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Rogue vs Ariel

Suggested by iKnowledge Ariel is definitely a tough mermaid, but does she have enough skills to stop Rogue? It’ll be a very tough battle for her since she’ll need to win without making direct contact. I don’t think that will really be possible for her. Also, Rogue does have her natural super strength and speed which will really serve her well. Rogue wins.

4 thoughts on “Rogue vs Ariel”

  1. If Rogue has her Mrs. Marvel powers (as per the composite rules on this site), then she definitely can win. I doubt Ariel can resist Kree powers and sunlight coming at her. Although, you have to count this in: Who knows what Ariel could do with it if she struck Rogue with it? See also this: According to the composite rules, Ariel should have all her OUAT and Video Game abilities as well. Just my opinion.

    1. Definitely, although it’s been quite a while since I did one of those. At this point there are over 13000 options for the next one with how many stories there are so it’s hard to say when it would happen. Typically I choose the next story by whatever fight has been the most viewed one over the last week/month

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