Mystique vs Rogue

Mystique makes her blog debut. She has transformed into many characters over the years and her fighting skills have been shown to be pretty advanced. So while she is a very strong opponent, there are some she can’t beat. Rogue is much too powerful for her. Rogue has incredible super strength and is one of Marvel’s strongest fighters.

Rogue has gained the powers of dozens and dozens of beings in the past. Mystique never had a shot at defeating her. Rogue surpassed Mystique a long time ago and takes this win. Mystique will be back someday. Rogue wins.

4 thoughts on “Mystique vs Rogue

    • Well in the pic they look similar, but in terms of power they’ve pretty different. Mystique can shapeshift into many different beings, but she doesn’t get their powers. Rogue can get the powers of many beings. So she has pretty much every power you can think of. Rogue can also mix and match powers which pretty much makes her invincible. Think of a Marvel Hero and she probably has his/her powers. Mystique is still a sharp fighter, but lacks god level powers

      • loool, i just went with the images above…

        Forgot about their powers, since it’s been such a long time i last watched xmen.. yeh i still think mystique is more powerful since she is able to shapeshift and hide within the enemy themselves.. its a good advantage

        also rogue’s powers only absorb powers for a temp amount of time.. then the powers she absorbed, she looses…

      • Yeah, but the temporary time still lasts for a while. At least a couple of hours which should be enough. Plus I count all super forms in the blog…meaning that she has the powers of the entire Xmen team, The Brotherhood, The Avengers, and many many more. Mystique has also gotten stronger over the years, but can she stand up to the power of Juggarnaut and Mrs Marvel? Plus Cyclop’s beams and Wolverine’s Healing Factor. Rogue is just extremely hard to defeat

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