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Hikaru vs Sniper

Sniper has a gun, but in the end she was never going to go too far in this blog. In Modern times you need much more than a gun to win. Hikaru has dragons and has also just cracked 20 wins. Hikaru is one of the elites. Hikaru wins.

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Hikaru vs Ponzu

Hikaru is back for more wins. Ponzu used to be a very mild threat, but she doesn’t have enough skills to take down Hikaru. Ponzu has her bees, but in the end Dragons always defeat Bees. Hikaru nears 20 wins. Hikaru wins.

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Batman vs Hikaru

This is a tirbute to Batman Year 1. Hikaru has his dragons and with them he can take out any being. Batman has his gadgets, but in the end they aren’t enough to take down Hikaru. Hikaru will reach 20 wins and show everyone who’s the strongest. Hikaru wins.

Batman has the GL ring which leads him to victory. Batman wins.