Rogue vs Ariel

Suggested by iKnowledge Ariel is definitely a tough mermaid, but does she have enough skills to stop Rogue? It’ll be a very tough battle for her since she’ll need to win without making direct contact. I don’t think that will really be possible for her. Also, Rogue does have her natural super strength and speed which will really serve her well. Rogue wins.


2 thoughts on “Rogue vs Ariel

  1. If Rogue has her Mrs. Marvel powers (as per the composite rules on this site), then she definitely can win. I doubt Ariel can resist Kree powers and sunlight coming at her. Although, you have to count this in: Who knows what Ariel could do with it if she struck Rogue with it? See also this: According to the composite rules, Ariel should have all her OUAT and Video Game abilities as well. Just my opinion.

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