolo? if not go watch it GER does not need any juice or energy.

    • Not trying to cap here but nobody has unlimited energy. Even RTZ would run out of juice and then the loop is over. It’s automatic but eventually it’s going to run out and that’s when Sasuke will go in for the win. The loop delays the inevitable!

  41. yep your really cappin the loop is infinite so that means the loop has infinite energy, not always everybody has limited energy, if sasuke killed giorno GER wil be still awake and make it not happen.

  42. sasuke cant escape the loop due to a lacking ability called “reality overwrite”, it bypass RTZ but sasuke does not have reality overwrite, Dio over heaven can defeat sasuke with 1 punch which is reality overwrite, Johnny Joestar with tusk act 4 has unlimited energy and he can also shoot nails, do wormholes, can make his stand go inside one of his nails to shoot at sasuke to do a beatdown.

    • Wait I’m not sure about that. Put it this way, Sasuke has no overwrite but he still has absolute speed and strength. These guys aren’t fast enough to keep up and that’s what is really going to hold them back here. Sasuke can just spam the Chidori Stream and that would be game over

      • Since when has it been fucking stated that speed and strength can get past time stop. How does that make any fucking sense, Once agian you are making bullshit up to get your precious Naruto characters to win, You might as well marry sasuke if you want him to win this fight so much, in which case he wont.
        Giorno slaps sasuke.

      • That’s always been the case. Watch Goku vs Hit. Goku is able to escape the time stop by just going really fast. It’s the best way to do it and that’s something that Sasuke can pull off. Look I’m a huge Sasuke fan. I find the Naruto series to be amazing and inspirational. Naruto went from being the class clown, the genin of the leaf all the way to the Hokage. How does that not get you pumped up?? I know I cried a few times while watching it but I digress.

        Sasuke slaps Giorno here. The loop only delays the inevitable

      • Dragon Ball Z does not equal JoJo, stop using other universes you know they aren’t relevant to the discussion. And being pumped up is completely irrelevant to whether you’re correct. Stop getting lost in the sauce and bring up actually relevant points.

      • I don’t wanna get lost in the sauce but it keeps happening! It feels bad man, I didn’t wanna do it but I’m getting fired up!

        So lets look at this logically and reasonably as well as doing it in a hype way. Universe rules are all the same, they have to be in order for us to get anywhere. So just looking at the facts, I feel like I’m in a good spot. Know what I mean? Time stop can’t win. It’s undisciplined, it’s disruptive, it’s….just not the auto win button

  43. Had to take a break of the bullshit that resonates in this debate.

    First off no, not all universe rules are the same. the opm universe is not the same as the naruto universe, the demon slayer universe is not the same as the dragon ball universe, the attack on titan universe is not the same as the one piece universe.

    Sure alot of them follow the basic rules of laws and physics like gravity, matter etc, but in each universe a new thing is added that can break those laws. the opm universe may obey the laws and physics, but there are those who can break the laws and physics of the world, for example saitama himself. He trained so hard he broke his fucking limiter, and he is just a normal guy, tbh his training is not only impossible but completely wrong in the real world. but yet saitama manages to do it. not to mention all the espurrs and planet destroying monsters we see, in naruto, chakra is used for much bigger purposes then in real life, hell chakra techniques have went so far too even bending space itself. night guy’s attack proves this, in dragon ball, legit 90% of characters we see can fly and shoot laser beams with ki and some can erase things from existence.

    The point is, sure most universes obey the same logic as our universe does, but there are those who can bypass such limits in their worlds and achieve greater levels to no end. Giorno here with his stand ger is using rtz to revert actions done by anyone, the thing is most stands have not been proven to just run out of juice. stands powers seem to be almost infinite.
    Hell you could not even give me proof that ger’s rtz has a limit to how much rtz can be used, even if it did have a limit what makes you assume sasuke has the means to keep speed blizting giorno until rtz runs out? and even still the first rtz that sasuke is effected by would all be enough.
    And you did say sasuke could escape the death loop but can he?
    No he cant
    cause sasuke would not be able to do anything, in fact sasuke cant use any attacks to try and escape the death loop, after all why do you think diavolo, could not escape.
    He would have at least tried to use king crimson to escape but he never did. cause its impossible, and this is a guy who can use his stand to travel outside of time itself.

    • It’s true that universe rules can be a little different but they have the same baseline. If speed is enough to escape time stop in one verse then it would stand to reason that you could do this in all of them right? That’s what I’m saying here. Now lets say Giorno was able to get Sasuke into the time loop somehow. Well, even then that wouldn’t be super helpful for him. The main reason is because the loop will have Sasuke stuck but so he won’t be expending any energy. So right when the loop ends then Sasuke will go in for the win. The loops will eventually end but the only difference will be that Giorno is out of energy while Sasuke is still in peak condition.

      You could say that Sasuke was weakened by that point but he wouldn’t be since it was all a loop so to him it just started. That’s why it’s just a waiting game. It’s not a question of if Sasuke can beat Giorno but when.

      • Mk several things wrong here

        For one just cause one character escaped a time stop with speed in one verse does not mean Every character is capable of doing so. and even less what makes you think sasuke has the counter to this. second of all its not a time loop, its a infinite death loop, its name legit is what it does, its a infinite death loop, the person dies a number of infinite times. and like i said how do you know sasuke can use his powers in this loop? And the loop will never end, cause its a infinite loop of sasuke dying over and over and its never gonna stop. and once agian where is the proof that giorno is using some kind of energy to use return to zero or the infinite death loop?

      • Speed works the same in all verses so that should be able to work here as well. Think of time stop as more of a mental ability where you are holding someone in place with your will and their speed has to try and outdo it. It’s speed vs will here.

        As for the infinite death loop, you’d need to catch Sasuke first and he’s much too fast for Giorno. If anything Sasuke will be the one performing the deaths here to take the guy out once and for all.

        Lets say theoretically that Giorno did catch Sasuke. Well, it’d be the same thing. Sasuke can’t be in a loop infinitely so as soon as Giorno runs out of juice then it’s over. All abilities stop after a point so that would be the case for this one too

  44. Sasuke’s abilities is also not a auto win button the loop does not need any juice loop is a loop so it does NOT need any energy or juice.

    • Yeah I wouldn’t call Sasuke an auto win here but he has just about every advantage so it should still be a pretty quick win. Put it this way, what can Giorno really do to counter an opponent who is both faster and stronger than he is? You’re pretty much out of luck at that point

  45. You made up so much stuff.
    Speed in physics can work the same but the time stop abilities dont always work the same.

    To resist a stands time stop you must be able to stop time yourself or have an ability that can counter time stop, ger can thanks to rtz and tusk act 4 can thanks to its infinite rotation, mih cant but its ability can reduce the amount of time the opponent can stop time for, sasuke has no time bending or resistance abilities so he cant counter timestop, and stands are crazy fast in the show, silver chariot could move at light speeds and even then it could not get past timestop.

    giorno does not need to catch sasuke cause to activate it giorno would simply have to have sasuke get hit by rtz, and rtz activates if sasuke tries to harm giorno, so its inevitable that he will get caught. And if sauske’s caught in the infinite death loop he is stuck there forever, hence the name, infinite death loop.
    Also you have not proven giorno’s stand has limits to juice so gonna have to mark that down.
    and no there are some abilities that just dont stop, cause some are passive once released.
    Its like the izanami genjutsu, its endless and you cant escape, only when you realize your sins or whatever bullshit itachi explained you can escape, giorno’s infinite death loop is like izanami, the only difference is that there is no actual way to escape, to this day diavolo is stuck in the death loop. and there are characters who are capable of things similar to the infinite death loop and to this day their victims are still being tortured.

    • I dunno, if speed can beat time stop in one verse then it should for all of them. It’s something I long suspected anyway and Super just confirmed it for me. As long as you have enough power then you can break out of anything, even intangible abilities. That’s the way that I interpreted the scene at least but it made sense to me.

      As for Giorno not needing to catch Sasuke, that still puts him in the same spot. Giorno has no way to actually destroy Sasuke and if he traps him in a loop then it’ll just end with Giorno’s demise. Ultimately all a loop can do is prolong the inevitable. Whether it lasts for 20 years or 20 centuries, Sasuke is coming out of it fresh as a button and ready to start taking some wins. It’s why he rarely ever loses.

      Since the loop isn’t really affecting Sasuke, he can afford to wait as long as it takes.

      • No no thats not how it works, just cause one verse can do it does not mean every verse can, like i mean have naruto characters been able to manipulate time? or how about demon slayer characters?
        and super is wrong about this, i mean you cant use pure power to stop obito’s intangibility. you have to actually be able to travel dimensions to hurt him when he is intangible.

        Something you must know about rtz is that it only reverts actions that are used to harm giorno, it does not revert the foes health nor strength. meaning if sasuke is hurt and gets reverted his wound wont revert back.

        And i think your missing something, its a infinite death loop, meaning its gonna loop forever and ever. keep in mind rtz plays a role in this too. sasuke cant escape it, cause so far you shown 0 proof of him able to do so. and hell diavolo who can break into the 4th dimension cant even escape. sasuke will just die over and over agian. and sasuke really cant do anything to escae, if you seen the death loop there really is no escape.

      • I’d say it means that it’s possible in any verse. Now the actual limits of how fast you have to be to break out will vary depending on the series but it does mean that at a certain level anyone can do it. It also makes sense when you consider how any ability can be defeated if you have enough power. Time stop is just another example of this.

        By the same token, pure power could stop Obito. If you were strong enough your punch would just blow away his essence and hurt him that way.

        Reverting the action is also something that just delays the inevitable. Sure, it won’t revert Sasuke’s injuries but he won’t be getting injured to start with. So every time Sasuke attacks, the action is reverted and he’ll just do it again. Rinse and repeat until Giorno has been defeated.

        As for the infinite death loop, there’s no way for the guy to destroy Sasuke the first time anyway so the whole loop would be moot. Sasuke is much too fast and powerful to be caught by a technique like that. No way no how!

  46. Dude time stopping stands cant be stopped by speed and like i said not every rule applies with every anime universe. Time stop powers vary apon different characters, Some people can stop time for as long as they want while some can only for a few seconds, some have resistance to time stop others dont. and some time stops can be countered one way, others have to be countered a different way.

    Second of all no, obito’s phasing ability cannot be stopped by pure power. you cant just punch him so hard where he gets blown away, cause he is intangible. The way they had to defeat him was to invade his own domain. something only possible for kakashi and other people who can travel dimensions.

    And no rtz does not just revert the opponents actions, it also reverts their will to move and fight.
    sasuke cant just do the same action agian, cause for one, the thought of doing the same action agin would be erased and no longer their, and keep in mind, form giorno’s perspective with rtz, sasuke has not moved or done anything. but sasuke is expirencing rtz and watching himself get reverted just like how diavolo saw himself being reverted.

    And its really easy for giorno to death loop sasuke, he does not even have to touch him. he does not even have to shoot some ranged attack or mind attack. it happens instantly without sauske knowing, and sauske getting caught is gonna happen, cause rtz can remove sasuke’s will and giorno can activate the death loop, of course right after giorno hits sasuke with the muda rush. and also what makes you think sasuke is faster? sure he is FTl but giorno’s stand is too. its been stated to have an unknown speed. but considering how his stats were shown to be all maxed out. Its a sign that Golden expirence requiem is a FTL stand, hell maybe even more then FTL. after all Ger has a move where he shoots a laser beam as fast as madara’s light fang attack that destroys pretty much anything and any debris left gets turned into creatures like scorpions. and we only saw a bit of what rtz can do, he might even have a greater power up its sleeve that we dont know of.

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