Giorno Giovanna vs Sasuke


Suggested by Random Giorno Giovanna is not the most impressive of Jojo characters. His death loop is a decent ability I suppose as you’ll keep on dying for eternity, but he doesn’t have a high level of physical ability needed to take on someone like Sasuke. Sasuke can zip around him with ease and end things with a simple Chidori strike. Giorno won’t be able to react to the attack so it’ll be game over for him. There’s just nothing that he can do. Sasuke wins.

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  1. Sasuke would still lose cuz he lacks 1 skills which imma say reality overwrite but make it 2 skills which im gonna include bad luck or calamity

    • He doesn’t need those skills though. As long as he has the Sharingan then the victory is in the bag. He just has to activate it for an instant and then victory is at hand. There is no way to dodge his incredible powers!

  2. Sharingan wont do shit, if sasuke tries to use the sharingan genjutsu, well he wont, cause rtz reverts his action of doing that to 0, ameterasu? never hapend, cause rtz reverted it to 0? susanoo? sasuke tries to go in for a swing, never happend.

    Thats the thing with ger’s rtz, when reverted to 0, sasuke running at him with chidori, shooting fireballs at him or shooting indra’s arrow, it would never happen. the events play in sasuke’s head, thinking that he is running at him with chidori or whatever attack he is using, but in reality, he has not even moved or done anything, and before sasuke can realize, its too late, Beaten to death by ger as soon as he finds out that he never even attacked

    • Yeah but if RTZ reverts the action then Sasuke will just do it again. Rinse and repeat until it works and RTZ runs out of juice. The problem is that Sasuke gets reset including his memories so he would react before GER can knock him out. It’s why I keep saying that this only delays the inevitable. At the end of the day Sasuke is still the guy who is going to get the last laugh here. He’s just going to walk up and land his hit the instant that Giorno falters.

      • No he wont, agian rtz reverts peoples will to 0 as well, meaning sasuke would end up beign in a stand still, thefore, pummled to death.
        He cant do it agian, diavolo couldn’t do time skip after he realised he never used it. Why would sasuke be different?
        besides ger still has his lasers in which can create animals to try and kill sasuke, scorpions,dangerous ants, snakes etc, if sasuke attempts to hurt them, his damage would be reflected agiants him 2x over.
        Cant delay the inevitable if the inevitable never happens, Sasuke was a destiny child, but giorno, was a destiny changer.

      • Sasuke is different because his will is a lot stronger than Diavolo’s. No matter how much you reset him or try to get Sasuke to calm down, he’ll just keep getting back up and starting the whole thing all over again. Never give up, never surrender! That is Sasuke’s motto and it’s a really good one if I do say so myself. He’s not someone who will be intimidated or discouraged.

        As for the animals, Sasuke could take them out real quick and then stop Giorno. How are you going to bounce back damage when you don’t have the focus to do so? It’s like messing with a telepath, you can knock them out of their zone pretty quick. Sasuke has all of the tools to win this fight

      • But sasuke will not loose his memories. He would ask himself why it didn’t happen. His willpower will also be 0 meaning that he will not move. If you think that sasuke has a great willpower which I don’t disagree, but look at diavolo. Diavolo was the leader of the mafia and had greater willpower and dedication than Sasuke. He would kill his own innocent daughter just so no one finds out his identity. He already killed his mother leaving no evidence he existed. So if a person with so much willpower get reset to zero and can’t move, how would sasuke be an exception. Giorno giovanna GER will rest action and willpower to zero making the opponent not capable of moving. That is why diavolo could not use his stand even if it was reverted to zero. He knew what happened but could not understand why he didn’t move or why he lost willpower.

        like GER SAID “However, you will never arrive at the reality that will occur. None who stand before me shall ever do so. No matter what abilities they may wield!”

        So please read this quote without giving sasuke, naruto,kaguya, isshiki or anyone from naruto verse excuses. Like ger said their abilities do not matter cuz they will never reach the truth aka reality

      • It’s a good quote I’ll give you that. GER is someone that you absolutely don’t want to mess around with. That being said, Sasuke should be able to take this on. While no ability that GER was aware of could beat his ability, he hadn’t seen the Naruto top tiers yet. I’d frame it this way, Sasuke would realize that something was up and quickly attack again. Each time his ability is nullified, he would keep on going until Giorno has run out of juice.

        The resets won’t be able to keep on happening indefinitely. Eventually Giorno’s ability will just stop working and that’s when Sasuke would go in for the win. He doesn’t mind attacking as many times as needed for victory.

  3. Heres the problem, sasuke would not be able to move, cause once agian, rtz puts you in a standstill, besides giorno could just lay a bunch of animals around his body, and if sasuke attempts to touch giorno, he would be hit back with 2x the power, not that he woudl need to though, if diavolo, a fucking mafia boss leader who’s ego to be the top is crazy insane and yet even he could not move after rtz ended, why would sasuke differ?

    Giorno’s ability wont stop working, its not draining off of anything, like for rela we told you this more times then i can count.

    • Wait, I can’t get behind the idea of the ability never stopping. Everything works off of energy so eventually it would be totally drained and then that would be game over. There’s just no escaping from that kind of drawback for any character. No matter how strong you are, at the end of the day you will still catch the L in the end.

      So with Sasuke, I agree that he would go into a standstill with GER here but in the end it will still be overwhelmed/overpowered in the end. It just buys time since Sasuke would quickly keep on retrying his action as if it was some kind of arcade game.

      • Where is this energy ger pulls off of then?
        If it exists then it had to have been mentioned at least somewhere in jojo.
        Saying that ger is gonna run out of an energy that never has happend nor ever mentioned is once agian, the same as sayign sasuke is gonna suffer a heart attack out of the blue.
        It does not make sense, just like how sayigng ger having a energy source wont make sense if its been proven that he does not.

        You think ger is just gonna stand their and let it happen, agian sasuke cant hurt ger and its stated that ger is FTL hell its even greater then that. sasuke cant fight an invincible being, he would just be pummled. hell since ger is similar to ge, then it has ge’s other ability called life shot, where ge was able to infuse life energy into his opponents, when doing so, the mind of the opponent moves fast but way to fast, leaving their body completely defenseless. While we dont see ger using this ability its reasonable to believe he has it, even if he does not ger still wins with rtz and its life creation ability.

      • The energy exists but it’s never shown because that’s just the way that it rolls. We know it exists based on other series. The energy drain will take a while for this to take effect but it doesn’t matter because GER has no other options. He can either choose to stall the match until he’s out of energy or go in close quarters and get stomped that way. Either way Sasuke is taking the win easy here. He’s just not going to go down.

        Sasuke has a lot of ninjutsu that could just blast GER. Additionally he can teleport so he will always shave the upper hand and there is no way for Giorno to dodge him. Eventually the guy will get tired and then that’s it.

      • The reason why u can’t get behind the idea of that Ger is not limited is because it is freaking fiction, not real life. These laws of physics does not apply to the jojo world nor other fictions like when you see people fly or creating fire from nothing. GER is beyond space and time and have every stat as NONE. Meaning it can’t be ranked from E to A. There are stands that have some stats as infinite like made in heaven which has infinite stat on speed while wonder of you have infinite stat on range. Araki could have used infinite stats on GER. But it rather says None on every stat meaning it does not even need rankings from E,D,C,B,A or infinite because Ger reactivates on every action and willpower.

        Sasuke has not stronger willpower nor fighting spririt than diavolo. Diavolo has far greater willpower and was the leader of the mafia unknown to anyone. He has never lost a fight except his last one ofcourse. Diavolo could littarely see the future and saw himself killing giorno and that is why he attacked. But the problem is that YOU WILL NEVER REACH THE TRUTH.
        It says never not You will not the truth now.
        So sasuke is not God or anything that is beyond space and time. Actually no one in naruto is. The top 10 strongest JoJo characters alone can destroy the whole naruto verse, No Hate. Just the truth

      • Fiction and real life can be similar though. I agree that physics is different but you can still rank everything. There is still no such thing as infinity even in fiction. Any time a character says that you can just shake your head. Trust me, that’s what I do. It’s not possible to keep going until the end because there isn’t an end. It’s like He Man breaking something that was “unbreakable” it just means that it was breakable.

        Sasuke would still be taking Diavolo and GER down. He has incredible willpower and fighting spirit that can never be snuffed out. The characters can try but Sasuke will keep on coming out on top because he is that dude. Nobody, but nobody is getting in his way!

        I agree that we gotta keep it objective but the Naruto verse is way higher than the Jojo’s one so they aren’t destroying the verse. Not on my watch

  4. Saying the energy exists but is never shown is by far the dumbest thing you could have said. It has not been stated that her has a limit. We know it does not cause araki legit had to write out her from the story to keep ger from destroying all the other villains.
    Once again you can’t say just because one series has energy that exists does not mean another series has it too when it has not been shown or stated.
    Saying ger will run out of juice is the same as saying assume could run out of chakra, after all how do you know how much of this so called energy is gonna be drained from ger?

    Assume has sown to run out of chakra ALOT, while ger has never ran out.

    Fiction and life can be similar but it does not mean they follow the same laws and physics. Infinity can exist in fiction. Period. That’s why it’s called fiction it’s not real, its not true in the real world. But in their word it is true.

    Like how would it feel when we say chakra cannot be used to form lightning or fire. Or what if I say that the sharingan never existed in the real world so therefore it does not exist in the Naruto world.

    Of course it does not make sense.
    But for some reason in your head you think her has some limit to it’s ability.

    It must be PROVEN, but it hasn’t for her, for unbreakable swords they can truly be breakable or unbreakble. Agian it has to be proven.
    He man did prove that some things that have been said to be un break le can be breakable.
    But like I said he proved it can be breakable.
    Meanwhile ger over here being written out of the Jojo story for being too strong.

    When he said diavolo’s will was crazy I meant it. If your ego and will brought so much to you where you rule an entire mafia and have a stand that’s one of the strongest out their. Then yeah your willpower to stay at the top would be huge.

    Besides sa duke never really shown as much willpower as Naruto has. He was more cocky and lucky. Man would have fr lost to itachi if itachi did not plan for sasuke to kill him.

    • Lets put it this way, in 99% of cases I’d agree with you that a limit doesn’t matter much if we haven’t seen it. After all, that means the character has enough stamina to use the ability for a really long time with no downsides. The only reason it’s a factor here is because of how infinite GER’s ability is. The longer it goes on, the more we have to acknowledge the end point. Because there is no infinite, then that means there has to be an end point and the most logical conclusion is that he would run out of energy and Sasuke breaks free.

      Since the cycle can’t go on forever, this is an inevitable factor that has to occur at some point. There is just no escape from it at all without exception. So GER’s ability would be conquered and after that Giorno would not be able to compete with Sasuke’s raw power and agility.

      • The problem is that you just assume he has that energy.
        If it goes on for long it either ends or that its endless.
        Agian its fiction, an infinite can exist, like hell no shit its fiction because sasuke is a guy with special eye powers, that ain’t true in the real world.

        Agian logic like saying this has a limit cause in the real world there are limits is not a valid argument for a win.

        Besides I never even focused on the many things ger can do to sasuke.

        Rtz is a passive ability so giorno does not need to command ger to use it.

        For one he could have ger rip out sasuke’s eyes.
        Giorno is a smart fighter and it wont be long before he notices sasuke’s eyes having some ability, it would be obvious since one of his eyes is a legit purple eye.
        Even if sasuke can see ger with rinnegan, once that’s ripped out he is doomed even more.
        Sasuke cant stop ger from doing it either.
        He cant hurt ger and since rtz is around his action to stop it would be negated.
        Hell after all borushiki was able to rip out sasuke’s eye.

        Not to mention all the animals and plants giorno can attack and defend with.
        Rtz ain’t the only solution giorno has, Rtz is just a VERY BROKEN defensive ability he has that’s followed up with giorno’s smarts and ger’s strength and speed and life manipulation ability’s.

      • In this case we have to assume it though because otherwise the match would never end. If we took route A where it is truly infinite then the match would go on forever and we can’t have ties. So eventually the technique will break and that’s when Sasuke wins. You can only have him in a loop for so long before he goes in to claim the win. Everything has a limit, even fictional techniques. The closest I’ve seen to someone without a limit is Bass and even he hypothetically has one.

        GER isn’t fast enough to take out Sasuke’s eyes. Sasuke is way faster and that’s the whole reason he has to rely on the loop in the first place. Otherwise he isn’t getting anywhere close to Sasuke and is getting low diffed. Sasuke can also teleport to get out of there. Rtz is a very broken ability but Sasuke is just a really bad matchup for him. He’s a hard counter

  5. basically, Giorno is not faster than Sasuke your correct but we what we trying to say is “GER” is faster than Sasuke just dues to automatic defensive counter and death loop, when Sasuke gets killed by GER, he would be sent in a death loop and the loop deactivates his powers which means he cant escape.

    • Yeah GER is faster but that just gets us back into the whole loop debate where he would run out of juice and Sasuke wins. So at the end of the day it comes down to Giorno vs Sasuke and that’s a match where Sasuke should win with ease. He’s not going to go down like that

  6. Thats the point though, ger’s rtz is meant to do something like that if the enemy can take beating, Stalemate fights, after all its bound to end anyway, cause giorno would eventually be able to find out sasuke’s weaknesses and think of a plan to win. Thats what makes rtz op. Even then why do you assume sasuke’s chakra could hold up?
    Agian rtz only reverts actions, not sasuke’s chakra supply, so sasuke would end up draining chakra while giorno can just run at sasuke to kill him.

    Bass in the archie comics is strong yes but he is not the strongest guy in fiction.
    There are numerous foes out there that can beat bass in both regular and archie comic.
    In fiction there have been times where infinity exists, galaxia’s crystal gave here an unlimited amount of energy, android 17 and 18’s power core supplied them with unlimited stamina and ki.
    Hell the saiyan race is stated to have an infinite evolutionary potential, meaning saiyans always had so much potential.

    My guy I legit said Ger is FTL and you just ignore it and say hmm sasuke is faster.
    Ger’s stats when shown were set to none by araki, why? simple because Ger’s stats were so high that the stand stat scale could not measure it.
    This is saying a lot because star platinum who has a S in speed can move FTL, meaning ger legit moves WAY faster.
    hell his strength probably beats star platinum too.

    Sasuke would need an object to teleport out of there, and it needs to be an object in his range, with giorno’s analytical thinking he could certainly figure out sasuke’s teleporting ability and come up with a plan to counter it.
    He has the time anyway thanks to ger’s faster speed strength and RTZ ability.

  7. Sasuke cant beat GER, Tusk act 4, TWOH, WOU, and cheap trick I wont also forget about D4C Love train

    there is no need for explanation

    Tusk act 4
    It has inf rotation and very strong hits, inf rotation bypasses Love train and the inf rotation is from spin, if sasuke gets hit by Johnny’s nail, there would be a chance that sasuke will spin or get beated up by Tusk act 4

    Is a heavenly stand that can stop time on how many hours or seconds the user wants and the reality rewrite would bypass GER’s defence and one punch would kill sasuke

    Is a stand that has a mind of its own (prob) and when it gets attacked it will send bad luck

    Cheap trick
    Is a very small stand with no stand user, but it will always stay at sasuke’s back and will kill sasuke instantly when someone looks at sasuke’s back

    D4C Love train
    It has barriers similar to WOU but when sasuke attack D4C LT while LT is on then the attack will be deflected and the attack would hit another person.

    • Wait, you’re saying all of these guys could beat Sasuke? Here’s how he counters them. I’ve been over GER a lot so I guess I’ll skip that one but it all goes back to the classic loops.

      For Tusk act 4, Sasuke is too fast to be hit by the nail. He’s much faster than these fighters and a single Chidori stab through the heart will take care of this.

      For TWOH, time stop doesn’t work on characters who are fast enough but even if it does, Sasuke can instantly teleport to dodge the time stops and take TWOH out.

      Sasuke can tank the bad luck so WOU is getting low diffed here.

      For Cheap Trick, he isn’t fast enough to stop Sasuke so that should be fairly quick.

      Now D4C looks like a stamina battle but as long as Sasuke keep attacking, the ability will run out of people to deflect the hit too and so he’ll take the damage and take a resounding defeat.

      • First off no he right about them all.

        Your wrong about ger again, RTZ don’t put sasuke in a loop.

        I already said that tusk act 4 can move FTL so he can match sasuke’s speed. And he cant hurt tusk act 4 either. Besides if tusk act 4 touches him his infinite rotation ability is gonna distort that part of his body, like his hand.

        First of all no, Sasuke cant use pure speed to escape the time stop, even stands that move FTL cant escape it, unless they have time manipulating abilities too, star platinum is an example of this since it too can use time stop, MIH was able to effect time stop by a bit, not entirely be immune to it but reduce the amount of seconds of time being stopped.

        Besides time stopping is not the best ability it has, its reality overwrite ability can pretty much rewrite reality the way it wants it too, like heal its own wounds, or nullify attacks, like for example he could use reality overwrite to disable sasuke’s sharingan or rinnegan, or distort a part of his body, pretty much anything really.

        The thing is if he attacks WOU he gets bad luck toward him there most likely bad luck things that may kill or disable sasuke. so sasuke cant really do anything. besides its a stand suit, and again, stands can only be hurt by other stands, meaning sasuke has 0 chance of hurting wonder of u.

        Sasuke cant hurt cheap trick either, cause again, stands cant hurt other stands.

        Why would speed matter, besides cheap trick would be stuck on sasuke’s back, sasuke cant do anything to rip him off since he cant touch stands, even if he did that would just kill him.

        D4C’s love train mirror reflection ability wont ware off. again your just thinking an ability has a limit without further question.

      • No loop can hold onto Sasuke. He’s just way too powerful at this point in time.

        Okay so for D4C, the mirror would have to run out because everything has a limit.

        For Cheap Trick, Sasuke isn’t a stand so he would be able to hurt it with some clear Chidori shots. Trick wouldn’t be fast enough to land on Sasuke anyway.

        As for WOU, bad luck isn’t enough to scare Sasuke off. He’ll still go with his big attacks and just take that guy out. I think we’re underestimating that Sasuke has an answer for every kind of stand. His Uchiha lineage would demand nothing less!

  8. Ger’s rtz aint no fucking loop. its a nullifying move that nullify’s all of sauskes actions including his will power since he has intentions to hurt giorno.

    D4c’s mirror would not run out, even then why assume sasuke’s chakra could hold up. Sasuke has ran out of chakra more times then d4c running out of time to use the mirror reflection, think if it as a passive ability, passive ability’s don’t have some energy they pull off of.

    If sasuke is not a stand or does not posses a stand of his own he cannot hurt cheap trick No matter how strong he may be.

    WOU’s bad luck ability is more deadly then you may realize, besides how is sasuke meant to hurt a stand cause like I said, Only another stand can hurt a stand.

    When I mean by bad luck is life threatening or severe injuries or things that put sasuke at a disadvantage

    For example, sasuke could run at WOU with a chidori, before having a fatal heart attack out of no where.
    Sasuke could use the susanoo to slice him, only for him to run out of chakra.
    Sasuke could try to use the fireball jutsu, but then end up getting hit by some random ass meteor.
    Thats what I mean by bad luck, its just WOU’s bad luck ability takes it to a whole new level.

    • It is pretty much a loop though. Put it this way, if it nullifies Sasuke’s action then all Sasuke has to do is take another action after that right? Then we’re right back to where we started and that’s the big dilemma here. There’s just no getting out of that. So as soon as Sasuke gets back up then it is going to be game over for GER.

      As for only stands being able to hurt other stands, that doesn’t apply here. With enough strength you can attack anybody. Remember that in Naruto they said that only an Uchiha could defeat another Uchiha but we quickly saw that this wasn’t the case. It’s just how these things go sometimes. The bad luck thing is tough but that kind of power is never a game changer. I’ve seen it all before and physical abilities still win the day.

      • No No, you can’t compare stands with uchihas. Uchihas are litteraly beatable since the ancient times. Madara was defeated by hashirama, Tobirama defeated hashiramas brother, many uchihas died in the ninja war by the hands of senju and vice versa. While when it comes to stands it is really shown that non stand users can’t see it or sense it. And it is not just shown one time but rather hundreds of times. So that is a solid evidence unlike you dreager who compares a spiritual entity with a letteral human. Next time provide real evidence were stands can be defeated by non stand users

      • Yeah but it’s still the same concept. Non stand users should be able to take them out if they are strong enough. The characters within the verse just couldn’t handle it but it’s like Soul Reapers in Bleach. Normal fighters can still tag them as necessary. It just is how they roll and it makes a lot of sense tbh. There’s no such thing as being undefeatable like that if you have enough power

      • I think you are the kind of guy who can’t comprehend the fact that there are great abilities which do need physical abilities. Chracters like professor X can destroy every character in the naruto verse while he is paralysed. Dreager your logic is that ” if you have enough speed and power , you will not be affected by hax”. But in reality that is not how it works. You cant compare bankai with stands when they have litteraly 2 different authors. Stands are litteral unsee-uble for non stand users. All your arguments are flawed because you use other animes as arguments which is not how you win debates. And the worst part is you didn’t even watch nor read jojo.
        This debate will just go back and forth. So if you want to argue without being 100 procent biased, you need to give me which feats that can defeat giorno. And I will tell you from here, Mftl and being planet buster will not save sasuke from being return to zero. And as we saw in the last episode of giorno vs diavolo(btw you can see it on YouTube) that there were infinite amounts of diavolo because when he get RTZ he used it again and again but his bodies just increased without moving forward. And because he lost his will power he could not even move. DREAGER with all due respect give me just solid evidence that sasuke can beat giorno and by pass GER which has infinite defence or just accept that sasuke is not the strongest character in anime. And IF YOU EVER TELL ME AGAIN THAT GER WILL RUN OUT OF JUICE THAN I WILL NOT EVEN DEBATE WITH AGAIN, CUZ NO WHERE IN JOJO’S 8 PARTS IS IT STATED, SO QUIT USING OTHER ANIMES AS EXAMPLE AND GOVE ME STATEMENTS FROM ARAKI

      • Great abilities and physical abilities go hand in hand though. Okay put it this way, Prof X has great mind abilities but they wouldn’t beat the Naruto verse because those guys are even more broken. Sheer physical might will always trump mental abilities although I use the term always loosely in this one. Speed and Power should trump hax. I haven’t seen Jojo’s yet so that’s true but they do have cool hax, it’s just not enough for this.

        Being a planet buster doesn’t save Sasuke but his determination does. What can Sasuke possibly do against Return to Zero? He just has to keep on fighting so no matter how many loops there goes through, Sasuke will keep plunging through. He won’t give up nd that’s why he wins. Return to Zero can’t break his will and so Sasuke will keep on trying over and over again until it stops. We don’t have to say it’ll run out of juice, we can just say that it eventually stops and that’s when Sasuke will rush towards Giorno and take him down for the count.

  9. Wonder of U’s primary ability allows it to manipulate a “natural law of calamity”, which is a form of negative energy independent from the Stand. It is automatic and functions at a long range, making it extremely dangerous because there is little defense against it. So Get Over It Clown

    • I’m trying to get over it but I can’t. It’s a fair point but it’s still not doing anything against a man of Sasuke’s caliber. This is Sasuke Uchiha after all. Sasuke…Uchiha!

  10. so um were’s your proof that Sasuke can move fast enough to be able to move in stop time because that’s something that a character like Archie Sonic can do

    • See that’s the thing with dreager
      He thinks that because one character from a DIFFERENT series or universe was able to move in a time-stop ability with pure speed, he thinks Sasuke would be capable of the same.

      He also compares nonfiction to fiction by an outrageous amount.
      He believes the concept of infinity does not exist in fiction
      He thinks that pure speed and power can just resist all hax abilities every time
      and he puts combat feats into play in the most wrong way possible by speculating how fast a fight is going in an animated show. completely ignoring a character’s accomplishments outside combat and only looking at them through combat.

      • Am I wrong though? It just makes sense because all realities follow some similar concepts. If you can do something in one then you can probably do it in another. Definitely some exceptions to that but for the most part it tracks. Combat feats are also the best feats out there, you need them in order to win!

    • Sasuke is an Uchiha and as part of their bloodline he can move at speeds much greater than the average mortal? Where’s my proof you say?? Well Sasuke was able to react to Haku who was moving through mirrors at speeds faster than light and that was pre arc. If we scale Sasuke up to post time skip then it should be easy

  11. so like dreager were is your evidence on the fact that sasuke can do any of these things. for a few examples of things I want proof of is.

    1. Sasuke being able to move in stop time because let me remind you that you can’t do anything in stop time
    2. Sasuke being immune to the effects of gold experience requiem
    3. Ger running out of juice since it’s been shown that the few times we seen him that ger doesn’t run out of juice and it’s effects are automatic
    4. Also you have yet to prove how sasuke can break out of rtz
    5. Also you have been proven and stated by multiple people here that you are wrong about ger ability yet you keep going on about it being something else entirely

    so in point you have yet to back up your claims with no sort of evidence like it being stated or shown ( And no you can’t speculate how fast he is by an animated show since there’s have to be proof and claims on what he can or can’t do)

    • I thought I’ve been doing pretty good with the evidence but sure let me tackle each of your 5 points above. Prepare yourself for some razzle dazzle as I blow everyone’s minds here! Yoooooo…haha but seriously here are the 5 points.

      1. Stopped time doesn’t stop you per say. Look at how Goku and Xehanort have both been able to move in it. As long as you are strong or fast enough then you can move even when time is stopped. Naruto doesn’t have any time stop abilities so we haven’t seen Sasuke break out of it but he can teleport and move much faster than light so there’s no easy way to stop him. Lets just think about this logically here, Sasuke won’t be trapped because Giorno doesn’t have the power to restrict the movements of someone this powerful.

      2. Sasuke isn’t immune per say but he will keep on fighting so no matter how many times his drive to win is reset, he will just get up again over and over again

      3. It would eventually run out of juice because Giorno is going to be forced to keep spamming the ability. The instant he stops using it, Sasuke will go in and take him down with a lethal Chidori. That would be the end of his journey.

      4. It goes back to the running out of juice part. So the way I see it, RTZ will keep looping Sasuke until it runs out of juice and that’s when Sasuke will take the big win and show the world why he never gives up. There just isn’t a way to keep him down. Not like this anyway!

      5. I was on the right track with GER though. That’s why I keep pointing out why Sasuke would wreck him.

  12. forgot to mention that MIH can also beat Sasuke

    MIH can beat sasuke because it has more speed that sasuke which means MIH has inf speed

  13. I would also like to point out that while everyone here as provide evidence on why giorno wins like using statements from the manga and author himself dreager1 has yet to provide a single piece of evidence other than claims from himself without any proof to back them up. Also infinity is a real concept that many have brought in this conversation but you only dismissed it because you don’t believe it which is rather nonsensical because it’s a valid argument being made with actual evidence to them and yet you once again dismissed it because you disagree with them hell you don’t even disprove them and hell by your voting system the majority of people seem to agree that giorno wins. Also one more thing about rtz it can’t run out of energy it never does it has a limitless amount of energy and before you say something sasuke won’t be able to escape it since it’s erasing the cause from the effect and also sasuke wouldn’t gain any lost chakra or stamina back from being rtz. Again if you ever plan to respond to this comment at least make sure that you have actual feats or statements from people like an author or some creditable source that disprove any of the claims that have been back up with evidence from multiple here who are again knowledgeable of the source that you don’t understand because you can’t really make a counter argument on something you don’t understand. Also can you stop saying that you are more knowledgeable than the authors who have literally spent years of there life making these characters and story because it makes you seem like some sort of douche bag who has a superiority complex that can seem to accept a lose even with the amount of evidence backing up the people making the claims. And before I forget don’t make some short response on this because of the fact that makes you seem not that creditable since you don’t put in the amount of effect that people took in to write their response while you put in none.

    • No worries I never go with short responses. I try to respond from the heart as if I was in the Kingdom Hearts series. I go all in and ever look back. It’s part of what has helped me to climb to the top of the debating world! Lesss gooooo, here is my reply.

      Now I’m not trying to sound overconfident here but of course I will know more than the authors about their characters most times. Because they are looking at them in a narrative sense while I am focusing on power levels. It’s a pretty big difference in approach and that’s why. They won’t be looking for feats while I definitely would be.

      Infinity doesn’t exist. Not because I don’t want it to but because it can’t exist. It would open the door to possibilities or ties or events that don’t end and that wouldn’t work since there are no ties on the blog. In that case we have to assume that it has a logical end and then so any ability that relies on being infinite won’t work. That’s why it would run out of juice when going up against Sasuke. Sasuke would just be cruising and nobody but nobody could stop him! It’s why they call him Sasuke Uchiha..the man with a plan.

      So it’s not that I’m trying to avoid the evidence but that I sort of use evidence to support my arguments. Without evidence we would all just be here doubling down on our positions all the time and I can’t have that. It’s time for us to surpass our limits and make it to the next level.

      Still, I made sure not to have this response be too short. It’s just that Sasuke is far above any character in the Jojo’s verse at this point. Naruto scales higher and Sasuke is one of the strongest in this verse so that’s just how that ends up.

      • The narrator is above everyone in their story, a person cannot change the characters feats, while yes they focus on the story more, they have those feats there just to have it there for the story, wether it makes sense or not its there and you cant deny it. If the creator of the story says something about a characters ability or story or feat, it MUST be taken as a huge canon factor, because of course its from the guy who wrote the god danm story.

        Like we all said, its a FICTIONAL world, anything can exist, whatever the writer chooses to exist, will exist. You don’t own the story, you never wrote it.

        Giorno vs sasuke does indeed have a logical end, its the end where giorno pummels sasuke and sends him to the infinite death loop to die for eternity.
        Even then why assume that ger’s RTZ would run out.
        What brought you to even think that, considering how me and others have proved why ger’s rtz wont run out.

      • I dunno about that. A narrator is very high tier of course but a lot of what they say can be up for interpretation. If you look at it deep enough then you are able to start surpassing them right off the bat. Just keep on going and eventually you will have the win. So the author can say things but if it doesn’t match with the story then you can definitely override him. You just have to do this with confidence or it’s not going to work out.

        RTZ would run out because eventually it would just stop. Your win condition always seems to be throwing Sasuke into an infinite death loop but the problem is that it isn’t infinite so once it runs out then all Giorno has is a very mad Sasuke. Sasuke outranks him in all physical abilities so Giorno’s only chance is the infinite death loop. Take that away from him and what else does he have? That’s why the only logical conclusion here is that this ends with a big win from Sasuke Uchiha.

  14. Lemme just explain again about the stands that can beat sasuke

    nah aint explaining

    Tusk act 4
    It has inf rotation and its hits are powerful, if sasuke gets hit by Johnny’s nail, he would get beaten up by tusk or just spinning inf, and Johnny’s nails are much faster than sasuke.

    It was Heavenly strength and good amount of speed which is the time stop, again sasuke’s pure speed is not moving in time stop and he wouldnt even survive the reality overwrite.

    D4C LT
    It has orange beams with gaps between them but they rotate around D4C LT and even tho sasuke manage to hit one of the gaps, his attack would be reflected, if he killed the user of D4C LT, the user would just transport his memories to another clone o him self and his stand,

    Cheap Trick
    When cheap trick is on sasuke’s back, sasuke wouldnt escape cheap trick even tho sasuke tries to remove cheap trick it would just hurt sasuke’s back more.

    Calamity is the most powerful ability of WOU which can bypass GER’s RTZ if sasuke was near WOU, sasuke would be dead cuz the calamity would get very worse when your very near WOU.

    Soft and wet
    It has a very strong bubble which is deadly too, the bubbles are different than any other bubbles cuz Soft and wet’s bubbles are much stronger than normal ones, if sasuke tries to kill Soft and wet, the bubble would protect the user.

    Cream is a pretty op stand cuz it can just turn into a void ball but when crem touches sasuke while in void ball mode, sasuke gets eaten instantly.

    • Aight let me address these real quick. We can skip GER for now since Sasuke owns that one.

      Cream – Its attack strength won’t matter because Sasuke is just way too fast. He can easily dodge the ball and just land a Chidori as a counter strike.

      Soft- The bubbles are too slow and thunder abilities would destroy it quickly. Don’t underestimate Sasuke and his limitless potential/attack power!

      WOU – Sasuke just owns this thing. Even if it emits death Sasuke can strike from afar and just take him down a few pegs. Nobody is messing with Sasuke 100% guaranteed.

      Cheap Trick- It’s not going to be fast enough to reach Sasuke’s back so it gets destroyed real quick.

      Tusk – Tusk can spin but Sasuke can teleport so he just stays out of range and keeps on zipping in and out before Tusk can counter attack. It makes him impossible to stop. Not just difficult…impossible!

      TWOH – Sounds more like super speed than a full time stop in which case Sasuke definitely claims victory here. He just rushes in and wins with a Chidori strike.

      D4C LT – Sasuke is taking him out quick. Even if he goes to a clone Sasuke will have already won the fight by beating the original so that’s fine. It just all circles back to Sasuke winning his fights again.

      • Now its time for be to debunk it all.

        No ger does win against sasuke, me and Alot more people have said so

        Cream is legit invincible, you touch and say bye bye to whatever part of your body you touched it with. Sasuke cant hurt cream either. Speed wont matter against something that is legit invincible.
        Soft and wet don’t just have bubble ability’s , It has another ability called plunder bubble,
        where he can steal something from an object or living thing and use it for himself.
        Plus there’s also soft and wet go beyond too which btw is similar to infinite rotation that tusk act 4 has.

        WOU, sasuke cant hurt WOU, remember, its a stand, sasuke cant hurt stands cause he is not a stand user. and WOU’s ability calamity would just make sasuke’s life hell, The more sasuke survives the worse the danger for sasuke becomes.
        And btw sorry Jojo, I checked by ger’s rtz can actually nullify any and all of WOU’s calamity attacks.

        Cheap trick, how would cheap trick be destroyed by sasuke, he ain’t a stand user. he cannot hurt cheap trick in the first place.

        Tusk act 4, Tusk act 4’s infinite rotation ability would just destroy sasuke, If sasuke is even hit once by tusk act 4’s infinite rotation bullets, its gg’s sasuke’s body would infinitely rotate and his soul would be erased.
        And yes he can keep up with sasuke, since tusk act 4 can keep up with the world who moves FTL

        TWOH’s time stop is not slowing down time, its legit in the name, time stop.
        Not that it would need it since reality overwrite can just overwrite sasuke, like remove his eyes, distort a body part, and a lot more other shit

        sasuke cant touch D4C Love train, not with its mirror reflection. besides even if sasuke manages to get a hit, valentine can always swap bodies with other valentines from separate dimensions.

      • I’m not sure about GER but lets roll with that for now I guess……but I’d say Sasuke would win that one.

        For Cheap Trick, remember that chakra can harm anyone so all Sasuke has to do is hit him with the Chidori and it’s over. There is just no coming back from that, not even for a stand! Those abilities are just too high and mighty the whole time! The Lightning Blade would end this real quick.

        Tusk Act 4 has a lot of rotation but I don’t see that destroying Sasuke. You’re really underestimating Sasuke’s sheer speed and defensive abilities. Sasuke would just keep dodging or he would rotate along with himself and land hits on Tusk. Either way Tusk would be completely overwhelmed and would be crushed in an instant.

        Time Stop may not be enough to hold an Uchiha but he can also teleport to get out of the zone. As for reality warping, eh I’ve never been too impressed with any of that. Sasuke can just speedblitz at will and keep THOH off balance. He doesn’t have the physical abilities needed to stop Sasuke.

        D4C Love Train has mirrors but Sasuke will just keep spamming his blows. The guy will run out of bodies eventually and go down. With no way to counter attack, the match is as good as won for Sasuke.

  15. Chakra attacks would be unable to harm stands. Stands are psychic manifestations.
    But chakra is spiritual energy. therefore a lightning blade would be incapable of harming a stand.

    The only way for sasuke to hurt a stand would be to have a stand of his own or have some reality-warping ability that can erase said stands. Which sasuke does not have.
    Im talking full on erasure things like hakai from fucking dragon ball or darkseids sheer will erasing people from existence. Not whatever fucked up excuse you have.

    You misunderstand tusk act 4’s rotation ability.
    From just tuskt act 1 he was able to rotate his spinning nails so fast that the air pressure sliced off someones foot

    And in case your wondering this is what you would look like if your hit by one of the spinning nail bullets(not sure if it was prior to infinite rotation or not)

    Keep in mind johnny only has to hit sasuke once. and considering how johnny has pulled off crazy nail shots john wick style, no shit that his FTL stand and his bullets are bound to land.

    Time stopping has NEVER been something that ANY naruto character had to fight against before. Why think sasuke or hell nay naruto character could just use speed to bypass it. Any proof of this feat?

    How is sasuke meant to speedblizt agiants a stand that can stop time and move FTL just like sasuke? plus if sasuke is fighting TWOH then he is fighting Dio over heaven cause he is the stand user. and since Dio over heaven is a vampire, he could survive a lot of sasuke’s attacks.
    Dude reality overwrite is ridiculously op, it was able to nullify the powers of not only tusk act 4’s infinite rotation, But GER’s RETRUN TO ZERO ABILITY. the one we have been talking about for FAR too long.
    Hell dio could just overwrite sasuke’s ability to never use will again, nullify his ability to use the sharingan ever again. etc.

    Valentine cant run out of other versions of himself, because he has a infinite number of dimensions he can go to. so no he cant run out of other valentines.

    D4c’s love train mirror cannot be broken through, (unless your tusk act 4 who just defies fucking everything besides return to zero)
    Sasuke’s attacks would just be reflected to another person in the world.

    • All right lets tackle this point by point. I’d say chakra should be able to damage the Stands because it’s operating on a level where you just can’t go through it. Chakra is literal and yet it operates on the back-end so anybody should be able to get hit by it. Dodging or not being in the same realm just isn’t a viable escape option at this point in time. You would still take the hits so the Stands need to do their best to get out of the way.

      For Valentine, he would run out of juice eventually. There is no such thing as an infinite ability so he would run out of doubles and then that would be game over. It would be the end of an era and would trigger the start of a new one where Sasuke would be the ultimate victor with none who could dare oppose him.

      For D4C, if Tusk can break through the mirror then Sasuke could probably do the same as well. He just needs to hit hard enough to the point where the mirror wouldn’t be able to stand up or have any time to switch the attack.

      For the overwriting ability, that wouldn’t work if Sasuke doesn’t want it to. You underestimate his strength of will. If he doesn’t want something to happen then it isn’t going to. That’s the whole point of his incredible all around abilities. He just has to keep going and his attacks will plunge through.

      Now for the time stop, he would just need to teleport in time. Like you said he’s never fought someone who could stop time so it’s all theoretical but teleportation is instant so it should work. I don’t see why it would fail at this juncture.

      As for Johnny’s nail attack, Sasuke’s teleportation works here as well. He just gets out of the area instantly and that would be the end of the match. No muss and no fuss! It would be a complete victory all the way around for Sasuke Uchiha and that’s because he has the advantage in tactics and experience. Johnny would need more than a fancy ability to defeat him in this round.

      • Chakra is not capable of ignoring effects of other abilities.
        hell even obito’s intangibility when hit with chakra attacks were incapable of harming him
        The times obito got damaged were when konan set up a explosives trap that would last 10 minutes, far beyond how long obito could remain intangible for.
        There is another but wont go into detail
        Stands don’t exist in another realm, there different from chakra.
        Its even stated by the official jojo sources.
        “A Stand is invulnerable to any harm except against another Stand or if their Stand User is harmed”
        Two other ways are by beings that are beyond this world,Supernatural beings that are far beyond a persons psychic. For example in Jojo part 4 Diamond is unbreakable
        There is a place known as Ghost girls alleyway, where in that alleyway you cant turn around, if you do these ghost hands will drag you straight to an unknown place, probably hell. These hands are supernatural beings that are capable of harming stands, because of course there supernatural beings WAY beyond the world.

        Sasuke, is a human. Sure a human with supernatural abilities, but overall not a supernatural being, therefore him nor his chakra could actually hurt a stand.

        Sorry but where is this so called juice does not exist with D4c love train.
        The ability last for as long as valentine wants it too so saying that would not matter.
        Even then you haven’t proved it. You just say it does.

        Sasuke’s will cannot protect him from reality overwrite, even then show me proof that he can do this.
        Ger’s rtz which nullifies everything, even will was incapable of beating it.
        Even then sasuke’s will ain’t the greatest, he does not have superhuman willpower that he can use to power through.

        Why would sasuke’s teleportation be a game changer?
        And as for the he has never fought anyone who could time stop before I was referring to sasuke not dio.

        Sasuke’s teleportation may be instant but even if sasuke gets a far distant, the worlds time stop range is 10m and hell its probably longer since TWOH is the buffed version of the world.
        sasuke would be incapable of using the teleportation to his advantage, even then he cant spam this teleportation ability, as he has to wait a bit before using it again, meanwhile dio is actually capable of spamming the time stop.

        Agian dude, sasuke’s teleportation trick would not work. Because johnny has already fought one dude who could stop time and another dude who can just slip into new dimensions in a instant, I don’t think sasuke’s teleportation would be able to make a huge game changer.
        And like I said he only has to get one hit in, so even if sasuke avoids the first one, just what will he do about the second one? or the third, or fourth, because johnny can fire more then 1 nail, meanwhile sasuke has a rinnegan cooldown.

      • All right lets dive into this one. Sasuke can deal with all of the nails because he’s so much faster than these guys. No matter how many nails are shot out, Sasuke can dodge with substitution jutsu, teleportation, and even using his ninjutsu to make the field harder to see and just keep on going. Teleportation is a game changer for me because it’s instant so it’s near impossible for it to be overcome. In theory any fighter with that power is basically unbeatable.

        For willpower beating reality overwrite, it’s because nobody can make you disappear if you don’t want to go away. That’s always been a cardinal rule no matter what series is on. After all, otherwise you could lose without even getting to fight which doesn’t really work. RTZ can reset Sasuke’s will but he would just get focused again and again no matter how many times it would take. That’s when he would be the true Uchiha of legend!

        As for Chakra not affecting the stands, think of all energy as being the same. Jojo’s runs on their own energy, same for ki and chakra but in a mixed fight it’s really all the same stuff. So there’s nothing stopping each other from just dishing out blows so all the attacks work as normal

  16. Ger does end up winning, Like search up giorno vs sasuke and your gonna see almost 0 people say sasuke wins

    Chakra cannot hurt stands. because stands are psychic manifestations while chakra is spiritual energy. there different no matter how similar they may be. A lightning blade would be incapable of hurting cheap trick
    The only way for sasuke to hurt cheap trick is to hurt the stand user or have a stand of your own to hurt the stand, or posses a reality erasing ability, for your stupid brain it would be something like hakai or pretty much hakai.
    Sasuke does not know any reality erasing ability
    he does not posses a stand
    and cheap trick does not have a stand user.

    You underestimate tusk by a far lot. and you also don’t seem to understand his rotation ability, sasuke cannot twist is body to avoid the rotation, that’s not how it works.

    first let me go over his spinning nail shots.
    Johhny (the stand user of tusk) is able to fire his nails at an opponent, that may not seem like a big deal, until the nail starts to rotate at fast speeds capable of slicing someones foot off.

    With tusk act 4’s infinite rotation spinning bullet ist even worse. if your hit your body will be spun around, even your soul would be erased.
    That link there shows you what it would look like if hit by an infinite rotation bullet.
    Here is another

    and keep in mind, this would happen throughout the entire battle sasuke would be hit.
    And also keep in mind that johnny just has to get 1 hit in. if he does then its pretty much gg’s,
    You may think sasuke’s susanoo could protect him but no.
    Here is johnny’s bullets ignoring valentines attempts to travel to another dimension.
    If it can do that then I highly doubt a susanoo would be any good, after all the bullets can also auto track sasuke.

    Time stopping is a ability that no naruto character had to face yet.
    Even then why assume pure speed could get sasuke out of time stop?
    Silver chariot who is FTL could not even move in it.
    Why assume sasuke can?
    Sasuke’s teleportation would be a waste considering the time stop range is 10m for the world.
    Sasuke can only switch places with an object or thing within his eyesight. he does not have to look at it but he has to be in range of his eyesight.

    And no sasuke cannot just ignore the effects of reality overwrite, and sasuke cannot speedblizt twoh either. twoh is FTL and has time stop, so speedblizting is out of the question, even then the user of twoh is dio, a fuckign vampire, dio is not gonna die with a chidori through him, after all jojo characters tend to be very fuckign durable, even normal humans were capable of still using their stands even when their was a big ass whole through them.

    Reality overwrite could nullify sasuke’s will or just completely erase his will altogether and to have it to never come back. or remove his Sharingan and rinnegan. and whole lot other shit.
    After all ist even capable of nullifying tusk’s nail bullets and even ger’s Return to zero ability.

    D4c’s mirror reflection cannot be broken through(unless your like tusk act 4 and break reality)
    and D4c cant run out of other valentines to jump to, because he is able to access a world of infinite dimensions
    Shut up its real I’m not taking your “but infinity does not exist” for an answer.

    Because that’s the only solution you have.

    • Okay lets take these all on point by point. For D4C he would run out though because infinity doesn’t exist. We don’t have to call it juice if you don’t want us to but at the end of the day it’s the same concept. Sasuke would keep fighting until there are no other Valentines and they go down. Alternately I dare say Sasuke would just stab hard enough to punch through so there is no reflection.

      Reality overwrite isn’t overpowering Sasuke’s will I can tell you that. Nobody would be able to override his will just like that, Sasuke is much too powerful. He has a ton of willpower and just needs one good hit to take him out there.

      As for GER, we’ve been over that so I’ll skip it but of course Sasuke low diffs there. Just give him a few minutes and he will have the combos at the ready.

      Sasuke would crush Cheap Trick. Remember that Amatarasu burns away your very essence so in a way it basically is hakai. So once Sasuke activates the ability then that would be it for the Stand. Chakra is like Ki so it should be able to hit just about anything once there is enough force behind it. The stand user will definitely want to stay away here because Sasuke has the physical advanage and would be absolutely ready for total domination.

      All right but with Tusk I didn’t see someone try to spin the other way to counter the nail’s effects. Not saying that it would work absolutely but it would be really cool if it did work. Either way Sasuke is fast and sharp enough to block the hit no matter how fast it is. Johnny won’t be stopping Sasuke here because he would need to be a whole lot faster and stronger to pull that off. Sasuke isn’t known as one of the best for no reason after all.

      Sasuke has natural counters for everything

      • Alright now its time to deal with your new shit.
        No sasuke cannot stab hard enough to break through the mirror reflection. What would happen is that sasuke would end up losing his sword and that sword would end up stabbing some random person in the world.
        And no dude d4c can access as many dimensions as it needs to, so no running out of valentines to hop too.

        Already said sasuke’s will power cannot stop reality overwrite.

        As for sasuke’s ameterasu agiants cheap trick, no, ameterasu is a black fire that burns for a shit amount of time, and its much more hotter then the sun.
        But it does not burn a persons soul away.

        Yes chakra is like ki, both of them are spiritual energy, but they have different properties
        Especially with hakai.
        Because there ain’t just 1 type of ki, there are several versions of ki energy.

        there’s the regular ki
        Evil ki
        God ki
        Destruction ki
        evil god ki
        and the trio of dangers ki but no one talks about that one.

        Regular ki is well simply regular ki, most dragon ball characters have this kind of ki

        Evil ki is like regular ki but its only to those who have evil in their hearts.
        Example being frieza.

        God ki is much more powerful and of course used by gods, this ki is most notably used when goku and vegeta access their super saiyan god forms

        and there’s also evil god ki which works like evil ki but just stronger

        and then the trio of danger’s ki which is just used by the trio of danger in Dragon ball super.

        But hakai is a destruction ki type. Of course, simply destroying pretty much anything in its path.

        Ameterasu is stated to be the highest form of fire release in naruto.
        So of course again, its strong, but still uses normal chakra.
        So ameterasu cannot mimic hakai’s power, due to them being completely separate energy’s.

        Hakai erases a persons or anythings soul, in like every fucking way, while ameterasu does not do that, it burns you, like really bad, but that’s it.

        Dude spinning the other way would not be able to counter that. For one its spinning way faster then what you think, so fast that your cells are even being effected. and even then it is called infinite rotation for a reason.

        Sasuke cannot block the hit either, because its a fucking nail bullet that goes past mirror reflection as i said earlier.

        Johhny and tusk act 4 could keep up with the world, which can move FTL, He will be just fine.

      • Sasuke’s blocked bullets and energy attacks with his sword before. Why do you think he wouldn’t be able to block a nail bullet? Sasuke just needs to put some chakra in his sword and he can block just about anything. That nail is not getting past him! As for the World it can move FTL but doesn’t mean that it was. Sasuke is still speedblitzing the whole time.

        Ameterasu burns everything though, that’s the whole point of the move. So it should work like Hakai and just destroy everything in its way. It’s why this is such a dangerous ability, there just isn’t much that you can do against it. If it hits any Jojo’s character then they could be in trouble.

        Sasuke would hold onto the sword so if he stabs through the mirror and it hits someone else then he will just keep on striking with it until everyone goes down. Sasuke doesn’t give up and he doesn’t surrender. Try as they might no character will be able to even come close to stopping him. This is the power of the Uchiha! Seriously though his Amaterasu should be able to burn all of these guys away real quick.

        I get what you’re saying about chakra and ki being different but they are functionally the same for all intents and purposes.

      • I am disaproving your points here. If you have Good counter arguments let me hear it.

        For D4C, even if we follow your logic that infinite does not exist D4C would still win. If there are finite numbers of universes and not infinite we could assume there are billions of valentines. And sasuke will be long exhausted while Valentine will be fresh again and again.

        You really do not understand the world over heaven (TWOH) it can litterely time stop for an hour and only god knows what dio will do with sasuke. Imagine 60 minutes and sasuke is not even moving a bit. Because it is litteraly timestop and do not say that because he is an uchiha he will manage to escape sasuke. Even if sasuke is durable, TWOH just needs to land a punch during those long 60 minutes and he can delete sasuke from the face of earth. If him being an uchiha is saving him from time stop and reality over write then I dont think you are refering to the sasuke in naruto series but rather sasuke in Slime and rimuru’s friend.

        Giorno giovanna Son of dio brando, The requim user, the joestar, GIOGIO will demolish sasuke uchiha. GER POWERS ARE INFINTE. There maybe no infinte being or energi in naruto but infinite works fine in many fictions like jojos bizarre adventure. It is not called jojos realistic adventure, you know that.

        By this clip you will that diavolo foresaw giornos death and btw diavolo ability is 100% accurate. So in the future giorno really died but he deleted the effect so that it will never happen. Same thing would happen to sasuke cuz in the video you will see that diavolo was not just one but a bunch of other diavolos who repeated the same thing cuz they got RTZ until the last second when he lost all his willpower.

        Cheap Trick can also not be removed from their back, and since it clings to their back with its ability rather than brute strength, any attempt at forceful removal would simply rip the user’s skin off, killing them. So you are saying that sasuke would just burn his own skin.

        My brother listen to me, There is no way that sasuke can spin the other way. just google funny valentine spinning and you will know that it is not a basic rotating. BTW infinte does exist in jojo because when valentine was hit the infintite rotating nail he could not escape it. Even when he changed his body with a whole new body, Because tusk is infinite it still affected all of the valentines. So yes infinite really exist in jojo.

        Lastly I would say that you Dreager is the only one saying sauske would win because he is an uchiha or he is sasueke the legend or some other bullshits. You either come up with actual evidence or just accept that you lost this debate. Because with your logic I can say that Sasuke destroys cell because It is SAsusuke uchiha the man himself. What would a little android do to the man with sharingan. Yep that is exactly how you make your point. Peace out

      • Sasuke Uchiha is a powerful warrior. His ninja abilities are completely out of this world and he has the Sharingan. That’s the most powerful ocular jutsu in the world. There are no fighters in the Jojo’s verse who can try to stop him. Well okay they can try but they wouldn’t succeed and that’s my point! Lets look at this a different way, Sasuke gets stronger and faster with every fight.

        All right lets say Sasuke can’t spin out of it. He just has to dodge in the first place and with his instant teleportation that should be really easy. He just needs to go in and land the knockout blow.

        For Cheap Trick, Sasuke would definitely burn his own skin if he had too. His willpower is completely out of this world so any amount of pain is something that he can and will endure. Cheap Trick will need more than cheap tricks (heh) to beat Sasuke!

        It should be called Jojo’s realistic adventure but I digress. Look, you made a lot of great points. I might even say some really spectacular points. That being said, Sasuke is just too fast and too powerful. Throw in his illusions and hax abilities and it’s just over. There’s no way to possibly take this guy down for the count.

        For D4C, you have to consider that they’re all fodder to Sasuke. Sasuke would just be running through them all while laughing as he keeps spamming his fireball jutsu. These copies will be going down by the thousands with each hit.

  17. I tried posting this comment several times but it would never upload.

    so sadly I gotta break it down in small chunks then what I was going to post

    Cheap trick is made up of psychic manifestation, while chakra is spiritual energy, therefore chakra attacks cant hurt him

    Tusk act 4 infinite rotation nail spinning bullet would leave sasuke’s body looking like this

    Tusk act 4 can keep up with the world who moves FTL.

    Time stop has never been something a naruto character had to counter before, and besides sasuke cant pure speed it out of time stop, he could not even survive kaguya’s gravity dimension.

    Reality overwrite could nullify sasuske’s physical strength speed and durability, as well as remove his ability to use his eyes or chakra or just straight up remove his will and for it to never replenish again

    D4c’s love train mirror cannot be destroyed through normal means
    and no d4c cannot run out of valentines to hop to cause the can access an number of infinite diemensions

    • No worries I found the comment in the spam filter so I unchecked it. I’ll go get the full response there but needless to say you may be surprised at the result. I think Sasuke can take all of these Stands down and then some

    • through this whole conversation like I said you have yet to provide a single scan or hell picture to prove your point I mean hell your like the worst debtor I ever seen.

  18. replying to dreager’s bullshit comment agian that was recent.

    First off no,just cause sasuke adds his lightning release jutsu onto his sword wont change the outcome of the bullets landing, the nail bullets have bypassed legit reality warping bullshit and even then they auto track sasuke, so sasuke’s blocking attempts are a failure.

    Sasuke’s attempts to speedblitz twoh will be a failure, he can move ftl, after all his original state, the world could do that too, meaning twoh can do it too and hey probably even faster, plus there’s time stop so there’s no point in speedblizting.

    ameterasu destroys thing’s physically but not spiritually, it does not attack a persons soul or mind. For further evidence, nagato when reanimated was hit by ameterasu, and used almighty push to shove it off, if it did attack someone spiritually then nagato’s should would be damaged and therefore he would be defeated without itachi needing to use the totsuka blade to seal nagato. But no all it did was damage his body before healing.
    Even then, ameterasu has failed against jigen, juubito and kaguya before. and there all physical beings, so why would a spiritual ghost spirit that’s invincible to everything be effected by ameterasu? the only 2 things I can think of in all of naruto that could possibly hurt a stand would be madara’s limbo clones or juubito, naruto and madara’s truth seeking orbs, which do attack the persons soul. but then again naruto lost his ability to use his so yeah.
    and besides sasuke does not have access to truth seeking orbs or limbo clones either so there’s no point.
    Agian just because chakra and ki are similar does not mean they have the same properties, especially if its destruction ki which is VERY different from normal ki.

    Sasuke would not be able to hold onto his sword, unless he too ends up wanting to stab some random person in the world.
    even then if sasuke finds out that the mirror reflection would be killing random people in the world if he attacks it,
    would he really try anymore? because again he would end up killing far to many people, and then when its just him and valentine, if he attacks again, he might end up hurting himself, cause the mirror reflection does not go against valentine.

    • Hey I thought my comment was pretty good. Okay now lets now deal with all of this.

      For Sasuke grabbing the sword, he doesn’t mind stabbing random people. He would just keep on fighting until he claims victory or he would use his Sharingan to find the real user and stab them. Even the mirror probably couldn’t reflect his attack at that point because Sasuke’s sharingan would have had true power by then. He would be the one dictating the rules.

      Chakra and ki are basically the same thing though. As for Ameterasu, it’s absolutely limitless fire so it can effect anyone. There isn’t a fighter alive who can hope to survive hits from it and that’s the big difference between power and true power. Sasuke will have the edge the whole time as he continues to soar into a whole new level of power. It’s why he’s the top tier fighter of legend. Nobody is safe from his attacks.

      • We are asking you for evidence, either you prove to everyone here that ger has a limit to how much energy it can be used, or fail, and lemme tell you its a win win situation for me and everyone else who ain’t as dumb as you

      • Okay but I already proved that one. Everyone and everything has a limit. So GER does just because there is no such thing as infinite. Every ability runs out eventually and the problem for GER is that his ability revolves around having an infinite loop. So the more he relies on it, the more he is going to get absolutely blasted the whole time. There is just no way to survive Sasuke’s limitless power! He would have to win before the ability runs out

  19. well let me tell you something, stands don’t have that kind of limit. You went on long enough with saying that everything has a limit, now I wanna see this happen for stands. more specifically ger.
    Ironic how you say nothing has a limit but brag about sasuke’s limitless power.

    Im already asking you, can I see ger’s proof of a energy requirement to use his ability? cause your claim of nothing has a limit is not going to cut it enough.

    • You want me to go there? All right I didn’t want to do this but….here we go. I’m about to throw in all the scans to show that right here….right now…I will surpass my limits! You wanted to see some scans?

      Minato runs out of chakra after using his technique too often:

      Goku runs out of Ki after using Ultra Instinct

      Ichigo runs out of soul pressure after using the mask

      Luffy runs out of Haki after using G4

      Ruby ran out of aura after fighting for too long and taking a hit

      It would be the same for GER. Sasuke’s power isn’t limitless either but it may as well be with how cool he is

      • you stupid as hell, THERE ALL FROM DIFFERENT ANIME’S

        Ki, chakra, reiatsu aura and haki have all been proven to have limited supply’s

        But stands? no the fuck they haven’t.
        Hell, all the energy I mentioned doesn’t work the same either.

        I brang up hakai as an example as to what can kill a stand, even then I’m not so sure with hakai being able to kill ger since ger could revert it to the point of never happening in the first place.

        If your gonna give me proof, GIVE ME PROOF FROM THE JOJO SERIES,

      • Yeah I picked different anime to show you how this is a constant across all shows. Jojo’s isn’t an exception, every ability has its limits in every title. Even in dating sim shows you notice that the characters will eventually take breaks from flirting to recharge their energy. Nobody has unlimited stamina and energy and the same is true for the stands. They would be out of breath after fighting Sasuke for so long and that’s when they would go down for the count.

      • The death note itself was infinte. It never run out of pages since humans were created. Truth from fmab is also infinte and exist without time and space. Meliodas had infinte lives and could not dissappear because he would be ressurected. Immortality is infinte cuz you can’t die. So, sorry I don’t see your point. The only thing I see is your hatred against the jojo series. Jojo has been since 80s more than what naruto was running. In those 36 years Araki never gave stands lack of stamina nor energy. Even when characters won with plot armor it was not cuz a stand run out of juice but the stand user being outsmarted or outpowered. It littarely tells us in the manga that tusk act 4 is infinte. That was the main plot of the story. If it was not infinte valentine would have survived.
        Sasuke gas no chance what so ever. We have seen sasuke being destroyed. Sasuke was so weak that he could not react someone stealing his own eye. boroshiki did not time stop but outspeeded sasukes reaction speed. And sasuke with naruto had a hard time fighting ishhiki/jigen. From there it is revealed that sasuke has so good stamina compared many characters. Even akainu and aokiji has better stamina feat by fighting for 10 days straight with out any help.

        But let’s say infinte does not exist. Either way sasuke will not endure the millions of times giorno resets. Btw if sasuke is limited to few days max as we have seen in naruto, there is no chance he will win against valentine, because it will take infinite to destroy his wall shield. Not 10 nor millions.

        Another stand that will solo the naruto verse is Enrico Pucci with the stand Made in Heaven. No character in Naruto verse verse has shown that speed feat which littarely the whole 13,8 billions years that the universe existed in less than a day. I don’t need to calculate how million times he is faster than light. Btw that is not only a reaction speed but travel speed. No one in naruto has shown that kind of speed. Prove other wise. Narutos reaction speed is faster than light but not 13,8 billion years in mere hours. Do not come to me and say sasuke can teleport or some other bullshit. He can teleport like 5m max and he runs out of stamina every time he does. Even if he teleport pucci will speedblitz in nano nano seconds because he will not see it coming. You overestimate sasuke like he is some kind of saiyan. Atleast goku has showed immense speed travel in hits time manipulation but sasuke is no were even near krillin

      • All right lets talk about Enrico Pucci. That is good moving through all those years but Sasuke can teleport and it’s instant so he would just stab the guy. It would also not be possible for Enrico to be reacting in time to those hits so he would really be in a tough predicament. Move that over to the next area and it would really be game over. There is just no way to survive or even hope to endure such a blow.

        Sasuke probably can’t beat Krillin but to be fair DBZ characters are above almost every verse. The only one higher would be Megaman.

        Just wanted to say that while I don’t think Jojo’s looks very good, I don’t think it’s awful or anything. I just haven’t read/watched it yet but I know it’s popular so I’m sure there are some good things there. It’s just that no characters or items have limits. The Death Note would have eventually run out of pages if Light started ripping them out or if he had more time. Even when the ending doesn’t seem to be there, you know that it will be coming eventually. Like you’re on Volume 1 of One Piece, Volume 100 feels like forever but eventually it’ll happen. That’s just how these things work.

        Sasuke and Naruto have the counters needed to defeat any Jojo’s character and GER. Just wait for it to run out of juice or overwhelm it with pure power.

        “Giorno is powerful but he’s not ready to take someone like Sasuke on. Lets just look at the numbers for a minute here. Sasuke Uchiha has the Sharingan and can move at incredible speeds. Giorno may have a ton of stamina but what is he really going to do against a super angry Uchiha like this? I feel like he would quickly start to feel overwhelmed and then that would be the end of him. There just wouldn’t be any coming back from that.

        Demons in horror movies aren’t fighting any credible threats and that’s what holds them back. They don’t really know what they’re doing or who to fight so they pick on humans. Throw Naruto Uzumaki into any horror or zombie film and he’s winning easily.

        Sasuke can be destroyed if the oppone….wait you’re saying Giorno would beat Goku? Nah man…no wayyyyyy. Goku is probably the strongest being in all of media. His abilities are just way too impressive to be easily defeated. Goku can shatter whole realities and universes in an instant. His skills are so far above the masses that it’s hard to even talk about them. This is Son Goku…the Saiyan of legend! He solos the JoJo’s verse”

        first of you said what will giorno do against sasuke. While the real question is what will
        Sasuke do against Giorno. Sasuke have ftl reaction speed and not movement except for teleportion. While many characters in jojo have shown mftl movement and attack speed which not naruto characters show no matter which ability the posses.

        My point is not that naruto can’t destroy zombies even real human can kill zombies if they headshot them. My point is not about zombies durability but rather their stamina. No matter what they do, they never run out stamina and that is my point. Not that they are unbeatable. So if zombies which exist in the physical realm and have infinite stamina why do you disagree with stands having infinite.

        “This is… Requiem. What you’re seeing is indeed the truth. You are seeing the movements created by your abilities, but you will NEVER arrive at the truth that’s going to happen. None who stand before me shall ever get there, regardless of their abilities. This is the power of Gold Experience Requiem!”
        – Golden Experience Requiem to Divaolo
        So like I said no matter your ability it will not happen.

        BTW you clearly do not understand how fast the speed of traveling billion of years in few hours. NO one, littarely no one in naruto have shown that kind of speed. I know teleportion is instant. But sasuke cannot time his teleportation if can’t even see pucci’s movement its like saying that sasuke can defeat the flash because he can teleport, like what? Even if sasuke teleports before he even moves and inch to strike he will be it by a power faster than you have ever seen in naruto. And dreager do not be a hypocrite now. Because earlier you said speed and power destroys haxx and that is why you mentioned goku vs hit. Even if I don’t agree with you all the time, I belive speed is not always overpowering haxx. But to my point here pucci is millions of times faster sasuke. So my question is what will sasuke do. Respectfully give me one thing that the naruto verse will do. He can kill of them by accelerating the time in universe which will make every food rotten and people will die by starvation or accidents. AND THEN he can donut every character in naruto verse. And before you say jojo does not have the power to by pass narutos durability you are wrong. The greater the speed the more force the object have in this case pucci’s stand. So it is GG.

  20. if it has not been stated by the official jojo canon, we cannot classify it.
    Just because its been something constant throughout many popular anime’s does not mean it goes for anyone, hell characters from sailor moon and dragon ball have achieved some level of infinity, I already said this before, emperor Galaxia could draw off of infinite amounts of energy thanks to her crystal. and android 17 and 18 have power cores that supply them with infinite energy and stamina.

    Why bring up dating sim show’s, its not even related to what we are talking about. its an emotional break, not any energy based kind of break.

    I want proof from the actual jojo lore and series. not form some other anime’s as those anime’s work differently

    • I like the spirit behind the message and in concept I agree with some of that but in this case it’s a constant that we have to accept. It’s like seeing a fork in a show. You assume it’s for eating unless shown otherwise. So with everything else having a limit then that would encompass these too. That’s the crazy part.

      Android 17 was getting weaker and slower in the TOP despite what the contestants were saying. Nobody has infinite anything but they can use enough of it to make a convincing copy. That’s all that they are doing in the end.

      I don’t even remember why I brought up the dating sim shows but if you think about it it’s kind of the same thing. Nobody has unlimited emotional strength either so eventually they start to slow down and collect the Ls instead of Ws.

      As for the Jojo’s lore, the problem is that nobody talks about the juice there or has to deal with someone surpassing the limits there. That’s why it seemed like infinity at the start before I jumped in and put a stop to that. It’s really tricky

      • False, The way jojo works is really different compared to legit every fucking show you watched. Where is the proof of ger having some limit to its power?
        Where the fuck is it? this debate in this fuckign website has gone on for so long, yet when we ask for proof, you either
        A not give it at all
        B give evidence from a completely different series that is not tied to the series we are talking about.

        First off where is the proof of android 17 getting tired? His infinite stamina and ki reserves are said throughout TOP so many fucking times.
        I want proof of this bs you speak of.

        Emotional strength is limited in the real world, but fictional, its possible, because its fiction, if a writer wants to write down a character with infinite emotional strength, then they can, even if it defies laws and rules of real life and consistencies with other shows, its their show, their story, their character, not fucking yours.

        Nobody talks about it because there is fucking non. If you know in the jojo series that stands have limits, LET US SEE IT
        fucking show it right now

      • All right you want to see some proof? I’m going to grab some amazing ones right now. Granted I can’t meet all of the conditions here. I can get the proof

        17 was getting tired here and faltering through the punch. He doesn’t have infinite stamina but that’s okay. Not every character needs infinite stamina and 17 is still very strong without it. It’s just the end of the era.

        As for emotional strength, even that can’t be infinite. It may be their story but I still know the ground rules. Infinite can’t exist even as a concept and that’s why these characters will all be doomed. It’s just the way that it has to be. So that’s why even the Jojo characters have limits there and even the author would have to relent to that in the end. If a character had no limits then it would really make for a very scary story. Surpassing your limits is part of what makes us great. We need that drive…that passion…that hype! Without it a story would stagnate.

  21. Giorno completely spite, anyone who believes Sasuke wins this is a total idiot who doesn’t know how GER works, anything that Sasuke does would be nulled

    • Don’t underestimate Sasuke! He is the Uchiha of legend. A fighter with no peer or equal. Someone who keeps on fighting no matter how hard things gets. That’s why we all call him the GOAT

      • Sasuke is not immortal. Is that why he lost all his strength and stamina after fighting naruto. He litteraly lost his arm by naruto. And if you compare the rasengan to tusk act 4 nailbullet. It is like comparing a human punch force to nuclear bomb. From there we see that sauske can be hurt easily if there is an opponent who can deal higher damage than naruto, which in this case is johny joestar. Johny can litteraly kill obito in his kamui form while sauke can’t touch obito in that form. That shows the great difference in power between johny and sauske. If sasuke can be hurt by jutsus, how would he even survive a bullet that is unstoppable force.

      • Sasuke’s not immortal but he’s so powerful that you’d be forgiven for forgetting that even if just for a moment. His power is absolutely insane. This guy just keeps on going over and over again. Sasuke has taken his share of losses but you know what? He always gets right back up after them. Sasuke is a man who will never take a loss lying down and always recovers just in time to get his next win in. It’s why we are all proud of Sasuke Uchiha and what he has done for the community. He is That dude 100%. Sasuke wouldn’t have to survive the bullet if he dodges it. He is always the kind of guy who fights smarter not harder. Why test your limits when you can just keep on going right?

      • It seems you are ignoring my reply to you because deep down you know I am right. Loving sasuke doesn’t mean you should hate jojo characters. L8ke enjoy both of them. Because it is not about giorno but you littarely said sasuke will win against novel kars which is impossible. Because kars can see the future and there is no way for sasuke to land a hit cuz kars would stop time and disingrate him. Simple as that. Do not come up with some bullshit that sasuke can resist time and space warping.

      • Nah I’m getting to that one. Just a few more comments and I’m up to the long one. I should clarify that I don’t mind the Jojo characters. The series doesn’t look all that good to me and I don’t care for the characters from what I know of them but I do like the memes a lot and follow the series in that way. Look, the way I see it these guys are trying their best to prove their power and that’s the way to do it. I just don’t see any of them doing anything to a fighter as powerful as Sasuke

      • I am not underestimating sasuke but you are the one who overestimaye him and really underastimate Giorno. Giorno cannot be hurt by anyone. And that is what araki wrote. Araki is the mangaka, he can create the most illogical superpower, it is up to him to create overpowered powers. Sasuke cannot reality warp, so it is gg.

        Btw even if you assume that ger will get tired, who told you that sasuke can out stamina ger. Ger has infinite stamina because it is not bound by the laws of physics. How can demons in horror movies have infinite stamina and will never get tired. Or zombies which will just chase you until you immobilise them. You need to accept even if sasuke is your ultimate waifs material that he still has weakness as a human being and can bleed. As long as he can bleed, he can be killed. While giorno cannot be touched and would even win against character like goku.
        Forget GER, killer queen combined with king crimson neg diffs the naruto verse

      • Giorno is powerful but he’s not ready to take someone like Sasuke on. Lets just look at the numbers for a minute here. Sasuke Uchiha has the Sharingan and can move at incredible speeds. Giorno may have a ton of stamina but what is he really going to do against a super angry Uchiha like this? I feel like he would quickly start to feel overwhelmed and then that would be the end of him. There just wouldn’t be any coming back from that.

        Demons in horror movies aren’t fighting any credible threats and that’s what holds them back. They don’t really know what they’re doing or who to fight so they pick on humans. Throw Naruto Uzumaki into any horror or zombie film and he’s winning easily.

        Sasuke can be destroyed if the oppone….wait you’re saying Giorno would beat Goku? Nah man…no wayyyyyy. Goku is probably the strongest being in all of media. His abilities are just way too impressive to be easily defeated. Goku can shatter whole realities and universes in an instant. His skills are so far above the masses that it’s hard to even talk about them. This is Son Goku…the Saiyan of legend! He solos the JoJo’s verse

  22. What good is sasuke’s speed if he can never hit giorno, his Sharingan does not change anything, in fact its just a waste of chakra.
    What’s he gonna do?
    Pummel sasuke with ger
    shoot a FTL laser beam that can transform any debris into animals
    send sasuke’s ass to the infinite death loop

    Its not about how strong or fast or skillful the demons and zombies are. The point is, they constantly have shown infinite levels of stamina and shit. Just cause you have an infinite of something does not always guarantee a win, unless your ger who draws off of no power source to use its abilities.

    The amount of bullshit I saw when I saw you say goku could solo the verse is dumb.

    MIH for one beats goku, MIH has infinite speed, and can speed blitz goku with ease, goku meanwhile still has limited speed, of course he is FTL but infinite speed is way faster then anything we have seen in dragon ball.

    Theoretically goku could use hakai, but with mih being able to move at infinite speeds, Goku cant get a chance to use hakai.

    And as for ger, using hakai is still an action, meaning, ger can revert it, and it also means giorno can stalemate the battle until he manages to wear goku down or think of a classic jojo strat to win, unless the goku giorno is fighting is xeno goku or capsule corp goku. Dragon ball, dragon ball z and dragon ball super’s goku are not touching ger.

    • GER probably wouldn’t be strong enough to negate Hakai though. That attack is pure deletion so the instant GER tries to come into contact with it that would be curtains. There just isn’t a way to easily stop it and Goku has his near infinite speeds. He would be absolutely blitzing any character from Jojo’s. Trust me when I say he solos the verse. Any high end Shonen Jump character should be able to do the same like Ichigo, Tsuna, and Medaka Kurokami. Jojo’s is known as more of a mid tier verse so it’s strong and has hax but isn’t handling the top tiers.

      Sasuke is no stranger to FTL attacks and only gets stronger all the time. He would absolutely be giving everyone the hands in this fight. It’s why he is a ninja of legend. The man they call Sasuke Uchiha is just that good. He is That dude! Yeah that’s right, I’m talking about Sasuke. He would just keep on using his ninjutsu and genjutsu to take the edge here. Whether he wins with teleportation or hax, Sasuke has this in the bag.

  23. didn’t dreager just contradict himself by calling goku the strongest in all media. Which isn’t really true considering the fact that he isn’t even the strongest in his own verse. also before I forget did you ever find those scans or images that prove your statement on ger having limited energy that’s you know directly stated in jojo or any jojo related source

    • No Bass is the strongest in all of media but Goku is definitely one of those top ranking fighters. We really can’t underestimate the Saiyan of Legend. Goku could mop the floor with most verses with ease. Personally I have him as the strongest character in the DB verse.

      This is the best I’ve got for you on limits

      But everything runs on juice so it should be good enough

      • You literally just gave us all the evidence we need to prove you wrong.

        Yes he is right about ger not being an automatic stand, BUT, he did say that ger’s Return to zero ability is automatic.
        And lastly
        GER return to zero ability can last infinitely.

        Did you even read the article first?
        For one he explains how ger;s return to zero works and what it can do and what it cant.

        The limits he explains are these
        Beat the being or thing that its power surpass GER scope.
        This is true, for example twoh was able to nullify ger’s rtz, so anyone with a power to warp reality or some other kind of reality warping space shit could work, but that depends if it surpasses ger’s rtz.

        Destroy the thing that surpass GER offensive capability.
        This is also true, while we don’t know the full extent of how physically strong ger is. people have chalked him up to city level, sure that does not beat sasuke’s possible continent and moon level feats but when you have an ability that can revert every attack to the point where you never did it, I’m sure giorno can stalemate the fight until ger gets a fatal hit off of sasuke or giorno figures out a plan to beat Sasuke.

        Resurrect the dead
        Also true, ger cannot revive dead people, if he could then buccarati and narrancia would be revived after the fight.

        Activate GER remotely.
        Also true, ger cannot revert the action of something if ger is not present within the area.

        •Beat chariot requiem (with no sacrificial)
        he Is kinda wrong about this one, like it would probably end up being stalemated, or giorno finds a way to win. chariot requiems ability allows it to do many things, makes other people swap bodies, and its able to protect itself with some weird ass ability, basically if a stand user tries to attack the stand, there stand will attack them.
        The weakness is that there is this small yellow orb behind everyone’s head, to damage chariot requiem or destroy him you have to destroy the yellow orb of light behind you. but its at the cost of a soul. But thanks to ger’s return to zero ability, its likely that it could just revert the action of giorno’s soul being sacrificed while also hurting chariot requiem, keeping in mind its just a theory.

        Directly overpower stand or ability that activate passively.
        Also true, ger’s rtz ability would have to constantly use itself while giorno comes up with a plan, but its a really slow process but it does get the job done.

        and no dude bass is not the strongest person in fiction either, there are multiple characters that would beat bass any day.
        But that’s a debate for another day.

      • Bass is easily the strongest in all of media. I’ve written two different articles about it. His stats are basically out of this world and his Get Ability keeps him on top at all times. But yeah that’s another debate

        Back to GER, it would run out of juice like we were saying. Okay let me put it this way. Sasuke is much more powerful than Giorno. So the limit about it going up against people stronger than it will cap out here. If Sasuke stabs Giorno hard enough with the Chidori then GER is going to have a hard time trying to nullify the attack. If anything it may even give up on that and then it would really be in a pickle. What can it possibly hope to do against Sasuke at that point?

        GER is impressive and while I didn’t agree with everything the guy said in the article, I thought he did a good job of laying out some of the groundwork there too. At the end of the day it’s a great ability but not one that should have Sasuke concerned.

  24. Bass is not the strongest, characters like Darkseid, some archie characters like archie sonic and megaman, toonforce characters and characters like capsule corp goku can beat bass.

    The guy in the article explained that ger’s physical strength may not be on par with some other characters, but you cant use power to break through rtz, he explains that himself in the article. No matter how strong you may be you cant get past rtz with pure destruction or power.

    That guy did a great job explaining how ger works and its unfortunate how you, the person who brought it up, fails to recognize what evidence he brings.

    Stands are a persons psychic manifestation, not some kind of spiritual energy like ki or chakra. and so far, stands have been shown to not have a limit to how much there abilities can be used in battle. Meaning ger can use rtz as much as it wants without having to worry about some juice to draw off of.

    • Nah Bass would smoke those guys. Darkseid doesn’t have the speed to deal with him and Archie Sonic lacks the raw power for a knockout blow. Bass would be running rings around them the whole match and showing why he is so fierce.

      As for GER, the physical strength part is limited to what is seen in the Jojo’s verse. Put him up against someone at Sasuke’s level and the whole thing starts to fall apart real fast. Sasuke is an Uchiha with near unbeatable powers and he has the Sharingan. GER can try to start looping things but Sasuke would just keep attacking until it works.

      Everything revolves around juice though, even passive abilities and psychic powers. Why do you think Jean Grey runs out of power eventually? Everything has a hard limit and there isn’t a real way to get around it. It means that things would get awful dicey real quickly.

      • It would make sense if your talking about archie bass even though he ain’t the strongest either, but if its bass from the games or shows then your out of your mind. Darksied would fry that version of bass,archie sonic legit has wish powers and can just wish him dead. hell his super sonic form has altered reality before.

        Ger’s physical strength does not effect how return to zero works. And no sasuke does not have unbeatable powers, characters like naruto, killer bee, isshiki, jigen, kaguya, momishiki and madara have all beaten sasuke before. just cause he is a uchiha and is privileged with special eyes don’t mean he is strong enough. Sasuke would continue this constant loop until giorno wins, that’s how the battle will end.

        Everything does not revolve around the stupid juice. Jean grey actually has shown to have a limit to her power and even then her powers run out because of being injured or the fact that some characters overpower her psychic ability. But stands meanwhile have not shown any juice to draw off of.

        I wanna see evidence from the jojo lore and canon itself, not some stupid non fiction source like google.

      • Bass fries Darkseid though. He has pretty much unlimited speed and he has his willpower so he can’t be wished out of existence. Bass is much stronger than either Sonic or Darkseid has ever dreamt of being. Why do you think they call Bass the GOAT? It’s not just because he’s built differently but also because he just is that guy. He gets stronger with each form.

        As for GER, he would run out of the juice early on though. At least early relative to infinity because once the loop starts then he’s doomed. His only hope is to defeat Sasuke with physical abilities but anything short of that would not be enough here. Sasuke has his SHaringan and would just stop Giorno real quick. The loop would be restoring Sasuke’s stamina each time so he would be leaving the loop fresh while Giorno is pretty much out of options. That’s why I’ve been saying that Sasuke would win this one.

        Every verse and ability has juice, they just use different terms for it

  25. Replying to the comment with android 17 fighting jiren.

    For one, his infinite stamina does not give him pure strength. He could not keep up a prolonged fight with jiren simply because he is not strong or fast enough to do so. His power core grants infinite stamina and ki, but if there’s a foe who’s ki is stronger then his, then he can get overpowered, none the less he still has infinite stamina and ki, its just that jiren could overpower his ki.
    There is a difference after all between quantity and quality.
    android 17 representing quantity
    and jiren representing quality.

    If a story is stagnate because of it then its stagnate, its not our fault the writer chose the person to have an unlimited emotional drive. but we cant say anything about it, we can say how bad it is but we cant say that its not possible, cause in fiction anything is possible.

    • Right but put it this way, 17 was still getting tired the whole time. If he had infinite stamina then he wouldn’t be getting tired at all. Instead he would just be throwing hands the whole time and trying his best. It’s why 17 couldn’t stop and he couldn’t start, he was just at Jiren’s mercy.

      In fiction most things can be possible but even fiction has limits. There just isn’t a way to get past those limits and that’s what separates the top tiers from the high tiers. Without infinity at your disposal you have to try and find other ways to win and claim victory at the end of the adventure.

      • Just cause android 17 has infinite stamina does not mean he can overpower all his opponents, In a prolonged fight he can definitely out last them, that is if he is faster, but jiren had stronger and more powerful ki and physical strength then 17, meaning even if android 17 has a unlimited supply of juice, his juice cannot compare to the strength and power of jirens, and thus would lose.

        If they were equal in power and speed, android 17 would win, mostly cause of his unlimited stamina and ki, while jiren is still limited to such things.

        Ya need better evidence then that.

        And two no, fiction is that of a persons imagination and writing, in a fictional world, The only limit is the writers imagination. The writer can easily put the use of infinity into his story, even if it goes against actual laws and physics.

        Here is a quote from google itself
        “The short answer is: no such number exists. You can include as many characters in your novel as you want to. It’s your story, and there’s no rule book you need to follow on how to write a great story. The creative process is yours to own.”

        The problem is that when writing overpowered characters, sometimes the plot can get a little boring, If writers make overpowered characters so overpowered, they can effect the plot of the story and overall make it very boring.

        There have been articles saying how to write a fictional character without making them too broken, and that’s fine, it helps new writers think of limits to a character, but that does not mean there bound by these rules.

        Its just that writing a character with limits just makes a story more interesting, and seeing them break their limits is all the more exciting, but there are those writers who don’t tend to this.

        Afterall, araki, the creator and writer of Jojo, completely wrote out giorno from the story after jojo part 5 golden wind ended.
        Because his stand golden experience requiem was completely too op and broken. it would effect the entire story of jojo and make it less interesting, hence why giorno never returns after golden wind.

        Now don’t get me wrong
        Ger has limits to what it can do, Just not the ones you may expect.
        His strength is not on par with alot of characters in dragon ball or naruto.
        Rtz can only revert actions that harm giorno, meaning some things like transformations or other people attacked, he cant revert it, unless he too is getting attacked along side the innocents.

        And like i already said, Android 17’s unlimited ki and stamina gives him a edge over all organic beings. But he still can be overpowered or outspend by stronger and faster characters.

      • I don’t think Android 17 has truly unlimited ki and stamina though because he seemed to be getting weaker as the fight went on. So then what would make things worse here is that he would not only be static but going down a bit.

        That said, GER while having a broken ability would still run out eventually because it just isn’t possible to keep it up forever.

        So the reason why I’d say fiction is still limited is because an author can do whatever he wants within the context of his own story. Once that story is mixed in to a greater multiverse then he loses control at that point. So a character that is invincible in one verse may be low tier in another. It all depends on the context of the verse but as the saying goes, there is always someone stronger. Someone that’s just on the edge, the final angle before greatness. Take Zeno for example. He is portrayed as being almost invincible in the DBZ verse but I would take Naruto to beat him. Portrayal isn’t everything and sometimes you have to take a step further from the creator

  26. Andorid 17 had taken damage from the likes of god of destruction toppo and jiren, his unlimited stamina is not the same as his defense. he can still get hurt and still have injuries, hence why he was slightly weakened as he did not recover from his injuries yet,For more proof, android 17 had planned to lock toppo in an endless ki blast clash, since android 17 had unlimited ki, he knew he could outlast toppo, others had commented on this fact too, However due to toppo being stronger then android 17, he was able overpower 17’s blasts, that is before frieza came in.

    How do you know ger’s power has an end?
    All you did was state that ger cant keep it up forever, yet you failed to even prove any of this, and when you try too, you take it from different sources that don’t relate to jojo ‘s universe. The jojo universe is much different from the average shonen adventure.

    Taking a character’s abilities or traits away must come with many common factors, one, does the ability connect to something from their own universe that’s not present with in others, for example genjutsu from naruto.
    Genjutsu in naruto is where the user manipulates a opponents chakra flow and pretty much takes control of their 5 senses to create illusions. In the naruto verse this can be proved very dangerous
    However genjutsu is reliant on the fact that the opponent has a chakra flow, but like every other universe that is not naruto, characters don’t have chakra, therefore genjutsu would not work, unless its high level genjutsu that does not require a chakra flow for opponents like the sharingan genjutsu.
    Here is another example
    Asta’s has powers that can nullify magic or well mostly called mana.
    While in the black clover universe this would be proved to be dangerous.
    Outside the black clover universe, against all beings without magic, his magic nullification would be useless.
    For your invincibility claim,
    If the invincibility is heavily reliant on something that is only present in one universe but not in others, then yeah the invincibility would not work.
    However, there are characters who straight up have powers that can counter most universes
    For example, super sonic’s invincibility.
    He has been completely invincible to a lot of things and cant really die in this form, unless the opponents have powers that can bypass such things like lets say reality warping powers.
    Now for ger, his power is not correlated to that of needing some energy to use his powers. All he needs is an action from the opponent, as i have said millions of times, ger’s rtz requires a opponent to do a action that would harm giorno,like maybe shooting a gun at him, throwing rocks at him or a laser beam. Stuff like these rtz can negate, but things like transformations where all it does is transforms the opponent into a higher superform, No rtz cannot negate that.
    Its also been shown in jojo’s eyes of heaven game that twoh reality overwrite ability could nullify ger’s rtz, While its still debatable if this is true or not cause after all its a not canon to the original source material.
    And no, zeno could easily deal with naruto simply by raising his hand, zeno could wipe out a whole universe in a blink of an eye. Naruto stands no chance.
    characters who can surpass zeno’s multiversal feat however can indeed beat zeno.

    The point is, The factors that determine if a character can use or not use a certain ability is the real question. Can ger use his rtz in other universes without limits, yes unless the other character he is fighting is not above what ger can negate.

    • I agree with some of that. Way I see it, once you leave your home universe then everything is up for grabs. No way no how. Even if someone says a sword is unbreakable in one reality it can still be broken in another. As long as the characters all go in and try their hardest then it becomes a match. That said, for the same reason all abilities have limits and run out of energy in the end. Nothing can just go on forever, it just doesn’t work like that.

      I would give Naruto the edge over Zeno but that’s probably a whole other conversation. How about we look at it like this. GER can buy time by trapping Sasuke but he has no way to finish him because of how the loop works so he will still lose in the end. It actually makes things very interesting for that reason. You can never let your guard down because that could end up being game over. Sasuke has the physical advantages in the fight and that’s always enough to claim victory over any hax abilities.

      Now for 17, I’d still say he doesn’t have unlimited energy and stamina because he was getting tired but we probably are going in circles on that one so as a last thing I would just say that if infinite energy was possible as a concept then that would be a game changer btu I deny the whole concept of infinity. It just can’t exist and there is always an arbitrary number somewhere.

      • Agian that depends on what this unbreakable sword is up against, is it up against a power that can nullify its own durability? then yeah it can be broken. but it depends on why the sword is unbreakable, is it unbreakable because of the material it was made out of, is it protected by some force?
        2 most abilities have limits and rtz has some and that i explained already, running out of energy is not one of them, again you choose not to show me evidence of ger running out of energy from the canon jojo source material, not by some other series that don’t link to jojo in any way.

        Ger’s rtz does not trap sasuke, it reverts sasuke back to his original thoughts and positions, it nullifies all his attempts at hurting giorno, even his thoughts of hurting giorno are nullified. If your trying to hurt giorno, anything related to that within you will be nullified.

        His chakra wont just continue to replenish and even if it did, its not like it will get him anywhere, as sasuke lacks any jutsu needed to counter this, even if he uses chibaku tensei, the thing is trying to hurt him, so of course its gonna get nullified.
        He has 0 hax that are capable of dealing with return to zero.

        Where is this proof of android 17 getting tired?
        I don’t see it anywhere
        the dude was hurt, not tired
        unlimited ki and stamina does not equal= never shows fatigue of damage from attacks
        i mean like infinity is shown in naruto too.
        Take izanami, which is a legit infinite genjutsu loop of the same repeated actions over and over again, with the only way of breaking out is if you acknowledge your wrongs.
        and hell it still functioned even after itachi had died.
        if kabuto had not turned good, then he would have never broken out.
        android 17’s unlimited stamina and ki comes from a power core that gives him unlimited stamina and ki.

      • I’d argue that it doesn’t matter. There is no such thing as an unbreakable sword because everything is breakable. So if we start with that as the main premise then everything starts to fit into place. You just have to go by the best feats across verses and that’s where you find the true winner. So for GER, it would run out of juice. Everything runs out of juice eventually so why would that be an exception. Everything ends and other things begin, it’s the circle of life. One ofthe most powerful concepts in all of fiction and boy is it a doozy. Trust me, you do not want to be on the wrong side of that one. It hits deep and definitely packs a punch.

        If you’re reverting Sasuke then he gets his energy back so that’s why his chakra would be back. The loop would continue until GER runs out of juice and then Sasuke is free again. This is how it always happens and it’s why I say that GER can delay the inevitable but it can’t stop it. The loop is just too strong at this point and cannot be defeated. It just ends up becoming another part of life at that point.

        Android 17 being tired? I’d say he looked tired when fighting Jiren tbh. Now for Izanami, it wasn’t infinite though. It would have eventually broken on its own, it may have just taken a few decades or maybe even just a few days. It’s hard to say when it would break, we just know that it would have eventually

  27. Agian, this would depend on why the sword is unbreakable. There is such thing as unbreakable swords or weapons and shit, but depending on why its like that and if somebody from a different verse has the ability to break said sword then yeah the sword can be broken.
    For ger, there has been 0 proof of him drawing off his rtz power with some juice, you just made that shit up. Most things from different verses like ki or chakra can run out because its been proven to run out.
    But ger’s so called juice is a non existent thing in the jojo verse. hell there’s more evidence of stands being capable of using their ability over and over again, they don’t draw off of some power that they need to fuel there abilities.
    Killer queen for example has no limit to how many times he can turn things into bombs, the weakness for that however is that he needs to physically touch the thing in order to turn it into a bomb.
    but that is not a weakness suggesting that killer queen will run out of bombs to place.
    For ger, rtz weakness is that it can only revert actions that harm giorno, and only giorno.

    That is not the case for giorno’s reverting. If sasuke runs at giorno with the chidori, the rtz would activate and the chidori would just be gone, as well as sasuke’s will to harm giorno.
    Cause remember, rtz reverts everything that tries to harm giorno, that includes intents to kill giorno.
    even if it would replenish his chakra, his Sharingan pretty much already puts a drain on his chakra, and then there is his stamina, and injuries that sasuke would take from giorno would not be reverted either.

    Android 17 by the time he was fighting jiren had already had to deal with the likes of other opponents during the tournament of power, as well as toppo, he was damaged, not tired. Pain is pain, so if android 17 falters, not shit its gonna cause problems due to constant pain and fatigue from attacks.

    as for izanami, its literally stated that its an infinite loop

    pretty solid evidence right there
    meanwhile, where is the proof that izanmi would run out?

    • If you’re reverting Sasuke then he gets his energy back so that’s why his chakra would be back. The loop would continue until GER runs out of juice and then Sasuke is free again. This is how it always happens and it’s why I say that GER can delay the inevitable but it can’t stop it. The loop is just too strong at this point and cannot be defeated. It just ends up becoming another part of life at that point.

      That’s why Sasuke should take this. Putting him in a loop is doing exactly what he wants. You are putting him in a position to win this fight and that’s never a good thing. All Sasuke has to do is stay the course and all of a sudden he has the edge now. There will be no stopping him, no way to defeat him. At that point it’s just Sasuke against the world and let me tell you that putting the most dangerous man on the plane t into a corner is a bad idea.

      Now for why it would run out of juice. Everything runs out of juice eventually so why would that be an exception. Everything ends and other things begin, it’s the circle of life. One of the most powerful concepts in all of fiction and boy is it a doozy. Even if the series never tackled that, it would have to run out. Even the Izanami, it’s just that most series can’t mention this because it would take away from the tension and it just wouldn’t be as cool. So they have to say that it goes forever or is unbreakable like the sword but really anyone strong enough could break the sword. Everything is relative and nothing is absolute when it comes to abilities. It’s part of what makes the fights so strong. You can be the strongest in your franchise but walk into another one and suddenly you are barely top 50. That’s just how it goes.

      • Ger rtz only reverts the actiosn that are causing harm to giorno.
        Chidori would simply be nullified and sasuke would just waste chakra, as well as lose the will to fight giorno in the first place.
        “The loop is just too strong at this point and cannot be defeated. It just ends up becoming another part of life at that point.”
        what the hell are you saying?
        Nothing your saying contributes as to why ger has a limit.
        I wanna see proof, not another of your stupid quotes that add nothing to the argument your making.

        Rtz is not a endless loop
        Here is how it plays out

        Sasuke attacks giorno with any attack, does not matter what the attack is
        fireball jutsu,chidori, kirin,susanoo,indra arrow, sharingan genjutsu,ameterasu, any attack
        Ger would then revert the attack with rtz, it will be nullified and sasuke returns to his starting position before he decided to hurt giorno, this would include his will to harm giorno in the first place
        When that’s done, sasuke will have no intent to harm giorno, while giorno continues to run up to sasuke, and hit him with a stand rush.
        This would continue until either sasuke dies,(its gonna be awhile) or sasuke runs out of chakra

        And no
        sasuke will
        -Not regain his will to fight the moment rtz is finished, he would need giorno to punch him in order to regain it
        -sasuke’s chakra will not return, because since its an action that harms giorno, it will be nullified and gone

        Big problem with your dumb juice argument.
        Its fiction, and in fiction anything can be done by the writers will. no matter how impossible it is.
        Right now your just making shit up about why giorno would run out of juice, when you have 0 proof of this in the first place, you take sources from other media’s and say that jojo’s bizarre adventures must follow the same formula, it does not.

        An unbreakable sword can be broken depending on the abilities of the other person or the conditions needed to break it or why its unbreakable.
        Or the fact that it does not have any source of why its unbreakable, and that it just is unbreakable, and the series proves it time and time again.

        What proof do you have that izanami would run out?
        Your only proof is that it has to run out cause otherwise the story would lose its tension and hype?
        What part of that makes it lose its tension and hype?
        Its not like izanami is spammed every 5 seconds, there is a price to pay for using izanami.
        The permanent loss of your eyesight is already a heavy price to pay for using it.
        It makes sense why the loop can last forever if the person trapped in the genjutsu fails to break the cycle.
        even then its outright stated, and yet you have the audacity to say that it wont be infinite cause the plot would lose tension?
        Your answer leads me to believe that you put 0 effort into your research and just take stuff out of context because of your biased decision on what characters you like should win.

        For example, me saying how much i like sasuke better then giorno is not going to progress me any further on why i believe sasuke beats giorno, if anything, it makes me look biased and further adds on to the fact on why i would believe such a stupid claim.

        This is what you do dreager
        -You make up random excuses that have 0 sources and proof
        -You use different media’s to compare one character that has no tie’s to the other media
        -You do 0 research and instead take random images from the internet and slap them here and then proceed to make an excuse about it
        -You take things out of context
        -99% of the time you think combat speed is everything, and even when provided with the feats you were asked for,you brush them off and continue to say how faster the character you root for is even though the evidence provided says otherwise
        -You compare a characters lower feats and say how bad it looks for them. and that they should lose cause of that.

        These are just a few things of what you do to please yourself on the internet, thinking your so high and mighty with a website of your own when anyone can easily make a website of their own.
        Hell i can bet that a dude who has 0 experience of debating could debate a character, at least do research on the character and make the right decision better then what you can do.

      • Look just check this out

        Giorno’s stand is limited by the fact that he’s not in a very strong verse. So while he can reflect a lot of attacks, it’s fair to say that he would not be able to block Sasuke’s attacks because they are bigger than anything he has ever reflected before. Check out the second reply with Cell’s picture. It’s the same logic here.

        I do say combat speed is everything 99% of the time because it often is. Speed is not something that you can overpower or endure, but something that you just work with. It’s why any character with a speed advantage will often win. Speed is King and it just goes that way.

        My debating experience is numerous and if you may permit me to be a little bold for a second…I think I’m probably in the top 3% all time! Yeahhhhh you heard me. My debating speaks for itself.

        There are no ties on the blog because that makes the most sense. There must always be a victor just like there must always be a donut when I go to Krispy Kreme’s. So lets all calm down and take this one step at a time all right? Less goooo, I said lesss gooooo!!

        So I think once and for all we won the Sasuke debate here. The stand isn’t strong or fast enough to handle his attacks so it is getting absolutely packed up here. That’s game over and there is no rematch. It’s just the end of an era here right off the bat and trust me it doesn’t feel good but it is what it is. Giorno is strong and you did an admirable job of debating for him but this just isn’t his wheelhouse.

        There is no such thing as infinite, limitless, or indestructible and time and time again we see this to be the case. I’m not just talking about facts and hype here but pure power as well. It is all about the feats and what characters do with them. Take Fire Emblem Engage. It’s the best game of 2023 with ease but I’m not just saying that because it’s amazing but because it is also absolutely inspiring!

  28. Well first lets see what the qoura has to say

    The first guy is right, anyone with a reality warping ability that’s higher then giornos can win. That is true, but like i had already said. Sasuke does not posses a reality warping ability to counter rtz.

    2nd guy is also pretty right, If ger was fighting cell it would be a stalemate, though people in the comments of that thread have mentioned ways giorno could possibly kill cell.
    Even then cell is much higher then sasuke, even if sasuke had planetary durability, its not like he can tank the attacks for like the rest of his life, stab wounds and punches still hurt him, even average punches from weaker foes can damage them. Im not saying their durability is weak, I’m just saying they can still be hurt by lower Ap, its not dragon ball where goku or gohan or cell just stands there while the other guy is punching and kicking them only for it to do nothing.

    3rd guy, some are right, others are wrong.

    Goku-depends if rtz can revert hakai
    one above all- yes definitely, the dude blinks and giorno and ger dies
    vegeta-depends if rtz can revert hakai
    jotaro-fuck no
    novel kars- yes, he has all stand abilities including ger’s
    wonder of u- this is heavility debated on but it probably will end up in ger’s win
    d4c love train- Thats a no, rtz can bypass the mirror
    silver chariot requiem- I can understand why, it probably can go either way
    heaven ascension dio- Also true, twoh has reality overwrite to negate rtz
    multiple versions of superman- considering how broken superman is, then yeah he could, i dont know what versions can but probably
    pucci-Thats a no, no matter how fats pucci with MIH may be, rtz can revert it.
    Gappy- Thats also a no
    Tusk act 4- He said maybe though its probably a no, but tbh it could go either way

    The 4th one discusses the one above all in which case yes i already said that ger cant do shit to him

    another guy said ben 10 with alien x, in which case yes ger cant do shit to an omnipotent being

    Wanna know what all these guys have in common? (Not counting jotaro or happy and SCR) They are all above sasuke’s level.

    Goku and vegeta shit on sasuke and his verse

    novel kars takes down everyone in his verse with his crazy ass regeneration and access to all stand abilities

    Wonder of u gives sasuke the worst luck of his life

    D4c is someone sasuke cant touch

    Heaven dio with twoh can rewrite sasuke’s abilities
    Superman and his multiple versions of him shit on sasuke and his verse

    Pucci- too fast for sasuke to react, he is going to get cut to ribbons

    tusk act 4- sasuke gets hit once and he is forever trapped in a infinite loop

    ben 10 with alien x erases sasuke from existence

    Most of the beings said were above sasuke so idk why the hell this gives you a advantage to claim that sasuke still beats giorno

    Like i had already said, the guy said that it would be stalemated, not that cell could kill giorno. Cell is a solar system level being, He has tanked attacks that are planetary and above, but yet giorno has many others way to damage cell and defeat him, however this will take a VERY LONG TIME. Same goes with sasuke, with his durability, he can tank a stand barrage. But he can still be killed, its just that due to giorno’s Ap, its gonna take awhile.

    Speed does not mean you win 99% of the time. If you lack strength then its useless to have speed, Like if it was not for giorno having rtz, the dude would be dead due to his small AP power, don’t get me wrong its still not bad, but a building does not match a planet.

    If the person with the speed advantage has attacks that you can easily tank or regenerate from, and/or can be fatally wounded by just one attack from you, then its likely that the dude with the speed advantage is going to lose if the cant match the foes durability or strength. Im not saying it happens 100% of the time, I’m just saying that if the gap in strength and durability is too wide, then speed cant help you.

    Speedsters cant dodge forever, in a fight even if your faster, you must accept the fact that you might get hit from your enemy. Im not saying that you should get hit and that you are going to get hit, its just that in a REAL fight, professional fighters are always ready to tank a punch, they expect to get hurt.

    Your debating experience is complete crap

    You don’t provide evidence at all
    but when you do you don’t consider all the details within said evidence or you tale evidence from a source that does not relate to or is not valid to the debate.

    If your debating battles, then there are times where a tie is gonna happen.
    But if you want a winner for this debate, its giorno, cause eventually after a long battle he is gonna find a way to kill sasuke,while sasuke, who is trying to figure out how to counter his ability, will never be able to, cause every action that harms giorno with the intent to harm him is gonna revert his will and attack.

    Sure the stand cant match sasukes AP, but his speed, idk about that, because based on ger’s stats he is said to surpass the speed counter. So he is FTL. Even if he was slower sasuke still cant get around rtz.

    Ironic saying that infinite is not real when in a previous debate you said naruto was near infinite power or perhaps you did say he di have infinite power.
    Let me say 2 things
    1- In fiction infinite can be real, limitless things can be rea.
    2-Naruto and sasuke are no where near infinite power.

    In jojo there has been proof of infinite things.
    Stands don’t seem to tire out the user
    Stands can use their ability as many times as they want(To some extent)
    things like an infinite rotation and infinite death loop exist.

    other verses like naruto, dragon ball, black clover they all have spiritual energy that’s limited, because its not only explained but shown.

    and what does fire emblem engage have to do with this debate?
    Its irrelevant

    Finnaly i just wanna say thanks, I’m not the best debater in the world, in fact I’m probably average, i have been improving and i wanna continue doing that, But still, please just understand what people are trying to tell you.

    Another finally is that i wanna discuss the debates you have, if your having a blog where you do reviews and post battle debates, at least do everyone a favor and find debates that can actually force people to think about who wins. Sure there are some that you have posted that make sense. But others are just random, Like i found a debate where you did Spongebob vs a zombie, Like in all honesty would that even be exciting at all? There are other debates out there that makes sense that a lot of other people have chosen on, sure yes its inevitable where we get the unfair debate where a character can easily stomp another one, but ones that get people talking are debates that are close.
    Here let me give you three to begin with
    Itachi uchiha vs madoka orimura
    gogeta vs vegito
    William afton(springtrap) vs junko
    2 of them were recommended to me by one of my friends
    The other one was from a soundtrack i heard.

    Or hell just search on the vs battle wiki

    Finnaly, you don’t have to be stuck with just 1v1 battles, since you like to talk about how good naruto and sasuke are as a duo, why not do a vs battle where the 2 of them team up to fight another 2v2.
    Or hell do a whole other group like the Akatsuki against some other group
    Maybe the avengers vs the Akatsuki
    the hashira’s vs the Akatsuki
    Class 1A vs TOP universe 7

    Now of course some of these were from the top of my head
    and some of these are hella unfair
    but these can just give an idea for any future battles
    Just remember, 1v1 battle scenarios are not your only option.

    • I understand that team battles were againts the blog rules but its something to take in for consideration.
      Also why is it a rule in the first place?

    • All right lets jump into this one. Now for the group battles, they definitely could be interesting. Like the fights you mentioned would be fun. Of course I have the Akatsuki beating the Avengers and Hashira and TOP Universe 7 should clear 1A but there are a lot of fun possibilities. The reason I have a rule about not doing any group fights though is because the possibilities just get too endless. It’s endless enough just doing 1 vs 1 battles.

      I can’t do the Gogeta vs Vegito since they’re both fusions but I added the other two battles into the vault so I’ll work on those. Should make for some fun battles there.

      Now as to the fights that are blowouts, yeah it’s true that those won’t be as fun but most of the time it’s because those are request battles or tribute battles. I never turn away a battle no matter how lopsided it might be. They definitely blend in but I do enough battles where I like to think that there should be a lot of good ones in there as well. Just gotta keep churning them out until the end of time and eventually I’ll have done all of the cool fights. That being said it always tends to be a mix.

      This is usually where I’d start gushing about what a great debater I am but I’ll spare you on that for today. Jumping back into Giorno I feel like we have already covered most of this. Sasuke just outlasts him and lands his finishing blows. GER won’t be able to nullify him forever. Going back to the whole ties thing, I just don’t believe in ties which is why I don’t allow them here. One character must always have an edge no matter how slight. Whether they win by an inch or a mile, you gotta grab that win. It’s the only way for this to work out.

      It’s also why there can’t be any such thing as infinite even within fiction. It wouldn’t make sense because there is always someone stronger

      • Theres always going to be lots of battles, But finding battles that are INTERESTING is what counts the most.
        Like would you rather do spongebob vs a zombie
        or the Akatsuki vs whoever you pit them against.
        Im not saying you have to do group battles, I’m just saying that there a lot more interesting
        debates to use instead of pitting spongebob against some random zombie.

        As for gogeta vs vegito, what does them being fusions have to do with anything?
        Is it because that there just goku and vegeta combined?
        or is it because its not something they usually have in their arsenal and therefore by your rules the battle cant happen.
        It still can and people have debated it before.

        For ger
        I don’t see a single bit of evidence as to why you think ger can be outlasted.
        From what we have seen form him and all stands, no stands have some outlasting match, its always the stand users trying to come up with 200iq move to get them the win.
        Wheras sasuke still has his limited supply of chakra and can be worn out eventually.
        But by ger its gonna take quite awhile

        as for the infinite part, that does not make sense

        There are characters who have access to some infinite source but can still lose via depending on what infinite source they have and if the opponent there fighting has an infinite source too.

      • Yeah I admit that the Spongebob vs Zombie isn’t the most interesting battle. There isn’t a whole lot to unpack or debate there but at the same time it’s also good to have a calm fight outside of all the really intense ones. You gotta do what you gotta do as they say right? Just go with the flow and hope for the best. That’s what I always do IMO. Group fights would be cool but I just thought it would be too ambitious.

        Right so Gogeta vs Vegito can’t happen because basically that’s Goku vs Vegeta which has already happened on the blog. (Each fight only happens once) If they were fusions of characters who hadn’t fought then it would totally be valid. So the issue isn’t that they are fusions but just that their individual parts have already fought before. Personally I would chose Vegito in a fight imo.

        GER would run out of juice though. Basically the reason I see him losing is because to me it just feels like he’s stalling for time the whole match. Like he can never win and the only way to even stay close is to keep on resetting which ultimately won’t turn into a win. He can delay the inevitable but at the end of the day it won’t be enough to cross the threshold into the spot of the champion. That’s all I’m saying here, it just won’t be enough to get the win.

        I’d still say there is nothing truly infinite but I guess you could say they are approaching it

  29. That link goes to a place where people talk about how bad of a debater you are, especially how you proceed to downplay one above all. and i mean DOWNPLAY HIM, like by far the biggest downplay in the history of debating.

    • One Above All is not really much of a fighter though. Not trying to downplay him or anything but he doesn’t really have enough abilities to take on these kind of opponents. Yeah not my best choice for a link though imo

  30. yeah but the fusions are almost completly different from goku and vegeta, and way stronger.
    Both gogeta and vegito are not the same as goku and vegeta.
    Yes there just the same person fused but what makes them different was how they fused, and what abilities do they get when they use a certain fusion

    Gogeta gains access to stardust breaker which can do insane damage and even erase people from existence depending on how much evil they have in them

    While vegito has some ki blade and perfect combinations of goku and vegeta’s attacks

    Not to mention that the 2 different fusions and different fighting styles and how they interpret battles.

    The potara earrings and fusion dance both have different effects
    So therefore i don’t see why its not valid. Im not saying that it i want you to add it by force, I’m just saying that the reason you gave was not a good one to say the least.

    The whole point of ger’s rtz is to stall matches, that’s the whole point, stall the match until giorno figures out a way to win. that’s exactly what will happen against sasuke.

    • I see what you mean but in terms of composite they’re basically the same since Goku and Vegeta both have access to both of those forms. So it becomes a virtual stalemate to an extent. Now the reason why I say Vegito wins is because potara should be significantly stronger than the dance but they do tend to be portrayed as nearly equal nowadays for some reason. It makes things rather close and of course it should not be a blow out in any capacity. That being said, Vegito would have my vote.

      But back to the reason, I guess you’re saying that in a way they are their own characters? I would disagree because even though they say that “I’m not Goku nor Vegeta” they’re talking out of their cap because deep down they know that they are both Goku and Vegeta. They wouldn’t be able to count as a stand alone character because of that. It would be like having Megaman Tribe King fight Megaman Black Ace. They’re the same character even across dimensions.

      Right, RTZ stalls the match to try and find a way to win but it won’t work against Sasuke because there is no solution to be found. He would just be there stalling all day before being taken down since Sasuke would keep looping.

      • Absolutely not
        Gogeta or vegito cant access ultra instinct or ultra ego.
        Mainly because the other half cant use it.

        And no its not a stalemate battle, there is a winner to this battle

        It could depend on who was stronger
        who had the better method to fusion
        Who could last longer.

        Those are some factors that go into this fight.

        Now as for your vote, i cant lie vegito has good chances.
        Potara does give a better strength advantage then fusion dance and technically has a longer time period. But the problem is that the more power used, the faster it drains.

        Wheras gogeta does not have that weakness.
        Now yes i know that gogeta in gt had his power overtaxed similar to vegito, thus ending the fusion. But the problem is that gt ain’t canon.

        But tbh vegito probably has better chances of winning then gogeta does.

        Technically no its a combination of goku and vegeta’s personality’s

        Goku’s half is a bit playful and enjoys strong fights and to fight for others
        while vegeta’s is more killing intent, serious and taunting

        Though tbh, gogeta is more of the serious fighter and used his time wisely(not gt gogeta) while vegito, while he is serious when he needs to be, has taunted and fooled around in fights before.

        There are many solutions.
        A: giorno could use the laser beam ger has and snipe sasuke with it. Sure its gonna take time but eventually he might hit him
        B: Possibly figure out a way to blind sasuke and expose the weakness of the sharingan and rinnegan
        C: Use the animals he can create to pretty much reflect all damage done to the animals back on to sasuke
        (in case your wondering how that works, giorno can create plants and animals, and if they get attacked,all damage done to them is reflected back onto the attacker)
        Theres probably more but I’m no jojo character soi cant really come up with strategy
        But the point is, giorno has all the time he needs to figure something out, whereas Sasuke has nothing he can use to win.
        Unless you count getting a reality-warping ability that surpasses ger as a strategy. Sasuke wont win

      • Yeah it’s hard to deny Vegito the win there. Potara just seems like it should always be better than the dance because it’s a sacred relic rather than a dance anybody can do. Still the powers should be close enough.

        Giorno won’t have time for that laser though. One miss and Sasuke will be on him like butter on toast. There’s no escape, no rest, and no respite from his vengeance at that point! Sasuke Uchiha is the man who will become the Hokage some day.

        Sasuke’s eye jutsu don’t have weakness. Now for the animal reflections that can be tricky but Sasuke will probably just mind control them right away to turn on Giorno. Basically anything Giorno can do, Sasuke can probably turn around on him and make the guy use up his stamina

  31. One miss?
    That laser moves FTL and anything it comes into contact with life like small rocks can be turned into animals or plants. So even if he misses his animals can still go for the attack.

    Sasuke’s sharingan and rinnegan have many weaknesses.
    For one if he loses the eye, he loses the powers fromm those eyes(obviously)
    So if giorno gets the chance he could theoretically gouge out sauske’s eyes, after all borushiki could do it, so giorno, who has a hax ability that sasuke has no counter for, can attempt this as many times as possible until he manages to take Sasuke’s eyes.
    Another thing is that sasuke’s rinnegan has a cooldown between uses.

    And none of sasuke’s abilities are capable of bypassing rtz in anyway since any attempt to harm giorno is considered an action and therfore be reverted like it never happend.

    Sasuke using genjutsu on giorno’s animals is a terrible idea for him

    Not only will he end up burning out chakra, but the animals cant bypass rtz either
    So essentially sasuke would just use up chakra for no reason and just give giorno better advantages.
    Besides giorno could also use plants as a way to harm sasuke.

    And finnaly stands dont drain off a persons stamina.

    When jotaro had fought kira, he was completly exaughsted and injured after dealing with sheer heart attack, and yet he still managed to stand rush kira to the point of almost knocking him out. (like with every opponent who has faced jotaro)

    So no giorno’s stamina would not be drained by ger’s rtz, that thing will continue to be used until giorno completly outsmarts sasuke and goes in for the kill

    • That’s true but Sasuke won’t give him that time. When GER misses Sasuke is dashing in and absolutely going for the win. He’s not going to hold back, not going to slow down, not going to fall back at all. Sasuke is going full throttle from the start and reminding us why he is the ultimate Uchiha of legend. This is Sasuke we’re talking about. Giorno doesn’t stand a chance there.

      Yes if Sasuke loses his eyes then he’s done but that’s not happening. He’s careful to make sure that nobody can get close to him like that. Giorno has two options here, 1 is to rely on GER and run out of energy/juice as Sasuke messes him up and the other is to use the animal summons. The former strategy wouldn’t work because he’s locking himself in a box so to speak and for the latter, well it gives him a better chance but I still wouldn’t put my money on him. Why? Because this is Sasuke’s mode of expertise. He’s dealt with many summoned animals before and knows how to run around them and land devastating blows. Anything Giorno can try is something that Sasuke has faced off against and overpowered back in the day. Trust me on this one he’s got the edge and it’s a massive one.

      • Giorno has all the time he needs, cause no matter how many time sasuke attacks its useless due to rtz, giving him all the time needed to come up with a plan to beat sasuke.

        Yeah sure, sasuke could avoid his eyes gettign ripped out, for now. But given time he could be tricked into letting his guard, or the fact that the fight has been going on for so long now that he has exhausted all his stamina and chakra.

        And its ironic how you say giorno has some energy that he needs to pull off of and saying that infinity is not real but then say goku could threatened his verse on a infinite scale

        I understand that goku is MUCH stronger then sasuke, but the fact that you decide to use the word infinite for goku and not for giorno is just leading to my conclusion that your just biased.

        I dont remember sasuke having to deal with plants and tree’s that reflect all the damage done to them on to you.

        When somebody had hit one of giorno’s animals with a shovel. That guy fucking died
        So if sasuke even slices one of giorno’s plants or animals, either he dies or one of his limbs gets chopped off, or even worse his eyes.

        Not to mention that sasuke has to first dodge the FTL laser without getting hit
        And even after surviving all that and goes in to attack, ger simpyl reverts his attack to 0 and the process repeats until giorno beats sasuke
        Giorno wont be running out of juice or energy, he only runs on one thing and that is his drive to kill sasuke.

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